Bus Times

JKM - Pateley Bridge - Ripon

A bus service operated by J K Murgatroyd

Pateley Bridge - Ripon

Pateley Bridge King Street (NE-bound) 09:30
Pateley Bridge Panorama Walk (S-bound) 09:30
Pateley Bridge Panorama Way (SE-bound) 09:31
Glasshouses Lupton Bank Top (E-bound) 09:34
Glasshouses Lane End (SE-bound) 09:35
Wilsill The Raikes (W-bound) 09:37
Wilsill, adj Low Laithe 09:37
Low Laithe Well House Farm lane end (NW-bound) 09:38
Low Laithe Pudsey Terrace (SE-bound) 09:39
New York Furniss Builders (SE-bound) 09:39
New York Industrial Estate (NE-bound) 09:39
New York Nidd Terrace (SE-bound) 09:39
Summerbridge Flying Dutchman (SE-bound) 09:40
Dacre Banks, adj Church Avenue 09:40
Dacre Banks, opp Medical Centre 09:40
Dacre Banks School Lane (S-bound) 09:41
Dacre, adj Providence Chapel 09:42
Dacre, opp Dairy Lane 09:43
Dacre, adj Hurst Hill Farm 09:44
Darley Head Darley Mill Centre (S-bound) 09:47
Darley Head Wellington Inn (E-bound) 09:48
Darley Head Field House (E-bound) 09:48
Darley The Stocks (E-bound) 09:48
Darley, opp Low Green 09:49
Darley, adj Silverdale Close 09:49
Darley, opp Moke Hill 09:50
Darley Holme Farm (E-bound) 09:51
Birstwith Ross Bridge (NE-bound) 09:53
Birstwith, opp Fountains Bent 09:53
Birstwith, adj Post Office 09:55
Birstwith, opp Broomfield 09:57
Burnt Yates, opp The New Inn 09:58
Shaw Mills Town Street (NE-bound) 10:00
Bishop Thornton, opp Thornton Grove Farm 10:05
Bishop Thornton, adj Drovers Inn 10:07
Markington Hob Green (NE-bound) 10:10
Markington School (SW-bound) 10:13
Markington Village Hall (SW-bound) 10:14
Markington Hall (NE-bound) 10:15
Ingerthorpe Waterloo House (NE-bound) 10:16
Wormald Green Monkton Garden Centre (E-bound) 10:19
Wormald Green Bishop Monkton Crossroads (N-bound) 10:19
Markenfield Hall, adj Hollins Hall 10:21
Littlethorpe Quarry Moor Park (NE-bound) 10:25
Littlethorpe Wheatsheaf PH (N-bound) 10:26
Ripon Moorside Dale (N-bound) 10:26
Ripon Lead Lane (N-bound) 10:27
Ripon South Lodge (N-bound) 10:28
Ripon Borrage Bridge (NE-bound) 10:28
Ripon Bus Station Stand 4 (4) 10:30

Ripon - Pateley Bridge

Ripon Bus Station Stand 4 (4) 13:30
Ripon Borrage Bridge (SW-bound) 13:31
Ripon South Lodge (S-bound) 13:31
Ripon Lead Lane (S-bound) 13:32
Ripon Moorside Dale (S-bound) 13:33
Littlethorpe Wheatsheaf PH (S-bound) 13:33
Littlethorpe Quarry Moor Park (SW-bound) 13:34
Markenfield Hall Hollins Cottages (S-bound) 13:38
Wormald Green Monkton Garden Centre (W-bound) 13:40
Ingerthorpe Waterloo House (SW-bound) 13:43
Markington Hall (SW-bound) 13:45
Markington Village Hall (NE-bound) 13:45
Markington School (NE-bound) 13:45
Markington Hob Green (SW-bound) 13:47
Bishop Thornton, opp Drovers Inn 13:50
Bishop Thornton, adj Thornton Grove Farm 13:55
Shaw Mills, adj Holly Beck House 14:00
Burnt Yates, adj The New Inn 14:02
Birstwith Broomfield (W-bound) 14:05
Birstwith, opp Post Office 14:07
Birstwith, adj Fountains Bent 14:07
Birstwith Ross Bridge (E-bound) 14:08
Darley Holme Farm (W-bound) 14:09
Darley, adj Moke Hill 14:10
Darley, adj Post Office 14:10
Darley, adj Low Green 14:11
Darley Head Walker Lane (E-bound) 14:11
Darley Head Darley House (W-bound) 14:11
Darley Head Wellington Inn (W-bound) 14:12
Darley Head Darley Mill Centre (N-bound) 14:13
Dacre, opp Hurst Hill Farm 14:15
Dacre, adj Dairy Lane 14:16
Dacre, opp Providence Chapel 14:18
Dacre Banks School Lane (N-bound) 14:18
Dacre Banks, adj Medical Centre 14:19
Dacre Banks, opp Church Avenue 14:19
Summerbridge Flying Dutchman (NW-bound) 14:20
New York Nidd Terrace (NW-bound) 14:20
New York Industrial Estate (SE-bound) 14:20
New York Furniss Builders (NW-bound) 14:21
Low Laithe Pudsey Terrace (NW-bound) 14:22
Wilsill, opp Low Laithe 14:22
Wilsill The Raikes (NW-bound) 14:23
Glasshouses Lane End (NW-bound) 14:25
Glasshouses Lupton Bank Top (W-bound) 14:26
Pateley Bridge Panorama Way (NW-bound) 14:28
Pateley Bridge Panorama Walk (N-bound) 14:29
Pateley Bridge King Street (NE-bound) 14:30

♿ Operated by low-floor buses

♿ Wheelchair-accessible

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