L1 - Kingswood - Downswood - Bearsted - The Lenham School

A bus service operated by Starline


Monday to Friday

Kingswood - Downswood - Bearsted - The Lenham School

Kingswood, adj The Waldens 07:33
Kingswood Charlesford Avenue East (W-bound) 07:33
Kingswood Charlesford Avenue West (W-bound) 07:35
Kingswood, adj Chestnut Drive 07:36
Kingswood, before Gravelly Bottom Road 07:36
Chartway Street, adj Charlton Lane 07:37
Sutton Valence Chartway Street (W-bound) 07:40
Warmlake Corner Warmlake Crossroads (W-bound) 07:42
Langley, opp The Plough 07:44
Langley Heath Leeds Road (NE-bound) 07:46
Langley Heath, opp Skinner's Way 07:47
Langley, o/s The Potting Shed 07:49
Langley, opp Pear Tree Row 07:49
Langley, adj Edmett Way 07:50
Park Wood, adj Car Showrooms 07:51
Park Wood, opp Gore Court Road 07:52
Senacre Wood, opp Willington Street Post Office 07:53
Shepway, adj Greenfields 07:55
Downswood, opp Foxden Drive 07:56
Downswood, opp Horton Downs 07:57
Downswood, opp Gorham Drive 07:57
Downswood, opp Pennine Way 07:58
Downswood, adj Horton Downs 07:58
Downswood, adj Foxden Drive 07:59
Madginford, opp Lambourne Road 08:01
Madginford, opp Egremont Road Shops 08:02
Madginford Royston Road (just before) 08:03
Bearsted, opp The Rose 08:04
Bearsted, opp Plantation Lane 08:06
Bearsted, opp Spurway 08:07
Bearsted, adj Sandy Lane 08:08
Bearsted, adj Railway Station 08:09
Bearsted Green (opp) 08:10
Bearsted, adj Mallings Lane 08:11
Bearsted, adj Potted Garden Centre 08:13
Bearsted, adj Crismill Lane 08:15
Bearsted, opp Caravan Park 08:15
Hollingbourne, opp Great Danes Hotel 08:18
Hollingbourne, opp Broomfield Turning 08:20
Harrietsham, opp Chegworth Lane 08:21
Harrietsham, adj Holm Mill Lane 08:22
Harrietsham, adj Primary School 08:23
Harrietsham, opp The Roebuck 08:24
Harrietsham, adj Chippendayle Drive 08:24
Harrietsham, adj Church Lane 08:25
Lenham, opp Dickley Wood 08:28
Lenham, opp Loder Close 08:29
Lenham, adj Cherry Close 08:29
The Lenham School (in) 08:30
Schooldays only

The Lenham School - Bearsted - Downswood - Kingswood

The Lenham School (in) 15:35
Lenham, opp Cherry Close 15:35
Lenham, adj Loder Close 15:35
Lenham, adj Dickley Wood 15:37
Harrietsham, opp Church Lane 15:39
Harrietsham, opp Chippendayle Drive 15:40
Harrietsham, adj The Roebuck 15:41
Harrietsham, opp Primary School 15:41
Harrietsham, opp Holm Mill Lane 15:42
Harrietsham, adj Chegworth Lane 15:43
Hollingbourne, adj Broomfield Turning 15:45
Hollingbourne, adj Great Danes Hotel 15:47
Bearsted, adj Caravan Park 15:49
Bearsted, opp Crismill Lane 15:50
Bearsted, adj Cross Keys 15:52
Bearsted Green (adj) 15:54
Bearsted, opp Railway Station 15:54
Bearsted, opp Sandy Lane 15:55
Bearsted, adj Spurway 15:56
Bearsted, adj Plantation Lane 15:57
Bearsted, adj The Rose 15:59
Madginford, after Royston Road 16:00
Madginford Egremont Road Shops (S-bound) 16:01
Madginford, adj Merton Road 16:01
Madginford, adj Lambourne Road 16:02
Downswood, opp Foxden Drive 16:03
Downswood, opp Horton Downs 16:03
Downswood, opp Gorham Drive 16:04
Downswood, opp Pennine Way 16:05
Downswood, adj Horton Downs 16:05
Downswood, adj Foxden Drive 16:06
Shepway, opp Greenfields 16:07
Senacre Wood, adj Willington Street Post Office 16:09
Park Wood, adj Willington Street 16:09
Park Wood, adj Gore Court Road 16:10
Park Wood, opp Bircholt Road 16:10
Langley, opp Edmett Way 16:11
Langley, adj Pear Tree Row 16:12
Langley, adj The Potting Shed 16:13
Langley Heath, adj Skinner's Way 16:15
Langley Heath Leeds Road (SW-bound) 16:15
Langley Leeds Road Layby (SW-bound) 16:17
Warmlake Corner Warmlake Crossroads (S-bound) 16:20
Sutton Valence Chartway Street (E-bound) 16:21
Chartway Street, opp Charlton Lane 16:24
Kingswood, after Gravelly Bottom Road 16:25
Kingswood, opp Chestnut Drive 16:26
Kingswood Charlesford Avenue West (E-bound) 16:26
Kingswood Charlesford Avenue East (E-bound) 16:28
Kingswood, opp The Waldens 16:29
Schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset