M31 - York, Water End - Kirkbymoorside, Market Place

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York, Water End to Kirkbymoorside, Market Place

Clifton Water End (o/s 7) 10:00
Clifton Landing Lane (opp. Kennels) 10:01
Holgate, adj Seldon Road 10:02
Holgate, opp Grantham Drive 10:02
Holgate Park (o/s) 10:04
Holgate, adj Fox Inn 10:05
Holgate Hill (opp Hollybank House) 10:05
York, adj Cambridge Street 10:06
York Blossom Street (BA) 10:07
York Rail Station (RA) 10:10
York Station Avenue (RM) 10:11
York Exhibition Square (ED) 10:15
Clifton Ingram House 10:15
Clifton Methodist Church 10:16
Clifton Green (adj) 10:18
Clifton, adj Ouse Lea 10:18
Clifton Without, o/s Clifton Park 10:19
Rawcliffe, opp East Cottages 10:20
Rawcliffe, opp Alwyne Drive 10:20
Rawcliffe, opp Howard Drive 10:21
Rawcliffe, opp Manor Lane 10:22
Rawcliffe, adj Riverside Farm 10:23
Skelton, o/s Fairfield Manor 10:24
Skelton, adj Fairfield Cottages 10:25
Skelton, opp Blacksmith's Arms 10:25
Shipton South Garth (N-bound) 10:27
Shipton The Dawnay Arms (N-bound) 10:28
Shipton Church (N-bound) 10:28
Easingwold, opp The Lodge 10:35
Easingwold, opp Jaipur Spice Restaurant 10:36
Easingwold, adj Secondary School 10:37
Easingwold, adj The Horse Shoe 10:37
Easingwold The George Hotel (N-bound) 10:40
Easingwold, opp Community Primary School 10:42
Easingwold, opp Husthwaite Road 10:43
Husthwaite Village Hall (N-bound) 10:49
Husthwaite Village Green (N-bound) 10:50
Husthwaite Eastview (E-bound) 10:50
Coxwold, opp Hall 10:55
Byland Abbey, adj The Abbey Inn 11:00
Wass Wombwell Arms (N-bound) 11:02
Ampleforth, adj The White Horse 11:05
Ampleforth, opp The White Swan 11:05
Ampleforth Main Street (E-bound) 11:06
Ampleforth College (opp) 11:08
Oswaldkirk Malt Shovel Inn (E-bound) 11:10
Sproxton War Memorial (N-bound) 11:13
Helmsley, adj Feathers Hotel 11:20 11:30
Sutton Bank Visitor Centre (NW-bound) 11:45
Helmsley Market Place (N-bound) 12:00
Helmsley Carlton Road (E-bound) 12:01
Beadlam The Croft (E-bound) 12:05
Beadlam Howdale Lane (E-bound) 12:05
Beadlam, adj Nawton Garage 12:06
Kirkbymoorside West Lund (NE-bound) 12:10
Kirkbymoorside Market Place (S-bound) 12:15

Kirkbymoorside, Market Place to York, Water End

Helmsley, adj Feathers Hotel 17:00
Sproxton The War Memorial (S-bound) 17:02
Oswaldkirk Golden Square Caraven Park (W-bound) 17:07
Ampleforth Main Street (E-bound) 17:09
Ampleforth, adj The White Swan 17:10
Ampleforth, opp The White Horse 17:10
Wass Wombwell Arms (S-bound) 17:12
Byland Abbey, opp The Abbey Inn 17:15
Coxwold, adj Hall 17:18
Husthwaite Eastview (W-bound) 17:23
Husthwaite Village Green (S-bound) 17:23
Husthwaite Village Hall (S-bound) 17:23
Easingwold Westfield (SE-bound) 17:25
Easingwold, adj Community Primary School 17:26
Easingwold The George Hotel (N-bound) 17:28
Easingwold, opp The Horse Shoe 17:28
Easingwold, opp Secondary School 17:28
Easingwold, adj Jaipur Spice Restaurant 17:29
Easingwold, adj The Lodge 17:30
Shipton Church (S-bound) 17:37
Shipton The Dawnay Arms (S-bound) 17:38
Shipton South Garth (S-bound) 17:38
Skelton St Giles Road 17:40
Skelton, opp Fairfield Cottages 17:40
Skelton, opp Fairfield Manor 17:41
Rawcliffe, opp Riverside Farm 17:41
Rawcliffe, adj Manor Lane 17:42
Rawcliffe, adj Howard Drive 17:43
Rawcliffe, adj Alwyne Drive 17:44
Clifton Without, adj East Cottages 17:44
Clifton Without, opp Clifton Park 17:45
Clifton, opp Ouse Lea 17:46
Clifton Green (adj Boots) 17:48
Clifton St Peter's School 17:48
Clifton, o/s Bootham Park 17:49
York Theatre Royal (EE) 17:51
York Station Road (CE) 17:53
York Rail Station (RJ) 17:55
York Blossom Street (BC) 17:57
York Cambridge Street (opp Mount Ephraim) 17:58
Holgate Hill (adj Holgate Bridge Gardens) 17:58
Holgate, opp Fox Inn 17:59
Holgate Park (opp) 17:59
Holgate, adj Grantham Drive 18:00
Holgate, opp Seldon Road 18:01
Clifton Landing Lane (opp. Kennels) 18:02
Clifton Water End (o/s Almshouses) 18:05

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