MD4 - Newport-on-Tay - St Andrews

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Newport-on-Tay - St Andrews

St Andrews - Newport-on-Tay

St Andrews, adj Madras College Kilrymont 15:22
St Andrews Madras College Kilrymont (East Entrance) 15:23
St Andrews Kilrymont Place (adj 4) 15:23
St Andrews, adj Priestden Place 15:25
St Andrews, opp Warrack Street 15:25
St Andrews, adj Woodburn Terrace 15:26
St Andrews, opp Albany Park 15:26
St Andrews, opp The Shore 15:27
St Andrews, adj Cosmos Centre 15:28
St Andrews, adj Byre Theatre 15:29
St Andrews, adj St Mary's College 15:31
St Andrews, adj Madras College 15:32
St Andrews, opp Greyfriars Garden 15:32
St Andrews, adj John Burnet Hall 15:33
St Andrews Old Course Hotel (W-bound) 15:33
St Andrews, opp Strathtyrum Golf Course 15:35
Easter Kincaple Farm (adj) 15:37
Kincaple, adj Edenside 15:40
Guardbridge Hotel (opp) 15:41
Guardbridge, adj Mills Building 15:41
Guardbridge, adj Ashgrove Buildings 15:42
Guardbridge, adj Innerbridge Street 15:42
Guardbridge, adj Toll Road 15:42
Leuchars Station Road (N-bound) 15:43
Leuchars, adj St Bunyan's Place 15:44
Leuchars, opp Fern Place 15:44
Leuchars, adj Cemetery 15:45
Leuchars, opp Castle Farm Road End 15:45
St Michaels Dundee Road (N-bound) 15:47
Pickletillem, adj Inn 15:50
Drumoig, opp National Golf Centre 15:50
Drumoig Forgan Drive (adj 13) 15:52
Drumoig, adj Craigie House 15:52
Newport-on-Tay, adj Garage 15:53
Newport-on-Tay Forgan Roundabout (N-bound) 15:54
Newport-on-Tay, adj Forgan Arts Centre 15:55
Newport-on-Tay, opp Primary School 15:56
Newport-on-Tay, opp Station Brae 16:02
Newport-on-Tay, adj Blyth Street 16:02
Newport-on-Tay, opp Robert Street 16:03
Newport-on-Tay, opp Bank Street 16:05
Newport-on-Tay South Access (SW-bound) 16:08

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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