N267 - City Centre - Hillhouse

Operated by First Greater Glasgow


Glasgow Garnet Street (near) 02:01
Glasgow, before Dalhousie Street 00:2203:07
Glasgow, at Art & Music School 00:2403:09
Glasgow, after Sauchiehall Lane 00:2603:11
Glasgow Central Station (southbound stop 2) 00:3003:15
Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (near) 00:3303:18
Glasgow, after Garth Street 00:3403:19
Glasgow, after Trongate 00:3503:20
Gorbals, at Glasgow Central Mosque 00:3803:23
Gorbals, at CitizensTheatre 00:3903:24
Gorbals, after Cumberland Street 00:4003:25
Hutchesontown, at Kidston Terrace 00:4203:27
Hutchesontown, opp Lawmoor Street 00:4303:28
Hutchesontown, opp Southern Necropolis 00:4403:29
Hutchesontown, after Caledonia Road 00:4503:30
Polmadie Road (before) 00:4703:32
Oatlands, opp Toryglen Street 00:4803:33
Shawfield Stadium (at) 00:5003:35
Shawfield, after Rutherglen Road 00:5003:35
Shawfield, opp Southcroft Road 00:5003:35
Rutherglen, after Quay Road 00:5103:36
Rutherglen Queen Street (Near) 00:5103:36
Rutherglen, at Castle Street 00:5203:37
Rutherglen Caledonia Avenue (Near) 00:5203:37
Rutherglen, opp McCallum Avenue 00:5203:37
Rutherglen, before Richmond Place 00:5303:38
Rutherglen, opp Richmond Drive 00:5303:38
Eastfield, after Broomfield Avenue 00:5403:39
Eastfield, opp Whinfield Avenue 00:5403:39
Eastfield, opp Glenpark Terrace 00:5403:39
Cambuslang, opp Bothwell Street 00:5503:40
Cambuslang, opp Buchanan Drive 00:5503:40
Cambuslang, opp Westcoats Road 00:5603:41
Cambuslang, before Clydeford Road 00:5703:42
Cambuslang Croft Road (Near) 00:5803:43
Cambuslang, opp School Avenue 00:5803:43
Halfway MacDougal Drive (Near) 00:5903:44
Halfway, at Mill Road 00:5903:44
Halfway, before New Road 01:0003:45
Halfway, opp Hutchinson Place 01:0003:45
Dechmont, opp Lightburn Road 01:0103:46
Dechmont, opp Flemington Road 01:0103:46
Dalton Cottages (At) 01:0203:47
Hallside, at Spittal Terrace 01:0303:48
Blantyre, opp Bardykes Road 01:0403:49
Blantyre, after Coatshill Avenue 01:0403:49
Blantyre, at Parkville Hotel 01:0403:49
Blantyre, opp Stonefield Road 01:0503:50
Blantyre, opp Priory Street 01:0503:50
Blantyre Sports Centre (At) 01:0603:51
Blantyre, before Forrest Street 01:0603:51
Blantyre, before Whistleberry Road 01:0603:51
Burnbank, opp Parkville Drive 01:0703:52
Burnbank, after Park Burn Court 01:0703:52
Burnbank, at Sneddon Street 01:0803:53
Burnbank Greenfield Road (Near) 01:0803:53
Burnbank, at George street 01:0903:54
Burnbank, at Ann Court 01:0903:54
Hamilton, at Fullwood Park Industrial Estate 01:1003:55
Hamilton, before West Stewart Street 01:1003:55
Hamilton, before Almada Street 01:1003:55
Hamilton, after Auchingramont Road 01:1103:56
Hamilton, opp Park Road 01:1203:57
Hamilton, before Leechlee Road 01:1203:57
Hamilton, before Palace Grounds Road 01:1403:59
Hamilton, before Townhead Street 01:1504:00
Hamilton, before John Street 01:1604:01
Hamilton, after Woodside Walk 01:1604:01
Hamilton, at Portland Park 01:1604:01
Low Waters, opp Morris Street 01:1704:02
Low Waters, opp School Street 01:1704:02
Cadzow, opp Jack Street 01:1704:02
Cadzow, opp Irvine Terrace 01:1804:03
Cadzow, after Chriss Avenue 01:1804:03
Cadzow, before Albany Road 01:1804:03
Fairhill, at Scotia Gardens 01:1904:04
Fairhill, at Meikle Earnock Road 01:1904:04
Fairhill, at Woodhead Lane 01:2004:05
Fairhill, at Balmore Drive 01:2104:06
Fairhill, opp Dee Terrace 01:2204:07
Fairhill, after Woodhead Crescent 01:2404:09
Fairhill Highstone Road (Near) 01:2504:10
Hamilton, before Jura Gardens 01:2604:11
Earnock Royellen Avenue (Near) 01:2604:11
Earnock, opp Gilmour Drive 01:2604:11
Earnock, at Eriskay Avenue 01:2704:12
Earnock, opp Townhill Road 01:2704:12
Earnock, after Luss Brae 01:2704:12
Earnock, at Clarkwell Road 01:2804:13
Hillhouse, opp Easdale Rise 01:2804:13
Hillhouse, opp Fleming Way 01:2904:14
Hillhouse, opp Fintrie Terrace 01:2904:14
Hillhouse, at Fleming Court 01:3104:16

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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