N60 - City Centre - Drumchapel

Operated by First Greater Glasgow


Glasgow Central Station (stop HC) 01:2702:2203:17
Glasgow, after St Vincent Street 00:3701:3202:2703:22
Glasgow, before Sauchiehall Street 00:4001:3502:3003:25
Glasgow, after New City Road 00:4101:3602:3103:26
St Georges Cross, opp New City Road 00:4301:3802:3303:28
St Georges Cross, opp Clarendon Street 00:4301:3802:3303:28
St Georges Cross, before Seamore Street 00:4401:3902:3403:29
Firhill, opp Hindshaw Street 00:4501:4002:3503:30
Firhill, before Bonawe Street 00:4501:4002:3503:30
Maryhill, after Braeside Street 00:4601:4102:3603:31
Maryhill, before Queen Margaret Drive 00:4701:4202:3703:32
Maryhill, before Avenuepark Street 00:4801:4302:3803:33
Maryhill, before Garrioch Road 00:4901:4402:3903:34
Maryhill, opp Shawpark Street 00:4901:4402:3903:34
Maryhill, after Kelvindale Road 00:4901:4402:3903:34
Maryhill Library (at) 00:4901:4402:3903:34
Maryhill Fingal Street (Near) 00:5001:4502:4003:35
Maryhill, opp Duncruin Street 00:5001:4502:4003:35
Maryhill, before Kirn Street 00:5101:4602:4103:36
Maryhill, opp Glasgow University 00:5201:4702:4203:37
Maryhill, at Science Park 00:5301:4802:4303:38
Maryhill, at Garscube Bridge 00:5401:4902:4403:39
Killermont, before Westend 00:5401:4902:4403:39
Canniesburn, after Coronation Way 00:5501:5002:4503:40
Canniesburn, opp Abbotsford Lodge 00:5501:5002:4503:40
Westerton, opp Rubislaw Drive 00:5501:5002:4503:40
Westerton, opp Lochend Road 00:5601:5102:4603:41
Westerton, before Maxwell Avenue 00:5601:5102:4603:41
Westerton, opp Tweed Drive 00:5701:5202:4703:42
Westerton, opp Carron Crescent 00:5701:5202:4703:42
Drumchapel, after Cloan Avenue 00:5801:5302:4803:43
Drumchapel, at Tallant Road 00:5801:5302:4803:43
Drumchapel Goyle Avenue (Past) 00:5901:5402:4903:44
Drumchapel, opp Summerhill Road 00:5901:5402:4903:44
Drumchapel, opp Pinewood Square 00:5901:5402:4903:44
Drumchapel, at Blackcraig Avenue 01:0001:5502:5003:45
Drumchapel High School (At) 01:0001:5502:5003:45
Drumchapel, opp Peel Glen Road 01:0101:5602:5103:46
Drumchapel, before Airgold Drive 01:0101:5602:5103:46
Drumchapel, after Airgold Drive 01:0101:5602:5103:46
Drumchapel, opp Dunkenny Place 01:0201:5702:5203:47
Drumchapel, opp Howgate Avenue 01:0201:5702:5203:47
Drumchapel, at The West Centre 01:0301:5802:5303:48
Drumchapel, opp Hecla Square 01:0301:5802:5303:48
Drumchapel, at St Mary's Church 01:0401:5902:5403:49
Drumchapel, after Cairnsmore Road 01:0401:5902:5403:49
Drumchapel, before Heathcot Avenue 01:0502:0002:5503:50

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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