Bus Times

N700 - Coastliner - Brighton - Worthing - Brighton

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Hants & Surrey

Worthing Marine Parade (Stop C) 00:15
Worthing South Street (Stop M) 00:15
Worthing, opp Library 00:16
Worthing, adj Westbrooke 00:17
Worthing, opp Amelia Park 00:18
Worthing, after Shakespeare Road 00:19
W Worthing, opp Belsize Road 00:20
W Worthing Grand Avenue (W-bound) 00:21
W Worthing West Avenue (just after) 00:22
W Worthing, adj Wallace Avenue 00:23
Goring by Sea, adj Rose Walk 00:23
Goring by Sea, adj Marlborough Road 00:24
Goring by Sea, opp Leisure Centre 00:24
Durrington, o/s Boulevard Shops 00:26
Durrington, adj Palatine Road 00:26
Durrington, opp Terringes Avenue 00:27
Durrington High School (opp) 00:27
Durrington, adj Centenary House 00:28
Durrington, adj Health Centre 00:28
Durrington, adj Birkdale Road 00:29
Durrington, adj Pond Lane 00:29
Durrington, opp The Lamb 00:30
Salvington, opp Greenland Road 00:30
Salvington, opp Acacia Avenue 00:31
Salvington, opp Barn Close 00:32
Salvington Gardens (opp) 00:33
Salvington, adj Stone Lane 00:33
Salvington, opp Chantry Road 00:34
Tarring, opp Highfield Road 00:34
Tarring The Thomas A Becket (E-bound) 00:35
Tarring, adj Shirley Drive 00:35
Broadwater Poulters Lane (E-bound) 00:36
Broadwater, adj Cricketers Parade 00:37
Broadwater, adj Church 00:38
Broadwater, adj Manor Sports Ground 00:39
Worthing, adj Cecilian Avenue 00:40
Worthing Broadwater Bridge (S-bound) 00:40
Worthing, adj Lennox Road 00:42
Worthing, opp Town Hall 00:42
Worthing South Street (Stop K) 00:44
Worthing Marine Parade (Stop G) 00:45 23:45
Worthing, adj Wyke Avenue 23:45
Worthing, opp Splashpoint 23:46
Worthing, adj Windsor Road 23:47
E Worthing, adj Shoreline Court 23:47
E Worthing, adj Heatherstone Road 23:47
E Worthing, adj Onslow Court 23:48
E Worthing, adj Brooklands Park 23:49
S Lancing, adj Western Road 23:49
S Lancing, adj Lancing Park 23:50
S Lancing, adj The New Sussex Hotel 23:51
S Lancing, opp The Haven 23:51
S Lancing, adj Old Salts Farm Road 23:52
S Lancing, opp South Bank Court 23:52
S Lancing, adj Broadway Court 23:53
S Lancing, adj The Broadway 23:54
S Lancing, adj Wenceling Cottages 23:54
Shoreham-by-Sea The Longshore (NE-bound) 23:54
Shoreham-by-Sea, adj Adur Recreation Ground 23:56
Shoreham-by-Sea High Street (E-bound) 23:57
Shoreham-by-Sea, opp Footbridge 23:57
Shoreham-by-Sea, adj Duke of Wellington 23:58
Shoreham-by-Sea, adj Eastern Avenue 23:58
Shoreham-by-Sea, adj Amenity Tip 23:59
Shoreham-by-Sea, adj Travis Perkins 00:00
Shoreham-by-Sea, opp Lighthouse 00:01
Southwick, adj Kingston Lane 00:01
Southwick, opp Shoreham Terminal 00:01
Southwick, adj Grange Road 00:01
Fishersgate, adj Colebrook Road 00:02
Fishersgate, adj The Gardens 00:02
Fishersgate, o/s The Albion Inn 00:03
Fishersgate, adj Mill Road 00:03
Portslade-by-Sea, adj Church Road 00:04
Portslade-by-Sea, adj Station Road 00:05
Hove, adj St Keyna Avenue South 00:06
Hove, adj Tandridge Road 00:06
Hove, adj Wish Road South 00:07
Hove, adj Langdale Gardens 00:08
Hove, opp The View 00:08
Hove, adj Westbourne Villas South 00:09
Hove Street South (opp) 00:09
Hove Street (Stop Q) 00:10
Hove George Street South (Stop P) 00:11
Hove Town Hall (Stop A) 00:12
Hove Town Hall (Stop C) 00:12
Hove, opp Second Avenue 00:13
Hove, nr Palmeira Square 00:14
Hove Brunswick Place (E-bound) 00:15
Brighton, opp Norfolk Square 00:16
Brighton, adj Waitrose 00:18
Brighton, opp Clarence Square 00:19
Brighton Churchill Square (Stop F) 00:20
Brighton Portland Street (Stop M) 00:21
Brighton North Street (Stop C) 00:23
Brighton Old Steine south (Stop Q) 00:25

♿ Wheelchair-accessible

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