OG4 - Newton Lane - Outwood Grange

A bus service operated by Arriva Yorkshire


Monday to Friday, School Days days

Outwood Grange Sch 15:45
Carr Gate Potovens Lane Wakefield 41 Business Park 15:45
Wrenthorpe Potovens Lane Mount Ave 15:46
Wrenthorpe Rd Melbourne Avenue 15:47
Wrenthorpe Rd Dean Close (adj) 15:47
Wrenthorpe Rd Rishworth Close 15:48
Wrenthorpe, opp Silcoates Lane Recreation Ground 15:48
Wrenthorpe Lane Sunny Hill Clo 15:49
Wrenthorpe Sunny Hill Sunnyhill Croft 15:49
Wrenthorpe Lane Lindale Ln 15:50
Wrenthorpe Lane Lindale La 15:50
Wrenthorpe Lane Silcoates Ln 15:50
Wrenthorpe Lane Lindale Gro (adj) 15:50
Alverthorpe, after Batley Rd Wrenthorpe Lane 15:51
Alverthorpe, after Batley Road Pacaholme Rd 15:52
Alverthorpe, adj Batley Road St Pauls Dr 15:52
Alverthorpe, opp Batley Rd Flanshaw Lane 15:53
Alverthorpe, opp Flanshaw Lane Weavers Chase 15:53
Flanshaw Lane Willow Ln (opp) 15:54
Flanshaw Lane Harrap St (adj) 15:54
Flanshaw Lane Spout Fold 15:54
Flanshaw Lane Oakwood Ave (opp) 15:55
Flanshaw Hotel (adj) 15:56
Flanshaw Road Thirlmere Rd (opp) 15:56
Flanshaw Road Derwent Rd (opp) 15:57
Flanshaw J&I School (N-bound) 15:57
Flanshaw, adj Batley Road Peacock Ave 15:58
Flanshaw, opp New Scarborough Rufford Street 16:00
Flanshaw, opp Alverthorpe Road Denhale Ave 16:00
Wakefield Westgate End Makin Street 16:02
Wakefield Westgate Ings Road 16:03
Wakefield Westgate (Stop W7) 16:03
Wakefield Westgate (stop W5) 16:04
Wakefield Union Street (stop U1) 16:05
Wakefield, after Back Duke Of York Street 16:07
E Moor Stanley Rd Eastmoor Road 16:08
Pinderfields, opp Pinders Grove 16:10
Pinderfields, adj Hospital 16:10
Pinderfields, opp Aberford Road Wakefield Hospice 16:10
Pinderfields, opp Aberford Road Parkside Ln 16:11
Stanley, opp Aberford Road Ferry Ln 16:12
Stanley, adj Aberford Road Allotments 16:12
Stanley, adj Aberford Road Lime Pit Ln 16:12
Stanley Lime Pit Lane Ash Crescent 16:13
Stanley Lime Pit Lane Lake Lock Rd 16:14
Stanley Rooks Nest Rd Baker Lane 16:14
Stanley Rooks Nest Rd Clifton Avenue (W-bound) 16:14
Stanley, after Rooks Nest Road Broadmeadows 16:15
Outwood Rooks Nest Road Mountbatten Grove 16:15
Outwood Rooks Nest Rd Coach Road 16:16
Outwood, before Rooks Nest Rd Newton Lane 16:17
Outwood, adj Newton Ln Newton Drive 16:17
Outwood Newton Lane Leeds Rd 16:18

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/WRAY/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 17 November 2021

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