PR1 - Gateway Park and Ride - Taunton - Silk Mill Park and Ride

A bus service operated by First Buses of Somerset

Gateway Park & Ride - Silk Mills Park & Ride

Ruishton Gateway P&R (SW-bound) 06:4507:0007:1507:3007:45then every 15 minutes until09:1509:30then every 15 minutes until15:4516:00then every 15 minutes until17:4518:0018:1518:3018:4519:0019:15
Taunton, o/s Old Hospital 06:5407:0907:2407:3907:5509:2509:4015:5516:1017:5518:1018:2518:4018:5519:1019:24
Taunton Market House (NW-bound) 06:5707:1207:2707:4207:5809:2809:4315:5816:1317:5818:1318:2818:4318:5819:1319:27
Taunton County Hall (SW-bound) 06:5807:1307:2807:4307:5909:2909:4415:5916:1417:5918:1418:2918:4418:5919:1419:28
Taunton Musgrove Park Hospital (S-bound) 07:0207:1707:3207:4708:0409:3409:5016:0516:2018:0518:2018:3518:5019:0519:2019:35
Taunton TA Centre (NW-bound) 07:0507:2007:3507:5008:0709:3709:5216:0716:2318:0818:2218:3718:5219:0719:2219:37
Taunton Fish and Chip Shop (W-bound) 07:0607:2107:3607:5108:0809:3809:5316:0816:2418:0918:2318:3818:5319:0819:2319:38
Taunton Silk Mills P&R (S-bound) 07:0907:2407:3907:5408:1109:4109:5616:1116:2718:1218:2618:4118:5619:1119:2619:41

Silk Mills Park & Ride - Gateway Park & Ride

Taunton Silk Mills P&R (S-bound) 06:45then every 15 minutes until09:1509:30then every 15 minutes until19:1519:3519:55
Taunton Fish and Chip Shop (E-bound) 06:4709:1709:3219:1719:3719:57
Taunton TA Centre (SE-bound) 06:4909:1909:3419:1919:3919:59
Taunton Musgrove Park Hospital (S-bound) 06:5209:2209:3719:2219:4220:02
Taunton County Hall (NE-bound) 06:5609:2609:4119:2619:4620:06
Taunton Corporation Street (E-bound) 06:5809:2809:4319:2819:4820:08
Taunton, opp Old Hospital 07:0009:3009:4619:31
Taunton Ilminster Road Busway (E-bound) 07:0709:3709:5319:38
Taunton BP Garage (E-bound) 07:0709:3709:5419:39
Ruishton Gateway P&R (SW-bound) 07:1009:4009:5719:42

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