PR2 - Cambridge City Centre - Stetchworth

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Cambridge City Centre - Stetchworth

Cambridge Drummer Street (Stop D1) 07:20then every 10 minutes until17:3017:4017:5018:1018:30then every 20 minutes until20:30
Cambridge, opp Fair Street 18:3320:33
Cambridge, opp Napier Street 07:2417:3417:4417:5418:1418:3420:34
Cambridge Elizabeth Way (near) 18:3520:35
Cambridge River Lane (near) 07:2617:3617:4617:5618:1618:3620:36
Cambridge Stanley Road (near) 18:3720:37
Cambridge Ditton Walk (near) 07:2917:3917:4917:5918:1918:3920:39
Cambridge, opp Malden Close 18:4020:40
Cambridge Ditton Lane (near) 18:4120:41
Cambridge, opp Meadowlands Road 18:4120:41
Fen Ditton, opp Cambridge Airport 07:3317:4317:5318:0318:2318:4320:43
Fen Ditton, in Newmarket Park-and-Ride 07:3517:4517:5518:0518:2518:4520:45
Teversham, opp Sheppard Way 18:00
Teversham High Street (o/s 77) 18:00
Teversham Ferndale (near) 18:02
Fulbourn, opp Bakers Arms 18:04
Fulbourn, opp Bird Farm Road 18:05
Fulbourn, opp Haggis Gap 18:06
Fulbourn, opp Six Bells 18:07
Fulbourn Station Road (opp 20) 18:07
Fulbourn Station Road (o/s 87) 18:08
Fulbourn, o/s Fielding Industrial Estate 18:08
Great Wilbraham Toft Lane (near) 18:12
Great Wilbraham Church Street (NW-bound) 18:14
Little Wilbraham, opp Rectory Farm Road 18:16
Little Wilbraham High Street (opp 30) 18:17
Little Wilbraham Manor Close (near) 18:18
Six Mile Bottom, opp Tree Tops 18:25
Six Mile Bottom, o/s London Road 18:26
Dullingham, opp Railway Station 18:33
Dullingham Eagle Lane (near) 18:34
Dullingham, opp Recreation Ground 18:36
Dullingham Spooners Close (near) 18:37
Stetchworth, o/s Marquis of Granby PH 18:39
Stetchworth Tea Kettle Lane (near) 18:39
Stetchworth Jubilee Court (near) 18:40
Stetchworth, opp Church Lane 18:41

Stetchworth - Cambridge City Centre

Stetchworth Church Lane (near) 06:41then every 10 minutes untilthen every 20 minutes until
Stetchworth, opp Jubilee Court 06:41
Stetchworth, opp Tea Kettle Lane 06:42
Stetchworth, opp Marquis of Granby PH 06:42
Dullingham, opp Spooners Close 06:44
Dullingham Recreation Ground (near) 06:46
Dullingham, opp Eagle Lane 06:47
Dullingham, o/s Railway Station 06:48
Six Mile Bottom, opp London Road 06:55
Six Mile Bottom, o/s Tree Tops 06:57
Little Wilbraham High Street (opp 30) 07:03
Little Wilbraham Manor Close (near) 07:04
Little Wilbraham Rectory Farm Road (near) 07:05
Great Wilbraham Angle End (near) 07:07
Great Wilbraham, opp Church Street 07:08
Great Wilbraham, opp Toft Lane 07:09
Fulbourn, opp Fielding Industrial Estate 07:13
Fulbourn Station Road (opp 87) 07:13
Fulbourn Station Road (o/s 20) 07:14
Fulbourn, o/s Six Bells 07:15
Fulbourn Haggis Gap (near) 07:15
Fulbourn Bird Farm Road (near) 07:16
Fulbourn Bakers Arms (near) 07:17
Teversham, opp Ferndale 07:20
Teversham High Street (o/s 70) 07:21
Teversham Sheppard Way (near) 07:22
Fen Ditton, in Newmarket Park-and-Ride 07:0007:1007:2007:3007:4017:5018:1018:3020:10
Fen Ditton Cambridge Airport (near) 07:0107:1107:2107:3107:4117:5118:1118:3120:11
Cambridge Meadowlands Road (near) 18:3220:12
Cambridge, opp Ditton Lane 18:3320:13
Cambridge Malden Close (near) 18:3420:14
Cambridge, opp Ditton Walk 07:0507:1507:2507:3507:4517:5518:1518:3520:15
Cambridge, opp Stanley Road 18:3620:16
Cambridge, o/s Retail Park 07:0707:1707:2707:3707:4717:5718:1718:3720:17
Cambridge, opp River Lane 18:3820:18
Cambridge, opp Elizabeth Way 18:3820:18
Cambridge Napier Street (near) 07:0907:1907:2907:3907:4917:5918:1918:3920:19
Cambridge Fair Street (near) 18:4020:20
Cambridge Drummer Street (Stop D1) 07:1207:2207:3207:4207:5218:0218:2218:4220:22

Timetable data from Stagecoach East, 17 January 2023

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