PT5 - Ash, Greyhound - St Peter's School, Merrow

Operated by Stagecoach South


Ash, Greyhound - St Peter's School, Merrow

Ash, adj Underwood Avenue 07:05
Ash, o/s Japonica Court 07:05
Ash, adj Shawfield Recreation Ground 07:06
Ashdene Road (opp) 07:07
Ash, opp Winchester Road 07:08
Ash Shawfield Road (NE-bound) 07:09
Ash, opp Victoria Hall 07:10
Ash Hill Road (adj) 07:12
Ash, adj Nightingale Road 07:13
Wyke Lane (opp) 07:13
Wyke Elm Hill (E-bound) 07:14
Wyke, opp Church 07:16
Flexford Westwood Lane (SE-bound) 07:19
Flexford, adj Orchard Close 07:20
Flexford Road (NE-bound) 07:20
Flexford Glaziers Lane (N-bound) 07:23
Normandy, opp Glaziers Lane 07:25
Normandy, adj Pond 07:26
Normandy, adj Anchor Close 07:26
Willey Green, opp Bailes Lane 07:27
Wood Street, opp Whipley Farm 07:28
Littlefield Common, adj Cobbett Hill 07:29
Wood Street, opp Clasford Bridge 07:29
Wood Street, adj Fairoaks Park 07:29
Fairlands, adj Littlefield Common 07:30
Fairlands Estate (adj) 07:32
Worplesdon Holly Lane (NE-bound) 07:34
Worplesdon, opp The Old School House 07:36
Worplesdon, adj Salt Box Road 07:38
Pitch Place (opp) 07:39
Pitch Place, opp Tarragon Court 07:40
Pitch Place, opp Hamilton Drive 07:41
Stringers Common, opp Escombe Drive 07:42
Stringers Common, opp Mansel Close 07:42
Queen Elizabeth Park, opp Burden Way Shops 07:43
Queen Elizabeth Park, adj Robin Way 07:44
Queen Elizabeth Park, opp Railton Road 07:45
Stoughton, adj Grange Close 07:46
Stoughton Road Junction (before) 07:48
Stoughton, opp North Road 07:49
Stoughton, adj Northway 07:51
Rydeshill, adj Peterborough Road 07:54
Rydeshill, adj Broadacres 07:56
Park Barn, adj Rye Close 07:57
Park Barn, opp Clover Road 07:58
Park Barn, adj Bargate Court 08:00
Guildford Egerton Road (S-bound) 08:02
Dennisville The Chase (S-bound) 08:05
Dennisville The Oval (SE-bound) 08:07
Guildford Park, opp The Astolat 08:08
Guildford Park Avenue (adj) 08:09
Guildford Station (Stop C) 08:10
Guildford Railway Station (Stop A) 08:11
Guildford, adj Waterden Road 08:17
Guildford, opp Albury Road North 08:18
Guildford, opp St Omer Road 08:19
Guildford, opp Gateways 08:20
Merrow, adj Boxgrove Road 08:22
Merrow, opp High Path Road 08:23
Merrow, o/s St Peters School 08:25

St Peter's School, Merrow - Ash, Greyhound

Merrow, o/s St Peters School 15:20
Merrow, adj High Path Road 15:23
Merrow, opp Boxgrove Road 15:24
Guildford, adj Gateways 15:26
Guildford, adj St Omer Road 15:27
Guildford, adj Albury Road North 15:28
Guildford, opp Waterden Road 15:29
Guildford Railway Station (Stop B) 15:38
Guildford Station (Stop D) 15:39
Guildford Park Avenue (opp) 15:40
Guildford Park, adj The Astolat 15:40
Dennisville The Oval (NW-bound) 15:41
Dennisville The Chase (N-bound) 15:42
Guildford Egerton Road (N-bound) 15:44
Park Barn, opp Bargate Court 15:46
Park Barn, adj Clover Road 15:47
Park Barn, opp Rye Close 15:48
Rydeshill, opp Broadacres 15:49
Rydeshill, opp Peterborough Road 15:50
Stoughton, opp Northway 15:52
Stoughton Road Junction (after) 15:55
Stoughton, opp Northmead School 15:55
Stoughton, opp Grange Close 15:56
Queen Elizabeth Park, adj Railton Road 15:57
Queen Elizabeth Park, opp Robin Way 15:57
Queen Elizabeth Park, adj Burden Way Shops 15:58
Stringers Common, adj Mansel Close 15:59
Stringers Common, adj Escombe Drive 15:59
Pitch Place, adj Hamilton Drive 16:00
Pitch Place, adj Tarragon Court 16:01
Pitch Place (adj) 16:01
Worplesdon, opp Salt Box Road 16:02
Worplesdon, o/s The Old School House 16:03
Worplesdon Holly Lane (SW-bound) 16:05
Fairlands Estate (adj) 16:08
Fairlands, opp Littlefield Common 16:09
Wood Street, opp Fairoaks Park 16:10
Wood Street Clasford Bridge (W-bound) 16:10
Littlefield Common, opp Cobbett Hill 16:10
Wood Street, o/s Whipley Farm 16:11
Willey Green, adj Bailes Lane 16:12
Normandy, opp Anchor Close 16:13
Normandy, opp Pond 16:13
Flexford Glaziers Lane (S-bound) 16:16
Flexford, opp Wanborough Railway Station 16:16
Flexford Road (SW-bound) 16:18
Flexford, opp Orchard Close 16:18
Flexford Westwood Lane (NW-bound) 16:19
Wyke Elm Hill (W-bound) 16:23
Wyke Lane (adj) 16:24
Ash, opp Nightingale Road 16:24
Ash Hill Road (opp) 16:25
Ash, adj Victoria Hall 16:26
Ash, adj Winchester Road 16:28
Ashdene Road (adj) 16:29
Ash, opp Shawfield Recreation Ground 16:29
Ash, opp Japonica Court 16:30
Ash, opp Underwood Avenue 16:30

Timetable data from Stagecoach South, 4 February 2023

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