S1 - Fletchertown - Cockermouth

A bus service operated by Ellenvale Coaches


Monday to Friday

Cockermouth, opp School 15:45
Cockermouth, at Main Street 15:50
Gote Brow, o/s Walkers Factory 15:51
Gote Brow (in) 15:52
Gote Brow, at Belle Vue turn 15:53
Dovenby, opp The Ship Inn 15:55
Dearham, at Town Head Shelter 15:59
Town Head, o/s High Station Houses 15:59
Dearham, nr Gilhow 16:00
Dearham, o/s Sun Inn 16:01
Dearham, opp Pottery Lane 16:02
Dearham, nr Commercial Inn 16:05
Newlands Park (opp) 16:06
Newlands Park, at Blooming Heather 16:10
Ellenborough, o/s The Crown Inn 16:12
Ellenborough, at Ashby Street 16:13
Netherton, at Bounty Inn 16:15
Maryport, nr Parkside Residential Home 16:18
Netherhall, opp School 16:19
Birkby, o/s Ellenbank Hotel 16:20
Birkby, at Village Green 16:21
Crosby, opp Garborough Close 16:22
Crosby, nr Community Centre 16:23
Crosby, nr The Stag Inn 16:24
Crosby Villa, opp Playing Field 16:27
Prospect, opp Hill Cottage 16:28
Prospect, o/s The Miners Arms 16:29
Prospect, opp Rose Bank 16:30
Aspatria, opp West Street 16:31
Aspatria, at Library 16:32
Aspatria, o/s St Kentigern's Church 16:33
Aspatria, nr Harriston Road 16:35
Baggrow, opp Willow Garth 16:39
Fletchertown, o/s Ellenvale Coaches Depot 07:22 16:43
Baggrow, at Watch Hill Cottage 07:25
Aspatria, at Brayton Road 07:30
Aspatria, o/s Bedford Square 07:30
Aspatria, opp St Kentigerns Church 07:31
Aspatria, at Grapes Hotel 07:32
Aspatria, o/s West Street 07:33
Prospect, o/s Temple Bank 07:34
Prospect, at The Miners Arms 07:36
Prospect, at Allerby road end 07:37
Crosby Villa, at Village Centre 07:38
Crosby, opp The Stag Inn 07:42
Crosby, at Community Centre 07:42
Crosby, at Garborough Close 07:43
Maryport, opp St Mary's Church 07:43
Birkby, in Village Green 07:44
Birkby, at Ellenbank Hotel 07:45
Maryport, o/s Netherhall School 07:46
Maryport, o/s War Memorial Gardens 07:49
Netherton, opp Bounty Inn 07:52
Ellenborough, o/s Elizabeth Terrace 07:53
Ellenborough, at Marsh Terrace 07:56
Newlands Park, o/s The Chalet 07:58
Newlands Park (at) 07:59
Newlands Park, o/s The Commercial Inn 08:03
Dearham, at Pottery Lane 08:04
Dearham, opp The Sun Inn 08:08
Dearham, o/s Gilhow 08:09
Dearham, opp Town Head Shelter 08:10
Town Head, opp High Station Houses 08:11
Dovenby, o/s The Ship Inn 08:15
Gote Brow, opp Belle Vue turn 08:17
Gote Brow (at) 08:18
Gote Brow, opp Walkers Factory 08:19
Cockermouth, opp Main Street Monument 08:20
Cockermouth, o/s School 08:25
Operates school term time only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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