S132 - Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre - Waterfront Bus Station

A service operated by Arriva Kent and Surrey


Monday to Friday, school days

Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre to Waterfront Bus Station

Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre (Stop A) 07:01
Wigmore, adj Kenyon Walk 07:03
Wigmore, adj Fowler Close 07:04
Parkwood Deanwood Drive bottom (E-bound) 07:04
Parkwood, adj Hawbeck Road 07:05
Parkwood, opp St Augustine School 07:06
Parkwood, adj Nares Road 07:06
Parkwood, adj Lovelace Close 07:07
Parkwood, adj Shopping Centre 07:08
Parkwood, adj Campleshon Road 07:09
Parkwood, adj Tanker Hill 07:10
Rainham, opp Ploughmans Way West 07:11
Rainham, adj Arthur Road 07:12
Rainham, adj Herbert Road 07:13
Rainham Lonsdale Drive end (just before) 07:14
Rainham, opp Mierscourt Close 07:15
Rainham, opp Post Office 07:17
Rainham, adj The Cricketers 07:18
Rainham, adj Roberts Road 07:20
Rainham, opp Bloors Lane 07:22
Rainham, opp Pump Lane 07:24
Rainham, adj Tesco 07:26
Gillingham, opp Eastcourt Lane 07:28
Gillingham, opp Featherby Road South 07:29
Darland, opp Woodlands Road South end 07:32
Darland, opp Barnsole Road 07:33
Gillingham Jezreels (W-bound) 07:34
Gillingham, opp St Augustines Church 07:36
Chatham, opp Windmill Road 07:39
Chatham, opp Institute Road 07:43
Chatham, adj High Street Gala Bingo 07:44
Chatham Waterfront Bus Station (Stop D18) 07:51
Chatham Railway Station (Stop A) 07:57
Chatham, opp St Bart's Hospital 07:59
Rochester, adj Jacksons Fields 08:01
Rochester Star Hill (Stop K) 08:02
Rochester East Row (Stop L) 08:04
Rochester, opp Watts Avenue 08:05
Rochester, adj Longley Road 08:06
Rochester, adj St Margaret's Cemetery 08:08
Rochester, adj Warden Road 08:09
Rochester, opp Priestfields 08:10
Rochester, o/s Grammar Schools 08:12

Waterfront Bus Station to Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre

Rochester, opp Grammar Schools 15:22
Rochester, opp Breton Road 15:23
Rochester, opp Warden Road 15:24
Rochester, opp St Margaret's Cemetery 15:26
Rochester, adj Watts Avenue 15:28
Rochester East Row (Stop M) 15:29
Rochester Star Hill (Stop F) 15:31
Rochester Jacksons Fields (Stop G) 15:32
Chatham, adj St Bart's Hospital 15:34
Chatham Railway Station (Stop B) 15:38
Chatham Waterfront Bus Station (Stop B9) 15:42
Chatham, opp The Brook Iceland 15:48
Chatham, adj Institute Road 15:50
Chatham, adj Windmill Road 15:56
Gillingham, adj St Augustines Church 15:57
Gillingham Jezreels (E-bound) 15:59
Darland, adj Barnsole Road 16:01
Darland, adj Woodlands Road South end 16:02
Gillingham, adj Featherby Road South 16:04
Gillingham, adj Eastcourt Lane 16:05
Rainham, opp Tesco 16:07
Rainham, adj Caldew Avenue 16:08
Rainham, adj Pump Lane 16:09
Rainham, adj Bloors Lane 16:11
Rainham, opp Roberts Road 16:14
Rainham, adj Holding Street 16:15
Rainham, adj White Horse 16:17
Rainham, adj Mierscourt Close 16:18
Rainham, after Lonsdale Drive end 16:19
Rainham, opp Herbert Road 16:20
Rainham, opp Arthur Road 16:21
Rainham, adj Ploughmans Way West 16:22
Parkwood, opp Tanker Hill 16:23
Parkwood, opp Campleshon Road 16:24
Parkwood, opp Shopping Centre 16:26
Parkwood, opp Lovelace Close 16:26
Parkwood, opp Nares Road 16:26
Parkwood, adj St Augustine School 16:27
Parkwood, opp Hawbeck Road 16:28
Parkwood Deanwood Drive bottom (W-bound) 16:28
Wigmore, opp Fowler Close 16:30
Wigmore, opp Kenyon Walk 16:30
Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre (Stop A) 16:34

Timetable data from Arriva UK Bus/Bus Open Data Service, 27 August 2021. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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