S300 - High Wycombe Bus Station - Aylesbury Bus Station

A bus service operated by Arriva Beds and Bucks


Monday to Friday, school days from Sunday 18 April 2021

Bus Station - Bus Station

High Wycombe Bus Station (Bay 7) 07:10
High Wycombe Oxford Street (Stop J) 07:11
High Wycombe, adj Morrisons 07:12
High Wycombe, opp The Beaconsfield Arms PH 07:14
High Wycombe, adj Coates Lane 07:15
Hughenden Valley, adj Hughenden Manor 07:17
Hughenden Valley, opp Cryers Hill Road 07:18
Hughenden Valley, adj Coombe Lane 07:20
Naphill, opp Coombe Farm 07:21
Naphill, adj Hunts Hill Lane 07:22
Naphill, adj Louches Lane 07:23
Naphill, adj Village Hall 07:24
Naphill, adj Purssells Meadow 07:25
Walter’s Ash, opp Holly End 07:26
Walter’s Ash, opp Woodcock Avenue 07:27
Walter’s Ash, opp Kilnwood 07:28
Walter’s Ash, opp Grimm's Meadow 07:29
Walter’s Ash, adj Parkwood 07:30
Walter’s Ash, opp Slad Lane 07:31
Lacey Green, opp St John's School 07:32
Lacey Green, opp Millennium Hall 07:33
Lacey Green, adj Greenlands 07:34
Loosley Row, opp The Whip PH 07:35
Loosley Row, adj Loosley House 07:36
Loosley Row, adj Windy Ridge 07:38
Princes Risborough, opp Woodway 07:40
Princes Risborough, adj Poppy Road 07:42
Princes Risborough Bell Street (o/s 9) 07:44
Princes Risborough Market Square (o/s 74) 07:46
Princes Risborough, opp The Avenue 07:47
Monks Risborough, opp Peters Lane 07:49
Monks Risborough, opp The Holloway 07:51
Great Kimble, adj St Nicholas Church 07:53
Little Kimble, opp All Saints' Church 07:53
Little Kimble, adj Railway Station 07:54
Little Kimble, opp Brookside Lane 07:54
Little Kimble, opp Mill Turn 07:55
Terrick, adj Grove Farm 07:56
Terrick Crossroads (N-bound) 07:56
Terrick, adj North Lee Lane 07:57
Stoke Mandeville, adj Fremantle Court 07:57
Stoke Mandeville, opp Stoke House 07:58
Stoke Mandeville, opp The Bull PH 07:59
Stoke Mandeville, adj The Bell PH 08:00
Stoke Mandeville, adj Ranch House 08:01
Aylesbury, opp Ambulance Station 08:02
Aylesbury, adj Stoke Mandeville Hospital Main Gate 08:04
Aylesbury, adj Sir Henry Floyd School 08:27


Aylesbury, adj Sir Henry Floyd School 15:40
Aylesbury Walton Street (SE-bound) 15:42
Aylesbury, opp The Plough & Harrow PH 15:44
Aylesbury Stoke Road (o/s 83) 15:46
Aylesbury Mandeville Road (o/s 22) 15:48
Aylesbury, adj Harvey Road 15:50
Aylesbury, adj Stadium Approach 15:52
Aylesbury, adj Stoke Mandeville Hospital Main Gate 15:55
Aylesbury, adj Ambulance Station 15:56
Stoke Mandeville, opp Ranch House 15:57
Stoke Mandeville, opp The Bell PH 15:58
Stoke Mandeville, adj The Bull PH 15:59
Stoke Mandeville, adj Stoke House 15:59
Stoke Mandeville, opp Fremantle Court 16:00
Terrick, opp North Lee Lane 16:00
Terrick Crossroads (S-bound) 16:01
Terrick, opp Grove Farm 16:02
Little Kimble, adj Mill Turn 16:02
Little Kimble, adj Brookside Lane 16:03
Little Kimble, opp Railway Station 16:03
Little Kimble, adj All Saints' Church 16:04
Great Kimble, opp St Nicholas Church 16:05
Askett Roundabout (S-bound) 16:06
Monks Risborough, adj The Holloway 16:08
Monks Risborough, adj Peters Lane 16:09
Princes Risborough, adj The Avenue 16:11
Princes Risborough Market Square (o/s 74) 16:13
Princes Risborough Bell Street (o/s 50) 16:14
Princes Risborough, opp Poppy Road 16:15
Princes Risborough, adj Woodway 16:17
Loosley Row, opp Windy Ridge 16:18
Loosley Row, adj The Whip PH 16:20
Lacey Green, opp Greenlands 16:20
Lacey Green, adj Millennium Hall 16:21
Lacey Green, adj St John's School 16:21
Walter’s Ash, adj Slad Lane 16:22
Walter’s Ash, opp Parkwood 16:23
Walter’s Ash, adj Grimm's Meadow 16:24
Walter’s Ash, adj Kilnwood 16:25
Walter’s Ash, adj Woodcock Avenue 16:26
Walter’s Ash, adj Holly End 16:27
Naphill, opp Purssells Meadow 16:28
Naphill, opp Village Hall 16:29
Naphill, opp Louches Lane 16:30
Naphill, opp Hunts Hill Lane 16:31
Naphill, adj Coombe Farm 16:32
Hughenden Valley, opp Coombe Lane 16:33
High Wycombe Bus Station (Bay 7) 16:45

Timetable data from Arriva Beds & Bucks, 13 April 2021

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