S4 - Blue Coat School - Eastern Green via Allesley Park

A bus service operated by Travel De Courcey



Gosford Green, before St Georges Rd 15:30
Gosford Green, adj Bluecoat School 15:31
Gosford Green, before Humber Avenue 15:32
Gosford Green, adj Terry Rd 15:32
Gosford Green, before Gulson Rd 15:33
Gosford Green, opp Gulson Hospital 15:35
Spon End, adj Albany Rd 15:43
Spon End, before The Arches 15:45
Spon End, adj Craven St 15:46
Chapel Fields, adj Mount St 15:48
Chapel Fields, adj Maudslay Rd 15:50
Chapel Fields, adj Billing Rd 15:50
Chapel Fields, adj Oldfield Rd 15:51
Whoberley, opp Torbay Rd 15:52
Allesley Park, opp Ashbridge Rd 15:52
Allesley Park, opp Wendover Rise 15:53
Allesley Park, opp Frilsham Way 15:54
Allesley Park, opp The Chilterns 15:55
Allesley Park, opp Frilsham Way 15:55
Allesley Park, adj Wendover Rise 15:56
Whoberley, before Gorseway 15:59
Whoberley, opp Wildcroft Rd 16:00
Whoberley, adj Kings Gardens 16:01
Whoberley, adj Beech Tree Avenue 16:02
Whoberley, adj Larch Tree Avenue 16:03
Allesley Park, opp Broad Lane 16:04
Allesley Park, adj Wilmcote Green Shops 16:04
Allesley Park, adj Ladbrook Rd 16:05
Allesley Green, opp Caithness Close 16:06
Allesley Green, after Sutherland Ave 16:07
Allesley Green, adj Alspath Lane 16:08
Eastern Green, adj Windermere Ave 16:09
Eastern Green, adj Sutton Avenue 16:10
Eastern Green, before Goldthorn Close 16:11
Eastern Green, adj Sutton Avenue 16:13
Eastern Green, adj Nova Croft 16:14
Eastern Green, adj Farcroft Ave 16:17
Eastern Green, opp Hawthorn Lane 16:17
Eastern Green, opp Vesey & Sharples Works 16:18
Eastern Green Rd (adj) 16:19
Allesley Park, adj Alderminster Rd 16:20

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