S44 - Countryside Centre - Chase High School

A bus service operated by First Worcestershire


Countryside Centre - Chase High School

Nunnery Wood Wildwood Drive (W-bound) 07:30
Nunnery Wood, adj County Hall Shelter 07:30
Red Hill, opp Sixth Form College 07:31
Red Hill Traffic Island (adj) 07:32
Red Hill Top (W-bound) 07:33
Red Hill, adj Foxwell Street 07:34
Battenhall, adj Sebright 07:35
Battenhall, adj Camp Hill Road 07:36
Battenhall, opp Fort Royal 07:37
Worcester Sidbury (W-bound) 07:37
Worcester, adj City Walls Road 07:39
Worcester, opp McDonalds 07:41
Worcester Crowngate Bus Station (Stand H) 07:42
St John’s Bull Ring (W-bound) 07:49
St John's (S-bound) 07:50
St John’s, opp Winchester Avenue 07:50
St John’s, opp Pitmaston School 07:51
St John’s, opp Hanbury Park Road 07:51
St John’s, adj Whites Road 07:52
Lower Wick Island (SW-bound) 07:54
Powick, adj Malvern Road Garage 07:55
Powick, nr Telephone Box 07:56
Powick, opp Old Malvern Road 07:56
Powick, adj Hospital Lane 07:58
Bowling Green, opp Sparrowhall Lane 07:59
Bastonford, adj Halfway House 07:59
Pin's Green (opp) 08:00
Pins Green, opp Newland Court 08:01
Newland, opp Stocks Lane 08:02
Newland, adj Madresfield Turn 08:03
Malvern Link, adj Morrisons Store 08:06
Malvern Link, opp Isobel Harrison Gardens 08:08
Malvern Link, opp Lower Howsell Road 08:08
Malvern Link, adj Co-Op 08:10
Malvern Link, adj Spring Lane 08:10
Malvern Link, adj Morgan Works 08:11
Malvern Link, adj North End Lane 08:12
Sherrard’s Green, opp Prospect View Medical Centre 08:14
Sherrard’s Green, adj Madresfield Road 08:15
Sherrard’s Green, adj Elgar Avenue 08:16
Sherrard’s Green, adj Moat Way 08:18
Pound Bank, adj Skyrrold Road 08:19
Pound Bank, adj Crown Lea Avenue 08:21
Barnard’s Green, adj Borrowdale Road 08:23
Poolbrook, adj Chase Technology College 08:29

Chase High School - Countryside Centre

Poolbrook, adj Chase Technology College 15:00
Barnard’s Green, opp Borrowdale Road 15:14
Pound Bank, opp Ford Close 15:16
Pound Bank, opp Skyrrold Road 15:17
Sherrard’s Green, opp Moat Way 15:18
Sherrard’s Green, opp Elgar Avenue 15:18
Sherrard’s Green, opp Madresfield Road 15:19
Sherrard’s Green, adj Prospect View Medical Centre 15:21
Malvern Link, opp North End Lane 15:22
Malvern Link, opp Morgan Works 15:23
Malvern Link, opp Spring Lane 15:24
Malvern Link, opp Co-Op 15:25
Malvern Link, adj Lower Howsell Road 15:25
Malvern Link, adj The Oak Inn 15:26
Malvern Link, adj Isobel Harrison Gardens 15:27
Malvern Link, adj Morrisons Store 15:32
Newland, opp Madresfield Turn 15:33
Pins Green, adj Newland Court 15:34
Pin's Green (adj) 15:35
Bastonford, opp Halfway House 15:36
Bowling Green, adj Sparrowhall Lane 15:37
Powick, opp Hospital Lane 15:38
Powick, adj Old Malvern Road 15:39
Powick, adj Kings End Lane 15:40
Lower Wick Island (N-bound) 15:43
St John’s, opp Whites Road 15:45
St John’s, adj Hanbury Park Road 15:46
St John’s, adj Pitmaston School 15:47
St John’s, adj Winchester Avenue 15:47
St John's (N-bound) 15:49
St John’s Bull Ring (E-bound) 15:50
Worcester, adj Angel Place 15:55
Worcester Crowngate Bus Station (Stand F) 15:56
Worcester, opp Cathedral 16:02
Worcester Sidbury (E-bound) 16:04
Battenhall, adj Fort Royal 16:05
Battenhall, opp Camp Hill Road 16:06
Battenhall, opp Sebright 16:06
Red Hill, opp Foxwell Street 16:08
Red Hill Top (E-bound) 16:10
Red Hill, adj Nunnery Wood High School 16:10
Red Hill, adj Sixth Form College 16:11
Nunnery Wood, opp County Hall Shelter 16:12
Nunnery Wood, adj County Hall Boiler House 16:13
Nunnery Wood Wildwood Drive (E-bound) 16:13
Nunnery Wood Wildwood Drive (W-bound) 16:15

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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