S44 - Hall Green to Leeds

A service operated by Arriva Yorkshire


Monday to Friday, School Days days only


Rothwell Jaw Bones 07:35
Rothwell, opp St George's Park 07:35
Rothwell, opp Low Shops Lane 07:35
Rothwell, after Haigh Avenue 07:36
Rothwell Haigh Side Drive 07:37
Rothwell Spibey Lane 07:37
Rothwell Cornwall Crescent 07:38
Rothwell Manor Road Shops 07:38
Rothwell Cotswold Drive 07:39
Rothwell Castle Road 07:40
Rothwell Knightscroft Avenue 07:42
Rothwell Holy Trinity Church 07:43
Rothwell Ingram Pde 07:44
Rothwell Library 07:47
Rothwell Victoria Avenue 07:47
Rothwell School 07:48
Carlton Stainton Lane 07:48
Rothwell Rhubarb Farm 07:49
Robin Hood Northfield Avenue 07:51
Carlton Westfield Court 07:51
Carlton Westfield Road 07:52
Carlton School 07:54
Carlton Town Street 07:54
Lofthouse Green End Farm Shop 07:55
Lofthouse Ouzlewell Green 07:55
Lofthouse Green Lane 07:56
Lofthouse Beechcroft 07:57
Stanley Lee Moor Lane Coney Warren Ln 07:58
Stanley, adj Lee Moor Rd Moorlands Place 07:58
Stanley Common Side Road Fenton Rd 07:59
Bar Stanley PH 08:00
Stanley Lee Moor Road Roger Court 08:00
Stanley Lee Moor Rd Canal Lane 08:01
Stanley Mount Rd Lake Lock Road (SE-bound) 08:01
Stanley Lake Lock Rd Marshall Street 08:02
Stanley Lake Lock Road Lane Ends View 08:03
Stanley, adj Lime Pit Lane Ash Crescent 08:03
Stanley, opp Aberford Road Lime Pit Ln 08:05
Stanley, opp Aberford Road Allotments 08:05
Stanley, adj Aberford Road Ferry Ln 08:06
Pinderfields, adj Aberford Road Parkside Ln 08:07
Pinderfields, adj Aberford Road Wakefield Hospice 08:08
Pinderfields, opp Hospital 08:09
Pinderfields, opp Pinders Grove 08:10
Pinderfields Stanley Rd Ivy Grove 08:11
E Moor Stanley Rd Queen Elizabeth Road 08:11
Wakefield, opp Back Duke Of York Street 08:13
Wakefield Kirkgate (stop K2) 08:17
Wakefield Kirkgate (stop K5) 08:20
Belle Isle, opp Hepworth Gallery 08:22
Belle Isle, opp Barnsley Road Bus Depot 08:23
Belle Isle, at Barnsley Rd Welbeck Street 08:24
Belle Isle, opp Manygates House 08:25
Agbrigg, opp Barnsley Road Burkill St 08:26
Sandal, opp Barnsley Rd Agbrigg Road 08:28
Sandal St. Thomas a Becket School 08:30


Sandal St. Thomas a Becket School 15:10
Agbrigg, before Barnsley Road Burkill St 15:12
Belle Isle, adj Manygates House 15:13
Belle Isle, opp Barnsley Rd Welbeck Street 15:15
Belle Isle, at Arriva Bus Depot 15:15
Belle Isle, after Barnsley Road Bus Depot 15:16
Belle Isle, adj Hepworth Gallery 15:17
Wakefield Kirkgate (stop K6) 15:19
Wakefield Kirkgate (stop K1) 15:21
Wakefield Union Street (stop U1) 15:23
Wakefield, after Back Duke Of York Street 15:26
E Moor Stanley Rd Eastmoor Road 15:28
Pinderfields, opp Pinders Grove 15:30
Pinderfields, adj Hospital 15:30
Pinderfields, opp Aberford Road Wakefield Hospice 15:31
Pinderfields, opp Aberford Road Parkside Ln 15:32
Stanley, opp Aberford Road Ferry Ln 15:33
Stanley, adj Aberford Road Allotments 15:33
Stanley, adj Aberford Road Lime Pit Ln 15:34
Stanley Lime Pit Lane Ash Crescent 15:35
Stanley Lime Pit Lane Lake Lock Rd 15:36
Stanley Lake Lock Road Community Centre Library 15:36
Stanley Mount Rd Lake Lock Road 15:37
Stanley, adj Lee Moor Rd Canal Lane 15:37
Stanley Lee Moor Road Rogers Court 15:38
Bar Stanley PH (stop) 15:38
Stanley Common Side Road Fenton Rd (stop) 15:39
Stanley, opp Lee Moor Rd Moorlands Place 15:40
Stanley, adj Lee Moor Lane Coney Warren Ln 15:40
Lofthouse Beechcroft 15:41
Lofthouse Green Lane 15:42
Lofthouse Ouzlewell Green 15:42
Carlton Town Street 15:44
Carlton School 15:45
Carlton Westfield Road (stop) 15:46
Carlton Westfield Court 15:47
Robin Hood Northfield Avenue 15:48
Rothwell Rhubarb Farm 15:50
Carlton Stainton Lane 15:52
Rothwell School 15:52
Rothwell, at Marsh Street Library 15:53
Rothwell, adj Commercial St Meynell Avenue 15:55
Rothwell Holy Trinity Church 15:55
Rothwell Pasture View Road 15:56
Rothwell Cornwall Crescent 15:56
Rothwell Manor Road Shops 15:57
Rothwell Cotswold Drive 15:57
Rothwell Castle Road 15:59

Timetable data from Arriva Yorkshire/Bus Open Data Service, 11 January 2021

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