S66 - Baildon - Titus Salt School

A service operated by The Keighley Bus Company


Baildon - Titus Salt School

Baildon Garsdale Crescent 08:05
Charlestown Roundwood Road 08:08
Charlestown Hoyle Court Road (SW-bound) 08:09
Charlestown, adj Kirklands Rd Brook Hill 08:11
Baildon Station Rd Borrins Way (stop) 08:11
Baildon, before Station Road Netherhall Rd 08:12
Baildon Cliffe Avenue (SW-bound) 08:12
Cliffe Avenue Baildon Rd (SW-bound) 08:13
Baildon Cliffe Avenue Green Rd 08:14
Baildon Green Road Upper Green 08:16
Baildon Green Rd Thompson Lane 08:16
Baildon, adj Thompson Lane Midgeley Rd 08:17
Baildon, before Thompson Lane Coach Rd 08:18
Baildon Higher Coach Road Salt Grammar School (stop F) 08:20
Keighley Bus Station stand G 07:55
Keighley North St Albert Street (stop N2) 07:55
Keighley, opp Skipton Rd East Avenue 07:56
Utley Skipton Rd Green Head Road 07:57
Utley, adj Skipton Rd Stoneycroft Lane 07:58
Utley, adj Skipton Rd Ferncliffe Drive 07:58
Utley Skipton Rd Ashgrove Road 07:59
Utley Skipton Rd Rivock Avenue 07:59
Utley, adj Skipton Rd Bar House Lane 08:00
Steeton Keighley Road Hawkcliffe Farm 08:02
Steeton, adj Keighley Road Aireburn Ave 08:03
Steeton, adj Primary School 08:04
Steeton Skipton Rd Clough Avenue 08:05
Steeton Skipton Rd Thornhill Road 08:06
Airedale Hospital, opp Skipton Rd 08:07
Eastburn, adj Main Rd Grange Road 08:08
Eastburn, opp Main Road Mill Row 08:09
Sutton Mill, adj Albert Street 08:12
Sutton in Craven St Thomas' Hall (W-bound) 08:13
Sutton in Craven Black Bull (W-bound) 08:14
Sutton in Craven Holme Bridge (N-bound) 08:14
Cross Hills, adj Boundary Avenue 08:15
Cross Hills, adj Victoria Road 08:16


Timetable data from Transdev Blazefield, 9 June 2021

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