S76 - Selby - Pontefract

A service operated by Arriva Yorkshire


Monday to Friday, School Days days

Selby - Pontefract

Selby Bus Stn Stand 3 (3) 06:55
Selby, adj Audus Street 06:56
Selby, adj Ebor Street 06:57
Selby, adj Union Lane 06:58
Selby, opp Courtneys 06:59
Selby, opp Ferndale Road 07:02
Selby, opp Myrtle Avenue 07:02
Brayton, adj Bassett Close 07:02
Brayton, opp The Mount 07:03
Brayton, adj Meadow Croft 07:03
Brayton Green (opp) 07:04
Brayton, opp Mill Lane 07:04
Hut Green, adj High Eggborough Lane 07:27
Hut Green, adj Horse And Jockey 07:28
Eggborough, adj Graysfield 07:28
Whitley Bridge, adj Cannon Hall Lane 07:29
Eggborough, opp Westfield Avenue 07:31
Kellington, adj Old Vicarage 07:34
Kellington, adj Post Office 07:35
Kellington, adj Church Lane 07:36
Beal, opp New Lane 07:38
Beal, adj Chapel Garth 07:39
Beal, adj Pinfold House 07:39
Kellingley, adj Sudforth Lane 07:42
Kellingley Colliery (adj) 07:43
Knottingley Weeland Road County Boundary 07:45
Knottingley, opp Weeland Rd Chemical Works 07:46
Knottingley Fernley Green (W-bound) 07:48
Knottingley Fernley Green (NW-bound) 07:48
Knottingley Womersley Road Weeland Rd (corner) 07:49
Knottingley, adj Weeland Rd England Lane 07:49
Knottingley, opp Town Hall 07:50
Knottingley, before Hill Top Forge Hill Ln 07:51
Knottingley Ferrybridge Road Hill Top 07:52
Ferrybridge, adj Fishergate Vale Crescent 07:53
Ferrybridge, at Fishergate Pinders Garth 07:53
Ferrybridge, at Argyle Road Broughtons Yard 07:54
Ferrybridge The Square 07:55
Ferrybridge Castleford Lane Richmond Ave (SE-bound) 07:57
Ferrybridge, before Castleford Lane Pontefract Rd 07:57
Ferrybridge Pontefract Rd Windsor Drive 07:58
Nevison, adj Pontefract Road Limetrees 08:00
Nevison Pontefract Rd Darkfield Lane 08:02
Nevison Ferrybridge Rd Orchard Head Lane 08:02
Nevison Orchard Head Lane Holmfield Ln 08:03
Mill Ln Nevison Avenue 08:04
Monkhill, adj Ferrybridge Rd Box Lane 08:05
Monkhill Mill Dam Lane St Annes Villas 08:06
Pontefract, after North Baileygate Mill Dam Lane 08:07
Pontefract, adj Northgate Spink Lane 08:08
Pontefract Bus Station stand F 08:10
Pontefract Bus Station stand F 08:15
Pontefract, opp Stuart Road Swimming Baths 08:16
Pontefract, opp Stuart Road Colonels Walk 08:17
Pontefract Park Lane Portland Ave 08:19
N Featherstone Park Lane Gleneagles Rd 08:25
N Featherstone Willow Lane Willow Garth 08:26
N Featherstone, at Church Lane 08:27
N Featherstone St Wilfrids RC High School 08:28

Pontefract - Selby

N Featherstone St Wilfrids RC High School 15:15
N Featherstone Church Lane 15:15
N Featherstone North Featherstone Cross Roads 15:16
N Featherstone, adj Park Lane Gleneagles Rd 15:17
N Featherstone Park Lane 15:20
Pontefract Park Lane Grosvenor Ave 15:24
Pontefract Park Road Tanshelf Station 15:25
Pontefract, before Stuart Road Colonels Walk 15:27
Pontefract, adj Stuart Road Swimming Baths 15:28
Pontefract Bus Station stand H 15:30
Pontefract Northgate Spink Lane 15:31
Pontefract, before North Baileygate Mill Dam Lane 15:31
Monkhill Mill Dam Lane Black Walk 15:32
Monkhill Ferrybridge Rd Box Lane 15:33
Mill Ln Nevison Avenue (opp) 15:34
Nevison, adj Orchard Head Lane Holmfield Ln 15:35
Nevison Ferrybridge Rd Orchard Head Lane (N-bound) 15:35
Nevison, at Pontefract Rd Darkfield Lane 15:36
Nevison Pontefract Road Limetrees 15:37
Ferrybridge, adj Pontefract Rd Windsor Drive 15:38
Ferrybridge, after Castleford Lane Pontefract Rd 15:39
Ferrybridge Castleford Lane Richmond Ave (NW-bound) 15:39
Ferrybridge Stranglands Lane Castleford Ln 15:40
Ferrybridge The Square (S-bound) 15:42
Ferrybridge, opp Fishergate Pinders Garth 15:42
Ferrybridge, opp Fishergate Vale Crescent 15:42
Knottingley Hill Top 15:43
Knottingley, after Hill Top Forge Hill Ln 15:44
Knottingley, at Hill Top Bridge Lane 15:45
Knottingley Town Hall 15:45
Knottingley, opp Weeland Rd England Lane 15:45
Knottingley Weeland Rd Womersley Road 15:46
Knottingley Fernley Green (E-bound) 15:47
Knottingley, adj Weeland Rd Chemical Works 15:48
Knottingley, at Weeland Road County Boundary 15:49
Kellingley Colliery (opp) 15:50
Kellingley, opp Sudforth Ln 15:52
Beal, adj Dunbrock House 15:53
Beal, adj The Paddock 15:54
Beal, adj Post Office 15:54
Beal, adj Gables Close 15:55
Kellington, opp Post Office 15:58
Kellington, adj Playground 15:58
Eggborough, adj Westfield Avenue 15:59
Whitley Bridge, adj Jolly Miller 16:00
Eggborough, opp Graysfield 16:00
Hut Green, opp Horse And Jockey 16:01
Hut Green, adj Tranmore Lane 16:01
Hensall Lyndale (SE-bound) 16:03
Brayton, adj Mill Lane 16:23
Brayton, adj The Swan 16:24
Brayton, opp Fox Hill Lane 16:24
Brayton, opp St Marys RC Pri Sch 16:24
Brayton, opp Lumby Hill 16:25
Selby, adj Myrtle Avenue 16:25
Selby, adj Ferndale Road 16:25
Selby, adj Courtneys 16:27
Selby, opp Armoury Road 16:28
Selby, opp Ebor Street 16:29
Selby, opp Audus Street 16:31
Selby, adj Park Street Shelter 16:34

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