S776 - Railway Station - The Rose and Crown

A service operated by Arriva Kent and Surrey


Monday to Friday, school days

The Rose and Crown - Railway Station

Higham Wood, adj Tilebarn Corner 07:30
Higham Wood, adj Romney Way 07:30
Higham Wood, adj Martin Hardie Way 07:32
Higham Wood, adj Methodist Church 07:32
Higham Wood Hunt Road (NW-bound) 07:33
Higham Wood, adj Turner Road 07:33
Higham Wood, opp Higham School Road 07:33
Higham Wood, opp Raeburn Close 07:34
Higham Wood, adj Darwin Drive 07:34
Trench Wood, adj Whistler Road 07:36
Trench Wood, adj Denbeigh Drive 07:36
Cage Green, adj White Cottage Road 07:37
Cage Green Road (adj) 07:38
Cage Green Pinnacles (S-bound) 07:39
Cage Green, adj Greyhound House 07:40
Cage Green, opp Uridge Road 07:42
Tonbridge School (opp) 07:44
Tonbridge Castle (Stop E) 07:48
Tonbridge High Street (Stop F) 07:50
Tonbridge Quarry Hill Parade (Stop J1) 07:53
Tonbridge, adj Springwell Road 07:54
Tonbridge, adj Baltic Road 07:54
Tonbridge, opp Mabledon 07:56
Southborough Hangmans Hill (SW-bound) 07:58
Southborough Bidborough Corner (S-bound) 07:59
Southborough, opp Birchwood Avenue 08:01
Southborough, opp The Fountain 08:02
Southborough, adj Sheffield Road 08:02
Southborough, adj Hythe Close 08:04
Southborough, nr Library 08:06
St John’s, opp Tunbridge Wells Boys' Grammar School 08:08
St John’s, opp Ymca 08:09
St John’s, adj East Cliff Road 08:11
St John’s, adj The Skinners' School 08:12
St John's Church (adj) 08:14
St John’s, adj Woodbury Park Road 08:14
Tunbridge Wells Grosvenor Road (Stop I) 08:16
Tunbridge Wells Royal Victoria Place (Stop K1) 08:18
Tunbridge Wells War Memorial (Stop P) 08:19
Tunbridge Wells Railway Station (Stop S) 08:21

Railway Station - The Rose and Crown

Tunbridge Wells Railway Station (Stop D) 15:31
Tunbridge Wells War Memorial (Stop F) 15:32
Tunbridge Wells Grosvenor Road (Stop H) 15:33
St John’s, opp Woodbury Park Road 15:36
St John’s, adj Culverden Down 15:37
St John’s, adj Beltring Road 15:39
St John’s, opp East Cliff Road 15:40
St John’s, adj TA Centre 15:41
St John’s, opp Southfields Park 15:43
Southborough, opp Library 15:46
Southborough, opp Hythe Close 15:46
Southborough, opp Sheffield Road 15:50
Southborough, adj The Fountain 15:50
Southborough, adj Birchwood Avenue 15:51
Southborough Bidborough Corner (N-bound) 15:52
Southborough Hangmans Hill (NE-bound) 15:54
Tonbridge, opp Baltic Road 15:56
Tonbridge, opp Springwell Road 15:57
Tonbridge Quarry Hill Parade (Stop I) 15:58
Tonbridge High Street (Stop G) 16:01
Tonbridge Castle (Stop D) 16:06
Tonbridge School (adj) 16:08
Cage Green, adj Uridge Road 16:09
Cage Green, opp Greyhound House 16:10
Cage Green Pinnacles (N-bound) 16:12
Cage Green Road (opp) 16:12
Trench Wood, opp Denbeigh Drive 16:14
Higham Wood, adj Cavendish Close 16:14
Higham Wood, adj Reynolds Close 16:15
Higham Wood, adj Lawrence Road 16:15
Higham Wood, opp Turner Road 16:16
Higham Wood Hunt Road (SE-bound) 16:16
Higham Wood, opp Methodist Church 16:16
Higham Wood, opp Martin Hardie Way 16:17
Higham Wood, opp Romney Way 16:17
Higham Wood, opp Tilebarn Corner 16:18
Higham Wood, opp Old Hadlow Road 16:18
Higham Wood, adj Orchard Drive 16:19
Higham Wood, adj Estridge Way 16:21
Higham Wood, opp Great Fish Hall 16:21
Higham Wood, opp Three Elm Lane 16:22
Higham Wood Brown Jug Corner (NE-bound) 16:23
Hadlow, adj Ashes Lane 16:25
Hadlow, adj College 16:25
Hadlow, adj The Maltings 16:26
Hadlow Square (NE-bound) 16:27

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