S79 - Merthyr - Bedlinog via Treharris

A bus service operated by New Adventure Travel


Following the announcement of a two week “circuit breaker” lockdown, timetables continue to change at short notice. Check the Traveline Cymru web page for details.


Sundays only

Merthyr - Bedlinog via Treharris

Merthyr Tydfil Bus Station (Stand 10) 11:0015:0017:2819:2821:15
Rhydycar, o/s Leisure Centre 11:0515:0517:3219:3221:18
Merthyr Tydfil Castle Bingo (nr Aldi) 11:0615:0617:3319:3321:19
Merthyr Tydfil, after Warlow Street 11:0615:0617:3319:3321:19
Merthyr Tydfil, nr Mardy 11:0715:0717:3419:3421:19
Merthyr Tydfil Gladstone Terrace (o/s 16) 11:0715:0717:3419:3421:19
Merthyr Tydfil, o/s Evans Halshaw 11:0715:0717:3419:3421:20
Pentrebach, after Hoovers Top Gate 11:0815:0817:3519:3521:20
Pentrebach, after Hoovers Main Gate 11:0915:0917:3619:3621:21
Pentrebach, after Station 11:1015:1017:3719:3721:22
Pentrebach, opp Spares World 11:1115:1117:3819:3821:23
Pentrebach, opp Merthyr Tydfil Ind Park 11:1115:1117:3919:3921:23
Troedyrhiw, before Harp Garage 11:1215:1317:4019:4021:24
Troedyrhiw Rhodfa Terrace (o/s 18) 11:1215:1317:4119:4121:24
Troedyrhiw, o/s Brynhyfryd Villas 11:14
Troedyrhiw, opp Infants School 15:1417:4219:4221:25
Troedyrhiw, adj Edward Stephens Terrace 11:14
Troedyrhiw, after Station 15:1417:4219:4221:25
Troedyrhiw Glantaff Road (o/s 1) 15:1417:4219:4221:25
Merthyr Vale, nr Coventry Playground 11:17
Troedyrhiw Dan y Bryn Villas (o/s 9) 15:1417:4219:4221:25
Merthyr Vale, nr Brynteg Terrace 11:18
Troedyrhiw, opp Bronheulog Terrace 15:1417:4219:4221:26
Aberfan, o/s Ynysygored Cottages 15:1517:4319:4321:27
Aberfan, after Pantglas 15:1617:4419:4421:27
Aberfan, o/s Rugby Club 15:1617:4419:4421:28
Aberfan, before Social Club 15:1617:4419:4421:28
Aberfan, opp Community Centre 15:1617:4419:4421:28
Aberfan, after Wingfield Street 15:1717:4519:4521:29
Merthyr Vale, before Gordon Lennox Club 15:2017:4619:4621:32
Merthyr Vale, nr Rachabite Hall 15:2117:4719:4721:33
Merthyr Vale, opp Station Square 11:1915:2317:4819:4821:35
Merthyr Vale, o/s Station Terrace 11:1915:2317:4819:4821:35
Merthyr Vale, nr Oaklands 11:1915:2317:4819:4821:35
Mount Pleasant, after Darren Las 11:2015:2417:4919:4921:35
Mount Pleasant, nr Primary School 11:2015:2417:4919:4921:36
Mount Pleasant, after Pontygwaith 11:2115:2517:5019:5021:36
Edwardsville, nr Tai-yn-Banwan 11:2215:2617:5219:5221:37
Edwardsville, after Treharne Road 11:2215:2617:5219:5221:38
Edwardsville, o/s School 11:2315:2717:5219:5221:38
Treharris, after Blackbrook 11:2315:2717:5319:5321:39
Treharris, nr Quarry 11:2415:2817:5419:5421:39
Treharris, o/s St Matthias' Church 11:2415:2817:5419:5421:39
Treharris Bus Station (Stand 2) 09:4511:2515:2917:5519:5521:40
Treharris, opp Navigation Hotel 09:4511:2515:2917:5519:5521:40
Treharris, o/s Boys & Girls Club 09:4511:2515:2917:5519:5521:40
Treharris, nr Penn Street 11:2615:2917:5619:5621:41
Treharris, before Evan Street 11:2615:3017:5619:5621:41
Treharris, after Pritchard Street 11:2715:3117:5719:5721:42
Treharris Cilhaul (o/s 96) 11:2815:3117:5819:5821:43
Treharris, before Cilhaul Top 11:2915:3217:5919:5921:44
Treharris, at Twynygarreg Terminus 11:3015:3318:0020:0021:45
Treharris, after Cilhaul Top 11:3015:3318:0020:0021:45
Treharris Cilhaul (o/s 69) 11:3115:3518:0220:0221:46
Treharris, before Pritchard Street 11:3215:3618:0320:0321:47
Treharris Evan Street (opp junct) 11:3215:3718:0320:0321:47
Treharris, nr Penn Street 11:3315:3818:0520:0521:48
Treharris, at Forest Road 11:3315:3818:0520:0521:48
Treharris Railway Terrace (adj 16) 09:4611:3415:3918:0520:0521:49
Trelewis, after Beechcroft 09:4815:4218:0820:08
Treharris, opp St Matthias' Church 11:3521:50
Treharris, nr Glan y Nant 11:3621:51
Treharris Perrott Inn (opp former) 11:3621:51
Quakers Yard Inn (before) 11:3721:52
Quaker’s Yard Wingfield Terrace (opp 15) 11:3921:54
Pentwyn Berthllwyd, before Pentwyn Cottages 11:4021:55
Nelson, opp Welsh Water Offices 11:4121:56
Nelson, after The Hollybush 11:4221:57
Nelson, before Bryncelyn Junction 11:4221:57
Nelson, o/s St John's Church 11:4321:58
Nelson, before Wellington Stores 11:4321:58
Nelson Bus Station (Stand 1) 11:4421:59
Nelson, after Llwyn yr Eos 11:4421:59
Nelson, after Llancaiach View 11:4522:00
Nelson, opp Star Club 11:4622:01
Trelewis, nr Shingrig 11:4722:02
Trelewis, before Fflad Bridge 11:4822:03
Trelewis, after Ffaldcaiach Inn 11:4822:03
Trelewis, o/s Bontnewydd Hotel 09:5011:5015:4418:1020:1022:05
Trelewis, nr New Houses 09:5011:5015:4418:1020:1022:05
Taff Merthyr Garden Village, before Ael y Bryn 09:5111:5115:4518:1120:1122:06
Taff Merthyr Garden Village Maen Gilfach (o/s 13) 09:5311:5315:4718:1320:1322:08
Taff Merthyr Garden Village, nr Maen Gilfach 09:5411:5415:4818:1420:1422:09
Taff Merthyr Garden Village, after Ael y Bryn 09:5511:5515:4918:1520:1522:10
Trelewis, nr Taff Merthyr House 09:5611:5615:5018:1620:1622:11
Trelewis, nr Taff Merthyr Centre 09:5711:5715:5118:1720:1722:12
Bedlinog Hylton Terrace (o/s 39) 10:0112:0115:5518:2120:2122:16
Bedlinog Maes-y-Bedw (o/s 1) 10:0112:0115:5518:2120:2122:16
Bedlinog, before George Street 10:0312:0315:5718:2320:2322:18

Bedlinog - Merthyr via Treharris

Bedlinog, opp Square 10:0312:0315:5718:2320:2322:18
Trelewis, nr Taff Bargoed Centre 10:0412:0415:5718:2420:2422:19
Taff Merthyr Garden Village, nr Taff Merthyr House 10:0512:0515:5818:2520:2522:20
Trelewis, nr New Houses 10:0712:0715:5818:2720:2722:22
Trelewis, after Bontnewydd Hotel 10:0812:0815:5918:2820:2822:23
Trelewis, before Beechcoft 15:5918:2820:2822:24
Trelewis, o/s Ffaldcaiach Inn 10:1012:10
Trelewis, after Fflad Bridge 10:1212:12
Nelson, o/s Star Club 10:1312:13
Nelson, before Llancaiach View 10:1312:13
Nelson, after Llwyn yr Eos 10:1412:14
Nelson Bus Station (Stand 2) 10:1512:15
Nelson, opp Wellington Stores 10:1512:15
Nelson, opp St John's Church 10:1612:16
Nelson, after Bryncelyn Junction 10:1612:16
Nelson, o/s The Hollybush 10:1712:17
Nelson, before Welsh Water Offices 10:1712:17
Pentwyn Berthllwyd, opp Pentwyn Cottages 10:2012:20
Quaker’s Yard Wingfield Terrace (o/s 12) 10:2112:21
Quakers Yard Inn (before) 10:2212:22
Quaker’s Yard, after New Bridge 10:2212:22
Treharris Perrott Inn (o/s former) 10:2312:23
Treharris, nr Glan y Nant 10:2312:23
Treharris, o/s Community Centre 10:2512:25
Treharris Post Office (nr former) 10:2512:25
Treharris, opp Navigation Hotel 10:2512:2515:5918:3020:30
Treharris, o/s Boys & Girls Club 10:2612:2615:5918:3120:31
Treharris, nr Penn Street 10:2612:2616:0018:3120:31
Treharris, before Evan Street 10:2712:2716:0018:3220:32
Treharris, after Pritchard Street 10:2712:2716:0018:3220:32
Treharris Cilhaul (o/s 96) 10:2812:2816:0018:3320:33
Treharris, before Cilhaul Top 10:2912:2916:0018:3420:34
Treharris, at Twynygarreg Terminus 10:3012:3016:0118:3520:35
Treharris, after Cilhaul Top 10:3012:3016:0118:3520:35
Treharris Cilhaul (o/s 69) 10:3112:3116:0218:3620:36
Treharris, before Pritchard Street 10:3212:3216:0318:3720:37
Treharris Evan Street (opp junct) 10:3212:3216:0318:3720:37
Treharris, nr Penn Street 10:3312:3316:0318:3820:38
Treharris, at Forest Road 10:3312:3316:0418:3820:38
Treharris Railway Terrace (adj 16) 10:3412:3416:0418:3920:39
Treharris Bus Station (Stand 1) 10:3512:3516:0518:4020:4022:30
Treharris, opp St Matthias' Church 10:3512:3516:0518:4020:40
Treharris, nr Quarry 10:3612:3616:0618:4120:41
Treharris, after Blackbrook 10:3612:3616:0618:4120:41
Edwardsville, o/s School 10:3712:3716:0718:4220:42
Edwardsville, before Treharne Road 10:3712:3716:0718:4220:42
Edwardsville, nr Tai-yn-Banwan 10:3812:3816:0818:4320:43
Mount Pleasant, before Pontygwaith 10:3912:3916:0918:4420:44
Mount Pleasant, nr Primary School 10:4112:4116:1118:4620:46
Mount Pleasant, after Darren Las 10:4112:4116:1118:4620:46
Merthyr Vale, nr Oaklands 10:4212:4216:1218:4720:47
Merthyr Vale, opp Station Terrace 10:4212:4216:1218:4720:47
Merthyr Vale, o/s Station Square 10:4312:4316:1318:4820:48
Merthyr Vale, nr Rachabite Hall 10:4412:4416:1418:4920:49
Merthyr Vale, after Gordon Lennox Club 10:4512:4516:1518:5020:50
Aberfan, after Wingfield Street 10:4912:4916:1918:5420:54
Aberfan, o/s Community Centre 10:4912:4916:1918:5420:54
Aberfan, after Social Club 10:4912:4916:1918:5420:54
Aberfan, after The Grove 10:4912:4916:1918:5420:54
Aberfan, after Pantglas 10:4912:4916:1918:5420:54
Aberfan, opp Ynysygored Cottages 10:5012:5016:2018:5520:55
Troedyrhiw Bronheulog Terrace (o/s 7) 10:5112:5116:2118:5620:56
Troedyrhiw, opp Dan-y-Bryn Villas 10:5112:5116:2118:5620:56
Troedyrhiw Glantaff Road (opp 1) 10:5112:5116:2118:5620:56
Troedyrhiw, before Station 10:5112:5116:2118:5620:56
Troedyrhiw, o/s Infants School 10:5212:5216:2218:5720:57
Troedyrhiw Tydfil Terrace (o/s 23) 10:5212:5216:2218:5720:57
Troedyrhiw, after Harp Garage 10:5212:5216:2218:5720:57
Pentrebach, o/s Merthyr Tydfil Ind Park 10:5312:5316:2318:5820:58
Pentrebach, nr Spares World 10:5312:5316:2318:5820:58
Pentrebach, o/s Station 10:5512:5516:2519:0021:00
Pentrebach, o/s Hoovers Sports 10:5512:5516:2519:0021:00
Pentrebach, after Hoovers Main Gate 10:5512:5516:2519:0021:00
Pentrebach, before Hoovers Top Gate 10:5512:5516:2519:0121:01
Merthyr Tydfil, opp Evans Halshaw 10:5612:5616:2619:0221:02
Merthyr Tydfil Mardy Terrace (o/s 6) 10:5612:5616:2619:0221:02
Merthyr Tydfil, nr Mardy 10:5612:5616:2619:0321:03
Merthyr Tydfil, before Warlow Street 10:5612:5616:2619:0321:03
Merthyr Tydfil, nr Castle Bingo 10:5612:5616:2619:0421:04
Rhydycar, o/s Leisure Centre 10:5712:5716:2719:0521:05
Merthyr Tydfil Bus Station (Stand 1) 11:0013:0016:3019:0921:09

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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