S819 - Heworth - Hebburn

A service operated by JH Coaches


Heworth Interchange (B) 08:05
Heworth The Drive-Sunderland Road (SW-Bound) 08:05
Heworth The Drive-The Green (SW-Bound) 08:05
Heworth The Drive-Watermill Lane (SW-Bound) 08:05
Heworth Watermill Lane-The Drive (E-Bound) 08:05
Watermill Lane-High Heworth Lane (W-Bound) 08:06
High Heworth Lane-Wardle Gardens (S-Bound) 08:06
Heworth Colegate West (E-Bound) 08:06
Leam Lane Colegate-Whinshaw (SE-Bound) 08:07
Leam Lane Colegate-Meresyde (S-Bound) 08:07
Leam Lane Estate Fewster Sq (B) 08:10
Leam Lane Meresyde-Whinbrooke (N-Bound) 08:11
Leam Lane Meresyde-Hallgarth (NE-Bound) 08:12
Leam Lane Meresyde-Lingshaw (E-Bound) 08:12
Leam Lane Meresyde Lingey Lane (E-Bound) 08:13
Leam Lane Lingey Lane-St Georges Court (S-Bound) 08:13
Leam Lane Lingey Lane-Montrose Drive (S-Bound) 08:14
Leam Lane Fairways Estate (E-Bound) 08:18
Leam Lane-Stanton Close (NE-Bound) 08:19
Wardley Sunderland Road (W-Bound) 08:21
Wardley Sunderland Road-Whitemere Gardens (W-Bound) 08:21
Sunderland Road-Wardley Hall (W-Bound) 08:22
Wardley Kirkwood Gardens-Keir Hardie Avenue (NW-Bound) 08:23
Wardley Manor Gardens-Priory Court (NE-Bound) 08:24
Wardley Manor Gardens-Rannoch Close (E-Bound) 08:24
Wardley White Mere Gardens-Moat Gardens (S-Bound) 08:26
Wardley White Mere Gardens-Sunderland Road (S-Bound) 08:26
Wardley Sunderland Road - West Crescent (E-Bound) 08:27
Wardley Sunderland Road (E-Bound) 08:27
Sunderland Road-Wardley Drive (SE-Bound) 08:27
White Mare Pool Leam Lane-Whitemare Pool (NE-Bound) 08:29
Hebburn St Joseph's Catholic Academy (N-Bound) 08:35

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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