S831 - Leam Lane - Lobley Hill

A bus service operated by JH Coaches


Monday to Friday

Leam Lane - Lobley Hill

Leam Lane Estate Fewster Sq (A) 07:30
Leam Lane Wealcroft-Rennington (SW-Bound) 07:31
Leam Lane Wealcroft-Glynfellis (SW-Bound) 07:32
Leam Lane Wealcroft-Lecondale Court (SW-Bound) 07:33
Leam Lane Wealcroft (S-Bound) 07:34
Leam Lane Staneway-Wealcroft (NW-Bound) 07:34
Leam Lane Staneway-Oakwood (N-Bound) 07:35
Whitehills Estate (N-Bound) 07:37
Whitehills Whitehill Drive-Laboratory (N-Bound) 07:38
Windy Nook Albion Street-Cresthaven (W-Bound) 07:40
Windy Nook Albion Street-Dornoch Crescent (W-Bound) 07:40
Windy Nook Albion Street-School (W-Bound) 07:42
Windy Nook Albion Street-Blenheim Court (W-Bound) 07:44
Windy Nook Albion Street (E) 07:46
Windy Nook Road - Stone Street (D) 07:46
Sheriff Hill Windy Nook Road (W-Bound) 07:47
Sheriff Hill Queen Elizabeth Hospital (D) 07:48
Sheriff Hill Queen Elizabeth Hospital (E) 07:50
Sheriff Hill Kells Lane-Sheriff Highway (SW-Bound) 07:52
Sheriff Hill Kells Lane-Grove Road (W-Bound) 07:52
Low Fell Kells Lane-Harcourt Street (SW-Bound) 07:53
Low Fell Kells Lane-Wesley Street (S-Bound) 07:54
Low Fell Kells Lane-Pimlico Court (S-Bound) 07:55
Low Fell Kells Lane-Beacon Lough Road (S-Bound) 07:55
Low Fell Chowdene Bank (S-Bound) 07:56
Chowdene Bank-The Lodges Road (S-Bound) 07:57
Chowdene Bank-Salcombe Gardens (SW-Bound) 07:58
Team Valley Chowdene Bank - Sainsbury (W-Bound) 07:59
Team Valley Kingsway South (N-Bound) 08:01
Team Valley Kingsway South (N-Bound) 08:02
Team Valley Kingsway-Seventh Avenue (N-Bound) 08:02
Team Valley Centre (N-Bound) 08:04
Team Valley Kingsway-Fourth Avenue (N-Bound) 08:05
Team Valley Kingsway-Second Avenue (N-Bound) 08:05
Team Valley Kingsway North (C) 08:06
Team Valley Lobley Hill Road - New Road (E) 08:07
Lobley Hill Road-Rothbury Gardens (W-Bound) 08:08
Lobley Hill Emmanuel College (NE-Bound) 08:10

Lobley Hill - Leam Lane

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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