S834 - Wardley - Lobley Hill

A service operated by A-line Coaches

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Monday to Friday

Wardley Kirkwood Gardens-Broadlea (SE-Bound) 07:15
Wardley Kirkwood Gardens-Addison Gardens (S-Bound) 07:16
Wardley Felling Bypass-Turfside (W-Bound) 07:17
Heworth Felling Bypass-Grange Close (W-Bound) 07:19
Heworth Felling Bypass-Field Lane (NW-Bound) 07:19
Heworth Interchange (B) 07:20
Heworth Sunderland Road-Bungalows (W-Bound) 07:20
Felling Sunderland Road-Holly Hill (W-Bound) 07:22
Felling Sunderland Road-Lodge (W-Bound) 07:24
Sunderland Road - Felling Metro (NW-Bound) 07:26
Felling Sunderland Road-Garage (W-Bound) 07:26
Felling Sunderland Road-St James Court (W-Bound) 07:27
Felling Sunderland Road-Moore Street (NW-Bound) 07:28
Gateshead Sunderland Road-Byron Walk (NW-Bound) 07:28
Gateshead Sunderland Road-Chad House (SW-Bound) 07:29
Gateshead Arthur Street (E-Bound) 07:30
Bensham Road-Alexandra Villas (SW-Bound) 07:30
Bensham Road - Coatsworth Road (S-Bound) 07:31
Teams Tyne Road (N-Bound) 07:31
Teams Tyne Road East (W-Bound) 07:32
Teams Rose Street-Morrison Street (SW-Bound) 07:36
Teams Rose Street (SW-Bound) 07:36
Teams Yetholm Road (S-Bound) 07:37
Teams Johnson Street (SE-Bound) 07:38
Teams Derwentwater Road-Ropery Road (S-Bound) 07:39
Derwentwater Road-Teams Bridge (W-Bound) 07:40
Dunston Ellison Road (SW-Bound) 07:41
Dunston Ravensworth Road (N-Bound) 07:42
Dunston Ravensworth Road (N-Bound) 07:44
Dunston Barry Street (W-Bound) 07:44
Wellington Road-Dunston Road (W-Bound) 07:45
Dunston Road-Park (S-Bound) 07:46
Dunston Park Terrace-Hawthorne Drive (S-Bound) 07:47
Dunston Ellison Road (E-Bound) 07:48
Dunston Ellison Road-The Crescent (E-Bound) 07:49
Dunston Wilson Street (SE-Bound) 07:49
Dunston Maple Avenue (E-Bound) 07:52
Lobley Hill Knightside Gardens-Monkridge Gardens (S-Bound) 07:54
Lobley Hill Knightside Gardens-Woodside Gardens (S-Bound) 07:55
Lobley Hill Knightside Gardens - Braeside (W-Bound) 07:57
Lobley Hill Whickham Highway-Knightside Gardens (SE-Bound) 07:59
Lobley Hill Emmanuel College (NE-Bound) 08:05

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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