S840 - Blaydon - Bensham

A service operated by Gateshead Central Taxis


Monday to Friday

Blaydon St Thomas More Catholic School (N-Bound) 15:45
Blaydon Bank-Croftdale Road (NE-Bound) 15:45
Blaydon Bank-Lawrence Court (N-Bound) 15:46
Blaydon Shibdon Road-East View (SE-Bound) 15:48
Blaydon Shibdon Road-Shibdon Bank (SE-Bound) 15:50
Swalwell Shibdon Road-Axwell Park (E-Bound) 15:52
Shibdon Road-Swalwell Roundabout (SE-Bound) 15:53
Swalwell Hexham Road - Broadmeadows Close (E-Bound) 15:55
Swalwell Bank-Clavering Road (SE-Bound) 15:56
Whickham Bank-North View (S-Bound) 15:58
Whickham Front Street - Glebe Avenue (E-Bound) 16:00
Whickham Front Street - St Mary's Green (E-Bound) 16:00
Whickham Front Street - School Lane (E-Bound) 16:01
Whickham Front Street - Dockendale Lane (E-Bound) 16:01
Whickham Highway-Coniston Avenue (E-Bound) 16:02
Dunston Hill Hospital (E-Bound) 16:03
Dunston Whickham Highway-Hillcrest Drive (SE-Bound) 16:04
Lobley Hill Whickham Highway-Bracken Drive (SE-Bound) 16:04
Lobley Hill Whickham Highway-Knightside Gardens (SE-Bound) 16:05
Lobley Hill Malvern Gardens (N-Bound) 16:07
Lobley Hill Moorfoot Gardens (N-Bound) 16:08
Lobley Hill Malvern Gardens-Cotswold Gardens (NE-Bound) 16:09
Lobley Hill Chiltern Gardens (S-Bound) 16:09
Lobley Hill Chiltern Gardens-Oakfield Road (S-Bound) 16:10
Lobley Hill Road - Beechwood Gardens (W-Bound) 16:11
Lobley Hill Beechwood Gardens-Elderwood Gardens (S-Bound) 16:12
Lobley Hill Beechwood Gardens-Rowanwood Gardens (S-Bound) 16:13
Lobley Hill Alwinton Gardens (W-Bound) 16:14
Lobley Hill Cragside Gardens (N-Bound) 16:16
Lobley Hill Road-Chiltern Gardens (NE-Bound) 16:19
Team Valley Lobley Hill Road - Kingsway North (B) 16:23
Bensham Lobley Hill Road-Victoria Road (NE-Bound) 16:25

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Gateshead Central Taxis