S844 - Allerdene - Blaydon

A service operated by Weardale Motor Services


Monday to Friday

Blaydon - Allerdene

Allerdene Hertford - Dartmouth Ave (W-Bound) 07:30
Allerdene Hertford-Woodford (NW-Bound) 07:30
Hertford-Chowdene (N-Bound) 07:31
Hertford-Chowdene (S-Bound) 07:31
Allerdene Hertford-Woodford (SE-Bound) 07:32
Allerdene Hertford - Dartmouth Ave (E-Bound) 07:32
Allerdene Durham Road-Harlow Green (N-Bound) 07:34
Allerdene Durham Road-Cromer Court (N-Bound) 07:35
Low Fell Durham Road-Appledore Gardens (N-Bound) 07:36
Low Fell Durham Road-Hutton Terrace (N-Bound) 07:36
Low Fell Durham Road-Albert Drive (N-Bound) 07:37
Low Fell Durham Road - Elder Grove (N-Bound) 07:38
Low Fell Durham Road-Musgrave School (N-Bound) 07:39
Low Fell Durham Road-Valley View (N-Bound) 07:40
Durham Road Saltwell Park (N-Bound) 07:40
Shipcote Durham Road-Dryden Road (N-Bound) 07:41
Shipcote Prince Consort Road - St Albans Terrace (N-Bound) 07:42
Shipcote Whitehall Road-Prince Consort Road (W-Bound) 07:43
Bensham Coatsworth Road - Grasmere Street (N-Bound) 07:44
Bensham Coatsworth Road-Poplar Crescent (N-Bound) 07:45
Bensham Road - Coatsworth Road (S-Bound) 07:46
Teams Tyne Road (N-Bound) 07:50
Teams Tyne Road East (W-Bound) 07:50
Teams Rose Street-Morrison Street (SW-Bound) 07:52
Teams Rose Street (SW-Bound) 07:52
Teams Yetholm Road (S-Bound) 07:53
Teams Johnson Street (SE-Bound) 07:55
Teams Derwentwater Road-Ropery Road (S-Bound) 07:55
Derwentwater Road-Teams Bridge (W-Bound) 07:56
Teams Clockmill Road (N-Bound) 07:57
Dunston Gas Works Bridge Road-Riverside Inn (NW-Bound) 07:57
Dunston Colliery Road (W-Bound) 07:58
Dunston St Omers Road (W-Bound) 07:58
Metrocentre Handy Drive-Bus Depot (E-Bound) 08:00
Metrocentre Riverside Way-Clasper Way (W-Bound) 08:02
Blaydon Chainbridge Road-Scotswood Bridge (W-Bound) 08:04
Blaydon Chainbridge Road Industrial Estate (W-Bound) 08:05
Blaydon Bank-Widdrington Road (S-Bound) 08:10
Blaydon Bank-Cricket Ground (S-Bound) 08:11
Winlaton Wylam View (W-Bound) 08:12
Winlaton Heddon View-Tynebank (N-Bound) 08:13
Blaydon Back Lane-School (NE-Bound) 08:14
Blaydon St Thomas More Catholic School (N-Bound) 08:15

Allerdene - Blaydon

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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