S85 - Studley High School - Crabbs Cross

A bus service operated by Johnson’s Excelbus


Monday to Friday, not Warwickshire school holidays

Crabbs Cross to Studley High School

Crabbs Cross, opp Priestfield Road 07:30
Walkwood, adj Hunt End Lane 07:32
Walkwood, adj Windmill Drive 07:33
Headless Cross, opp Walkwood C Of E Middle School 07:35
Headless Cross, opp The Meadway 07:35
Headless Cross, adj Charles Street 07:35
Webheath, opp Wood Court 07:37
Webheath, opp Woodend Close 07:38
Webheath, adj Weatheroak Close 07:39
Webheath, adj Hill Top 07:40
Webheath, adj Grazing Lane 07:40
Webheath, opp Tynsall Avenue 07:42
Batchley, adj Woodland Road 07:44
Batchley, adj Rugby Club 07:45
Redditch, opp Queen's Head Inn 07:46
Redditch, adj Football Club 07:47
Redditch, adj Britten Street 07:48
Redditch Church Green West (N-bound) 07:49
St George’s, adj Baptist Church 07:50
St George’s, opp Lady Harriet's Lane 07:51
Abbeydale, adj Meadowhill Road 07:51
Abbeydale, opp Gibbs Road 07:52
Church Hill Paper Mill Drive (N-bound) 07:53
Church Hill Way (NE-bound) 07:53
Church Hill Church (adj) 07:55
Church Hill Pharmacy (adj) 07:55
Church Hill, adj Eagle Road 07:56
North Moons Moat (adj) 07:56
Winyates South & East Moons Moat (S-bound) 07:57
Winyates, adj Ibstock House 07:57
Winyates Centre (adj) 07:58
Winyates, adj St. Gregory's Church 07:59
Winyates Tillington Close Educ Stop (S-bound) 08:00
Matchborough, nr Warwick Highway 08:00
Matchborough Centre (adj) 08:00
Matchborough, adj Jackfield Close 08:02
Washford, adj Arrow Valley Social Club 08:02
Washford Business Park (S-bound) 08:03
Washford, adj BKL Factory 08:03
Washford Mill (adj) 08:04
Washford, adj Pipers Road 08:05
Washford South of Studley Road Island (SE-bound) 08:05
Washford, opp Green Lane 08:06
Studley, adj Redditch Road 08:07
Studley, adj Shakespeare Inn 08:08
Studley, adj Marble Alley 08:09
Studley, adj Crooks Lane 08:09
Studley High School (adj) 08:10

Studley High School to Crabbs Cross

Studley High School (adj) 15:12
Studley, adj Redditch Road 15:18
Washford, opp Green Lane 15:20
Washford South of Studley Road Island (NW-bound) 15:20
Washford, opp Pipers Road 15:22
Washford Mill (opp) 15:23
Washford, opp BKL Factory 15:23
Washford Business Park (N-bound) 15:24
Washford, opp Arrow Valley Social Club 15:24
Matchborough, opp Jackfield Close 15:25
Matchborough Centre (opp) 15:25
Matchborough, opp Warwick Highway 15:26
Winyates, opp St. Gregory's Church 15:27
Winyates Centre (opp) 15:27
Winyates, opp Ibstock House 15:27
Winyates South & East Moons Moat (N-bound) 15:28
North Moons Moat (opp) 15:29
Church Hill, opp Eagle Road 15:29
Church Hill, adj Loxley Close 15:30
Church Hill Pharmacy (opp) 15:30
Church Hill Way (SW-bound) 15:31
Church Hill Paper Mill Drive (S-bound) 15:32
Abbeydale, adj Gibbs Road 15:32
Abbeydale, opp Meadowhill Road 15:33
St George’s, adj Lady Harriet's Lane 15:34
St George’s, adj Trinity College 15:35
St George’s, opp Baptist Church 15:36
Redditch Church Green West (S-bound) 15:36
Redditch, opp Britten Street 15:37
Redditch, opp Football Club 15:38
Redditch, adj Queen's Head Inn 15:39
Batchley, opp Rugby Club 15:40
Batchley, opp Woodland Road 15:41
Webheath, adj Tynsall Avenue 15:43
Webheath, opp Church Road 15:45
Webheath, opp Weatheroak Close 15:46
Webheath, adj Heathfield Road 15:47
Webheath, adj Minworth Close 15:47
Webheath, adj Woodend Close 15:47
Webheath, adj Wood Court 15:48
Headless Cross, adj The Meadway 15:49
Headless Cross, adj Walkwood C Of E Middle School 15:50
Headless Cross, adj Swinburne Road 15:51
Walkwood, opp Windmill Drive 15:52
Walkwood, opp Hunt End Lane 15:53
Crabbs Cross, adj Priestfield Road 15:55

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/Johnsons/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 21 December 2021

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