S864 - Washington

A service operated by JH Coaches




Birtley Lord Lawson Of Beamish Academy (S-bound) 15:20
Birtley Lane-Manor House (E-bound) 15:21
Birtley Portobello Road-Seagraves (N-bound) 15:21
Birtley Portobello Road-Shadon Way (N-bound) 15:22
Birtley Portobello (N-bound) 15:22
Birtley Portobello Road-Fell Bank (NW-bound) 15:23
Birtley Portobello Road-Lazy Bar Ranch (N-bound) 15:24
Springwell Foxpond Roundabout (NW-bound) 15:25
Eighton Banks Eighton Road-Nursery (N-bound) 15:26
Eighton Banks Mount Lane-Mount Lonnen (E-bound) 15:27
Mount Lane-Springwell Lane (E-bound) 15:28
Springwell Road-Primary School (N-bound) 15:28
Springwell Village School (S-bound) 15:29
Springwell Peareth Hall Road-Rosebank Cottages (E-bound) 15:29
Springwell Stoney Lane (SW-bound) 15:30
Eighton Banks Mount Lane-Mount Lonnen (SW-bound) 15:32
Eighton Banks Eighton Road-Nursery (S-bound) 15:33
Springwell Foxpond Roundabout (SE-bound) 15:34
Crowther Raby Road (SE-bound) 15:37
Oxclose Raby Road (E-bound) 15:39
Oxclose Castle Road (SE-bound) 15:39
Ayton Road - Monkside Close (W-bound) 15:41
Ayton Dunlin Drive (W-bound) 15:41
Ayton Dunnock Drive-Chevies (S-bound) 15:42
Wear Industrial Estate Birtley Road-Goldstar (S-bound) 15:43
Wear Industrial Estate Birtley Road-Picktree Lane (W-bound) 15:44
Rickleton Picktree Lane-Vigo Lane (SW-bound) 15:45
Rickleton Washington Hospital (SE-bound) 15:45
Rickleton Vigo Lane (NE-bound) 15:47
Rickleton Vigo Lane-Woodlands Surgery (NE-bound) 15:47
Harraton Vigo Lane-Laburnhum Avenue (E-bound) 15:48
Harraton Vigo Lane - Firtree Avenue (E-bound) 15:49
Harraton Vigo Lane (SE-bound) 15:50
Fatfield Bonemill Lane - Biddick Lane (E-bound) 15:51
Fatfield Bonemill Lane-Community Centre (SE-bound) 15:51
Fatfield Bonemill Lane-James Steel Park (NE-bound) 15:52
Fatfield Bonemill Lane - Station Road (E-bound) 15:52
Fatfield Station Road - Worm Hill Terrace (NW-bound) 15:53
Fatfield Fallowfield Way-Southcroft (NW-bound) 15:53
Fatfield Washington Arts Centre (N-bound) 15:55
Biddick Fatfield Road (N-bound) 15:57
Columbia Fatfield Road-Oxclose Road (N-bound) 15:59
Columbia Parkway (NW-bound) 15:59
Washington Glebe (W-bound) 16:02
Washington Police Link Road - Leisure Centre (SW-bound) 16:03
Washington Galleries Bus Station (E) 16:05

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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