S879 - Cardinal Hume Catholic

A service operated by Weardale Motor Services


Team Valley Lobley Hill Road - Kingsway North (B) 07:50
Bensham Lobley Hill Road-Victoria Road (NE-bound) 07:51
Bensham Saltwell Road-Whitehall Road (SE-bound) 07:53
Bensham Whitehall Road-Brighton Road (NE-bound) 07:54
Bensham Whitehall Road (E-bound) 07:56
Shipcote Whitehall Road-Prince Consort Road (NE-bound) 07:57
Shipcote Lane (E-bound) 07:59
Deckham Old Durham Road-Split Crow Road (S-bound) 08:01
Deckham Old Durham Road-Carlingford Terrace (S-bound) 08:02
Deckham Carr Hill Road (SE-bound) 08:04
Deckham Hendon Road (N-bound) 08:05
Felling Split Crow Road-Dundas Walk (E-bound) 08:08
Felling Split Crow Road-Social Club (E-bound) 08:09
Felling Square (C) 08:11
Felling Coldwell Lane (SW-bound) 08:11
Windy Nook Albion Street (F) 08:12
Windy Nook Albion Street-Howard Street (E-bound) 08:13
Windy Nook Albion Street-School (E-bound) 08:14
Windy Nook Albion Street-Dornoch Crescent (E-bound) 08:14
Windy Nook Albion Street-Cresthaven (E-bound) 08:14
High Heworth Lane-Colegate West (N-bound) 08:15
Heworth Colegate West (E-bound) 08:15
Leam Lane Colegate-Whinshaw (SE-bound) 08:16
Leam Lane Colegate-Meresyde (S-bound) 08:17
Leam Lane Estate Fewster Sq (A) 08:18
Leam Lane Wealcroft-Rennington (SW-bound) 08:19
Leam Lane Staneway-Wealcroft (W-bound) 08:21
Leam Lane Staneway-Wardenlaw (SW-bound) 08:22
Whitehills Estate (N-bound) 08:24
Whitehills Whitehill Drive-Celandine Way (SW-bound) 08:25
Whitehills Whitehill Drive-Dykesway (W-bound) 08:27
Whitehills Sundew Road-Campion Gardens (SW-bound) 08:28
Beacon Lough Sundew Road (SW-bound) 08:30
Beacon Lough Sundew Road-Bramblelaw (W-bound) 08:32
Beacon Lough Old Durham Road-Whitehouse Lane (SE-bound) 08:33
Wrekenton Cardinal Hume Catholic School (S-bound) 08:35

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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Weardale Motor Services