S901 - Telford to Sutton Hill

A service operated by Arriva Midlands North


Monday to Friday, school days only

Telford Bus Station (Stand D) 07:00
Malins Lee, adj Coachwell Close 07:03
Malins Lee, opp Farm Lodge Grove 07:04
Malins Lee, opp Waggoner's Fold 07:05
Malins Lee, after St Leonards Church 07:06
Malins Lee, adj Buxton Road 07:07
Malins Lee, opp Ardern Avenue 07:08
Malins Lee, adj Gloucester Avenue 07:08
Dawley, adj Lancaster Avenue 07:09
Dawley, opp High Street 07:10
Dawley Portley Corner (S-bound) 07:10
Dawley, opp Webb Crescent 07:11
Dawley, after Manor Road 07:12
Little Dawley, adj Parish Close 07:13
Little Dawley, adj Holy Trinity Church 07:14
Aqueduct, before Southall Corner 07:15
Aqueduct, adj Ellis Peters Drive 07:16
Brookside, adj Brindleyford 07:18
Brookside, adj Brackenfield 07:18
Cuckoo Oak, adj Severn Gorge Park 07:19
Cuckoo Oak, adj Veterinary Surgery 07:20
Halesfield, opp Proto Labs 07:23
Halesfield, after Clews Wood Roundabout 07:24
Halesfield 11 (before) 07:25
Sutton Hill, opp Sandcroft 07:26
Sutton Hill, opp Shakespeare Way 07:27
Sutton Hill, opp Southfield 07:27
Sutton Hill, opp Smallwood 07:28
Sutton Hill, opp Southgate 07:28
Sutton Hill, opp Summerhill 07:29
Sutton Hill, opp Selbourne 07:30
Sutton Hill, opp Springmeadow 07:30
Sutton Hill, adj Stanwyck 07:32
Madeley, adj Hills Lane 07:34
Madeley, opp Bennett Road 07:34
Madeley, adj Station Road 07:35
Madeley Centre (Stand B) 07:37
Madeley, before Maddocks 07:37
Madeley, adj Cricket Ground 07:38
Madeley, before Lees Farm Roundabout 07:39
Woodside, after Lees Farm Roundabout 07:41
Woodside, after Abraham Darby School 07:42 15:10
Woodside, opp Wyvern 07:43 15:11
Woodside, opp Warrensway 07:43 15:11
Woodside, adj The Saplings 07:44 15:12
Woodside, opp Park Lane 07:45 15:13
Woodside, opp Woodrows 07:46 15:14
Woodside, opp Willowfield 07:47 15:15
Woodside, opp Madeley Academy 07:48 15:16
Aqueduct, opp Lawford Close 15:17
Aqueduct, opp Community Centre 15:18
Aqueduct, adj Pageant Drive 15:18
Aqueduct Castlefields Way (N-bound) 15:19
Aqueduct, after Southall Corner 15:20
Little Dawley, opp Holy Trinity Church 15:21
Little Dawley, opp Parish Close 15:22
Dawley, after Deepfield Rd 15:24
Dawley Portley Corner (N-bound) 15:26
Dawley, adj High Street 15:28
Dawley Lancaster Avenue 15:28
Malins Lee, opp Gloucester Avenue 15:29
Malins Lee, adj Ardern Avenue 15:29
Malins Lee, opp Buxton Road 15:30
Malins Lee, before St Leonards Church 15:31
Malins Lee, adj Waggoner's Fold 15:32
Malins Lee, opp Withywood Drive 15:34
Malins Lee, opp Coachwell Close 15:34
Telford Bus Station (Stand D) 15:38

Timetable data from Arriva Midlands North/Bus Open Data Service, 27 November 2020

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