S95 - Holy Cross College - Cromwell Bridge

A service operated by Go North West


Monday to Friday


Charlestown Cromwell Road 07:20
Charlestown, nr Blossom Way 07:20
Lower Kersal, opp Racecourse Hotel 07:21
Lower Kersal, opp Bradley Avenue 07:22
Kersal Vale, opp South Radford Street 07:23
Kersal Vale, opp Oaklands Road 07:23
Kersal Vale (nr) 07:25
Kersal Vale, adj Moor Lane 07:26
Kersal Vale, nr Myrtle Bank 07:27
Rainsough Brow, nr Chapel Road 07:28
Rainsough Brow, o/s Jewish Cemetery 07:28
Carr Clough, nr Swarbrick Drive 07:29
Carr Clough, nr Woodward Road 07:30
Carr Clough, nr Cawley Avenue 07:30
Carr Clough, nr Gale Road 07:31
Carr Clough, nr Sandy Lane 07:32
Prestwich Hills (opp) 07:35
Prestwich, adj Bury New Road 07:36
Prestwich, nr St Ann's Road 07:37
Prestwich, opp Red Lion 07:39
Prestwich Longfield Centre (Stop D) 07:39
Prestwich Hospital, o/s Tesco 07:41
Prestwich Hospital, opp Willow Road 07:41
Besses O Th Barn Bury New Road (Stop A) 07:44
Besses O Th Barn Sefton Street (Stop E) 07:46
Whitefield, opp Moss Lane 07:47
Whitefield Hamilton Road (Stop D) 07:48
Whitefield Interchange (Stop B) 07:51
Whitefield Morrison's (Stop G) 07:51
Whitefield, nr Mather Avenue 07:52
Hillock, nr Moss Lane 07:53
Hillock, opp Stanley Road 07:53
Hillock, opp The Elizabethan 07:54
Hillock, opp Lune Drive 07:54
Hillock, nr Oak Lane 07:55
Hillock, nr Calder Crescent 07:56
Unsworth, adj Parr Lane 07:58
Unsworth Pole (nr) 07:59
Unsworth, opp Bloomfield Drive 07:59
Sunnybank, o/s Community Centre 08:00
Sunnybank, o/s Service Station 08:01
Sunnybank, nr Manchester Road 08:03
Blackford Bridge, opp Sunny Bank Road 08:03
Blackford Bridge (nr) 08:04
Blackford Bridge, o/s Nuttall Square 08:05
Fletcher Fold, nr Mount Zion Road 08:06
Fletcher Fold Manchester Road (Stop A) 08:07
Redvales, o/s Swan & Cemetery 08:08
Redvales Road (nr) 08:08
Fishpool, nr Radcliffe Road 08:09
Fishpool, opp Parliament Street 08:11


Fishpool, o/s Holy Cross College 15:50
Fishpool, nr Gigg Lane 15:51
Redvales Road (opp) 15:51
Fletcher Fold, nr Shakespeare Avenue 15:53
Fletcher Fold Manchester Road (Stop C) 15:54
Fletcher Fold, opp Mount Zion Road 15:54
Blackford Bridge, opp Nuttall Square 15:55
Blackford Bridge (adj) 15:56
Blackford Bridge, nr Blackford Brow 15:57
Sunnybank, adj Manchester Road 15:57
Sunnybank, o/s Unsworth Library 15:59
Sunnybank, opp Community Centre 16:00
Unsworth, nr Bloomfield Drive 16:02
Unsworth Pole (o/s) 16:03
Unsworth, by Parr Lane 16:03
Unsworth, opp Harris Drive 16:04
Hillock, opp Calder Crescent 16:05
Hillock, nr Oak Lane 16:06
Hillock, nr Lune Drive 16:07
Whitefield, nr Parr Lane 16:08
Whitefield, opp Mather Avenue 16:09
Whitefield Interchange (Stop A) 16:11
Whitefield Metrolink Stop (Stop C) 16:12
Whitefield, opp Hamilton Road 16:12
Whitefield, nr Moss Lane 16:13
Besses O Th Barn, nr Sefton Street 16:15
Besses O Th Barn Bury New Road (Stop D) 16:16
Prestwich Hospital Bury New Road (Stop B) 16:18
Prestwich Hospital, opp Tesco 16:20
Prestwich Longfield Centre (Stop B) 16:23
Prestwich, o/s Red Lion 16:23
Prestwich, opp St Ann's Road 16:24
Prestwich, nr Bury New Road 16:24
Prestwich Hills (nr) 16:25
Carr Clough, opp Butterstile Lane 16:27
Carr Clough, nr Carlford Grove 16:28
Carr Clough, nr Carr Avenue 16:28
Carr Clough, nr Kershaw Avenue 16:29
Carr Clough, nr Butterstile Lane 16:30
Rainsough Brow, nr Hilton Lane 16:31
Rainsough Brow, opp Chapel Road 16:31
Kersal Vale, opp Myrtle Bank 16:32
Kersal Vale, nr Moor Lane 16:32
Kersal Vale, opp Gargrave Street 16:35
Kersal Vale, nr Oaklands Road 16:36
Lower Kersal, nr South Radford Street 16:37
Lower Kersal, opp Post Office 16:38
Lower Kersal, o/s Racecourse Hotel 16:39
Charlestown, opp Blossom Way 16:40
Charlestown, nr Cromwell Road 16:41

Timetable data from Go North West, 22 July 2021

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