SC11 - Cowstrandburn - St Columba's High School

Operated by Stagecoach East Scotland


Cowstrandburn - St Columba's High School

Steelend, adj Cowstrandburn Earthworks 07:50
Saline, adj Sacred Heart Church 07:52
Steelend, adj Ravenscraig Terrace 07:53
Steelend, adj Sunnybraes Terrace 07:53
Steelend, adj Turning Circle 07:54
Steelend, opp Sunnybraes Terrace 07:54
Steelend, opp Ravenscraig Terrace 07:54
Saline, opp Sacred Heart Church 07:55
Saline, adj Oaklea 07:56
Saline Main Street (adj 15) 07:56
Saline, adj West Road Turning Circle 07:57
Saline, adj Easter Craig Gardens 07:57
Kinnedar, opp Loanhead Poultry Farm 07:59
Kinnedar, adj Kinneddar Park 08:01
Kinnedar, adj Muirside of Kinneddar Farm 08:02
Oakley, adj Blairwood Park 08:04
Oakley, opp Hillview 08:05
Oakley, opp Inzievar Primary School 08:05
Oakley, adj Sligo Street 08:05
Oakley, opp Holy Name Primary School 08:06
Oakley, opp John Stuart Gait 08:07
Oakley, adj Thorntree Place 08:07
Oakley, adj Erskine Wynd 08:08
Oakley, opp Burnside Terrace 08:08
Oakley, opp Sir George Bruce Road 08:09
Carnock, adj Bonhard Road 08:10
Carnock, adj Primary School 08:11
Gowkhall, adj Dean Ridge 08:13
Milesmark, adj Craigluscar Road 08:16
Milesmark, adj The Castings 08:17
Milesmark Primary School (adj) 08:18
East Baldridge, opp William Street 08:18
East Baldridge, opp Pollock Walk 08:19
East Baldridge Burns Street (adj 13) 08:20
East Baldridge, adj McLean Primary School 08:20
East Baldridge, adj Trenchard Place 08:21
Dunfermline Bus Station (Arrival Bay) 08:24s
Dunfermline Bus Station (Stance 1) 08:25
Dunfermline, adj Old Fire Station 08:25
Dunfermline, opp Park Place 08:28
Dunfermline, opp Transy Grove 08:29
Garvock Hill, opp St Johns Drive 08:30
Dunfermline Garvock Hill (adj 37) 08:31
Garvock Hill, opp Old Kirk Road 08:32
Garvock Hill, adj Gowanbrae Place 08:33
Garvock Hill Garvock Bridge (Eastbound) 08:34
Touch, opp Durie Place 08:37
Touch, opp Gilfillan Road 08:38
Abbeyview, at St Columba's High School 08:40

St Columba's High School - Cowstrandburn

Abbeyview, at St Columba's High School 15:35
Touch, adj Gilfillan Road 15:52
Touch, adj Durie Place 15:53
Garvock Hill Garvock Bridge (Westbound) 15:55
Garvock Hill, opp Gowanbrae Place 15:56
Garvock Hill, opp Garvock Terrace 15:57
Dunfermline Garvock Hill (adj 26) 15:58
Dunfermline, adj Transy Grove 16:00
Dunfermline, adj Park Place 16:01
Dunfermline, adj Kingsgate Centre 16:03
Dunfermline Bus Station (Arrival Bay) 16:04s
Dunfermline Bus Station (Stance 1) 16:05
Dunfermline, adj Old Fire Station 16:05
East Baldridge, opp Trenchard Place 16:07
East Baldridge, opp McLean Primary School 16:08
East Baldridge Scott Street (adj 27) 16:09
East Baldridge Burns Street (adj 4) 16:09
East Baldridge, opp Douglas Drive 16:09
East Baldridge, adj William Street 16:10
Milesmark Primary School (opp) 16:11
Milesmark Court (opp) 16:12
Milesmark, opp Craigluscar Road 16:14
Gowkhall, opp Dean Ridge 16:18
Carnock, opp Primary School 16:20
Carnock, opp Bonhard Road 16:20
Oakley, adj Sir George Bruce Road 16:21
Oakley Carnock Road (Westbound) 16:22
Oakley, opp Holy Name Primary School 16:23
Oakley, opp John Stuart Gait 16:24
Oakley, adj Thorntree Place 16:24
Oakley, adj Woodburn Crescent 16:25
Oakley, adj Inzievar Primary School 16:25
Oakley, adj Hillview 16:26
Oakley, opp Blairwood Cottages 16:26
Oakley, opp Blairwood Park 16:26
Comrie Main Street (adj 1) 16:27
Kinnedar, opp Muirside of Kinneddar Farm 16:28
Kinnedar, opp Kinneddar Park 16:30
Kinnedar, adj Loanhead Poultry Farm 16:31
Saline, opp Easter Craig Gardens 16:33
Saline, adj West Road Turning Circle 16:34
Saline Main Street (adj 24) 16:34
Saline, opp Oaklea 16:34
Saline, adj Sacred Heart Church 16:35
Steelend, adj Ravenscraig Terrace 16:35
Steelend, adj Sunnybraes Terrace 16:36
Steelend, adj Turning Circle 16:37
Steelend, opp Sunnybraes Terrace 16:37
Steelend, opp Ravenscraig Terrace 16:37
Saline, opp Sacred Heart Church 16:38
Steelend, opp Cowstrandburn Earthworks 16:40

Times marked s – “set down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 2 December 2022

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