SX9 - Asby - Workington

A service operated by Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire (SCNW)


Monday to Friday, University days


Asby, by Village 06:34
Rowrah, nr Garage 06:38
Rowrah Road (opp) 06:38
Arlecdon, opp Park Road 06:39
Arlecdon, nr Waterloo Terrace 06:41
Frizington, nr Moor Place 06:44
Frizington, nr Library 06:44
Frizington, o/s Yeathouse Road 06:44
Frizington, opp The Griffin 06:45
Frizington, at Kangol Factory 06:45
Frizington, at Mowbray Farm Road end 06:45
Wath Brow Corner (at) 06:50
Cleator Moor, o/s Orchard House 06:51
Cleator Moor, at Square 06:53
Cleator Moor, opp Coop 06:54
Bowthorn Road (opp) 06:54
Bowthorn, at Whinney Hill 06:55
The Keekle Inn (at) 06:57
Hensingham, opp The Haven 06:59
Hensingham, at The Silk Mill 06:59
Hensingham, nr Ivy Mill 07:00
Hensingham, at The Square 07:01
Hensingham, by Lowther Arms 07:01
Corkickle, adj Garlieston Court 07:03
Whitehaven, o/s Morrisons 07:04
Whitehaven Wilkinsons (Stand A) 07:06
Whitehaven, opp Tangier Street 07:06
Whitehaven, nr Pelican Garage 07:08
Parton Brow, opp Briscoe Bank 07:09
Parton Brow, opp Moresby Park 07:10
Howgate, at Low Moresby turn 07:11
The Howgate (opp) 07:11
Distington, o/s Barngill 07:12
Distington, at Barngill House 07:13
Distington, opp The Castle 07:14
Workington, opp Travellers Rest 07:21
Workington, nr High Street 07:22
Workington, o/s Washington Street 07:23
Workington Bus Station (W) (Bay C) 07:24 07:25
Workington, opp Peter Street 07:25
Workington, nr Washington Hotel 07:25
Stainburn, opp Workington Acadamy 07:27
Stainburn, nr Summerfield 07:27
Stainburn, opp Greenside 07:28
Stainburn, nr Derwent Meadows 07:29
Great Clifton, at Greengarth 07:33
Great Clifton, nr The Old Ginn House 07:34
Cockermouth, at The Grove 07:44
Cockermouth, opp Aldi 07:45
Cockermouth, opp Main Street Monument 07:46
Cockermouth Moor, on The Level 07:47
Cockermouth Moor, nr Parkside Avenue 07:48
Cockermouth Moor, o/s Oakhurst Garden Centre 07:49
Low Portinscale, at Hodgson How 08:03
Low Portinscale, at Derwent Bridge 08:04
High Hill Garage (opp) 08:07
Keswick Bus Station (K) (Stand 1) 08:10 08:13
Keswick, nr Pheasant 08:14
Threlkeld, nr West End 08:22
Threlkeld, nr Village Hall 08:22
Threlkeld, nr Horse & Farrier 08:23
Threlkeld, at Turn for Blencathra centre 08:23
Mungrisdale, adj Road End 08:28
Troutbeck Inn (opp) 08:30
Penruddock, nr The Herdwick Inn 08:34
Newton Rigg, o/s College 08:46

Workington - Asby

Newton Rigg, o/s College 17:05
Newbiggin, o/s Lonnin End 17:09
Newbiggin, o/s Pallet Hill Farm 17:09
Greystoke, at East End 17:12
Greystoke, o/s Cross 17:12
Motherby, o/s Croft House 17:15
Penruddock, nr Beckces 17:17
Troutbeck Inn (nr) 17:20
Mungrisdale, opp Road End 17:21
Threlkeld, opp Blencathra Centre turn 17:26
Threlkeld, opp Horse & Farrier 17:27
Threlkeld, by Village Hall 17:27
Threlkeld, o/s West End 17:27
Keswick, opp The Pheasant 17:34
Keswick, opp Crosthwaite Road 17:35
Keswick Bus Station (K) (Stand 1) 17:36 17:37
High Hill Garage (nr) 17:38
Low Portinscale, nr Derwent Bridge 17:39
Low Portinscale, nr Hillside 17:41
Cockermouth Moor, opp Oakhurst Garden Centre 17:56
Cockermouth Moor, at Henry Street 17:56
Cockermouth, opp Fairfield Junior School 17:58
Cockermouth, nr Aldi 17:58
Cockermouth, opp The Grove 17:59
Great Clifton, opp The Old Ginn House 18:10
Great Clifton, opp Greengarth 18:11
Stainburn, o/s The Briery 18:14
Stainburn, o/s Greenside 18:15
Stainburn, at Summerfield 18:16
Workington, nr Helena Thompson Museum 18:17
Workington Bus Station (W) (Bay C) 18:20 18:21
Workington, opp Peter Street 18:21
Workington, nr Washington Hotel 18:21
Workington, nr The Royal George 18:22
Workington, opp High Street 18:22
Workington, o/s Travellers Rest 18:22
Distington, nr Tollbar Houses 18:28
Distington, nr The Castle 18:31
Distington, nr Barngill House 18:31
Distington, opp Barngill Service Station 18:32
Howgate, o/s Causeway House 18:33
Howgate, nr Low Moresby turn 18:33
Parton Brow, nr Moresby Park 18:35
Parton Brow, nr Briscoe Bank 18:36
Whitehaven, at Pelican Garage 18:37
Whitehaven, opp Bank Road 18:37
Whitehaven, o/s Tangier Street 18:39
Whitehaven Duke Street (Stand A) 18:40
Whitehaven, opp Morrisons 18:41
Corkickle, opp Garlieston Court 18:42
Hensingham Road (by) 18:44
Hensingham, o/s Square 18:45
Hensingham, o/s Methodist Church 18:45
Hensingham, opp Richmond Hill Road 18:45
Hensingham, o/s The Silk Mill 18:45
Hensingham, nr Whitehaven School 18:46
Hensingham, o/s Whitehaven School 18:46
Keekle Terrace (at) 18:49
Bowthorn, opp Whinney Hill 18:50
Bowthorn, nr The Crown 18:51
Cleator Moor, at Coop 18:51
Cleator Moor, at The Square High Street 18:53
Cleator Moor, o/s Robert Owen Avenue 18:54
Wath Brow Corner (nr) 18:56
Frizington, o/s Freemasons Hall 19:00
Frizington, o/s The Griffin 19:01
Frizington, o/s Chemist 19:01
Frizington, opp Yeathouse Road 19:01
Frizington, o/s Library 19:02
Arlecdon, at Waterloo Terrace 19:04
Arlecdon, o/s Eskett View 19:05
Rowrah, o/s Magnus House 19:08
Asby, by Village 19:11

Timetable data from Stagecoach Cumbria, 14 April 2021

Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire (SCNW)