Town Pier (West St) - Tilbury Ferry Terminal

A ferry service operated by Jetstream Tours

Gravesend - Tilbury

Gravesend Town Pier (berth) 05:4006:1006:4007:0007:2508:0008:3009:0010:0510:30then every 30 minutes until14:0015:0515:30then every 30 minutes until19:00
Tilbury Ferry Terminal (pier) 05:4506:1506:4507:0507:3008:0508:3509:0510:1010:3514:0515:1015:3519:05

Weather and tides can affect times and availability

Tilbury - Gravesend

Tilbury Ferry Terminal (pier) 05:5006:2006:5007:1507:4008:1008:4009:1010:1510:42then every 30 minutes until13:4214:1015:1515:42then every 30 minutes until18:4219:10
Gravesend Town Pier (berth) 05:5506:2506:5507:2007:4508:1508:4509:1510:2010:4713:4714:1515:2015:4718:4719:15

Weather and tides can affect times and availability

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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