Uni2 - Canterbury - University Park Wood

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Canterbury - University Park Wood

Canterbury Bus Station (Bay B1) 09:00then every 30 minutes until15:3016:0516:4017:1017:45
Canterbury East Railway Station (adj) 09:0215:3216:0716:4217:1217:47
St Dunstan’s, after Westgate Towers 09:0615:3616:1116:4617:1617:51
St Dunstan's Church (o/s) 09:0615:3616:1116:4617:1617:51
Canterbury, adj Westgate Court Avenue 09:0815:3816:1316:4817:1817:53
Canterbury, adj Cherry Garden Road 09:0815:3816:1316:4817:1817:53
University of Kent, adj University Road St Edmund's School 09:0915:3916:1416:4917:1917:54
University of Kent, adj Innovation Centre 09:1015:4016:1516:5017:2017:55
University of Kent Keynes College (Stop B) 09:1415:4416:1916:5417:2417:59
University of Kent, adj Science Building 09:1515:4516:2016:5517:2518:00
University of Kent, adj Ingram Building 09:1515:4516:2016:5517:2518:00
University of Kent, adj Kent Business School 09:1615:4616:2116:5617:2618:01
University of Kent, opp Sports Field 09:1715:4716:2216:5717:2718:02
University of Kent Park Wood (NE-bound) 09:1815:4816:2316:5817:2818:03

University Park Wood - Canterbury

University of Kent Park Wood (NE-bound) 09:20then every 30 minutes until15:5016:2416:5917:2918:04
University of Kent, opp Kent Business School 09:2115:5116:2416:5917:2918:04
University of Kent, opp Ingram Building 09:2115:5116:2416:5917:2918:04
University of Kent, opp Science Building 09:2315:5316:2517:0017:3018:05
University of Kent Keynes College (Stop A) 09:3016:0016:3017:0517:3518:10
University of Kent, opp Innovation Centre 09:3116:0116:3117:0617:3618:11
Canterbury, opp Cherry Garden Road 09:3216:0216:3217:0717:3718:12
Canterbury, opp Westgate Court Avenue 09:3316:0316:3317:0817:3818:13
St Dunstan's Church (opp) 09:3316:0316:3317:0817:3818:13
St Dunstan’s, adj Canterbury West Station 09:3816:0816:3817:1317:4318:18
St Stephen’s, opp The Causeway 09:3816:0816:3817:1317:4318:18
St Stephen’s, opp Leisure Centre 09:3916:0916:3917:1417:4418:19
Northgate, opp Sainsbury's 09:4116:1116:4117:1617:4618:21
Northgate, adj St Thomas' School 09:4416:1416:4417:1917:4918:24
Canterbury, adj Magistrates Court 09:4516:1516:4517:2017:5018:25
Canterbury Bus Station (arrivals) 09:4816:1816:4817:2317:5318:28

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 22 October 2020

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