V2 - Colne - Nelson - Burnley - Padiham - Read - Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

A bus service operated by The Burnley Bus Company

🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public


Colne - Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

Colne Bus Station (Stand 1) 07:15
Colne, by Walton Street 07:15
Colne, o/s St Johns Church 07:16
Colne, opp Municipal Hall 07:16
Colne, by Crabtree Street 07:17
Primet, opp Masons Mill 07:18
Primet, o/s Phillips Lane 07:19
Colne, opp Whitewalls Drive 07:20
Colne, opp The Spinning Mill 07:20
Nelson, by Thorne Street 07:21
Nelson, by Walton Lane 07:22
Nelson, opp Colbran Street 07:22
Nelson, by The Zone 07:23
Nelson, by Seldon Street 07:24
Nelson, by Wavelengths 07:24
Nelson Bus Station (Stand 10) 07:26
Nelson, by Lomeshaye Road 07:27
Lomeshaye, opp Farrer Street 07:28
Lomeshaye, opp Churchill Way 07:29
Brierfield, opp Park View Close 07:30
Brierfield, by Every Street 07:31
Brierfield, o/s Town Hall 07:31
Reedley, opp Regent Street 07:32
Reedley Road (by) 07:33
Reedley, by Redman Road 07:34
Reedley Grove (by) 07:35
Queensgate, by Casterton Avenue 07:36
Queensgate, opp The Prairie 07:37
Queensgate Depot (opp) 07:38
Queensgate, opp Murray Street 07:38
Duke Bar, opp Newman Street 07:40
Duke Bar, opp Duke of York 07:41
Burnley, by Hallwell Street 07:42
Burnley, opp Hebrew Road 07:43
Burnley, opp Prestige Park 07:44
Burnley, o/s Ormerod Road 07:46
Burnley, opp St Peters Centre 07:47
Burnley Bus Station (Stand 5) 07:51
Burnley St James Street (Stop 2) 07:53
Burnley, opp Clifton Street 07:54
Burnley, opp Barracks Rail Station 07:55
Padiham Road, by Gannow Top 07:57
Padiham Road, opp Tim Bobbin 07:58
Padiham Road, by Dugdale Road 07:59
Padiham Road, by Lockyer Avenue 07:59
Whitegate, by Middlesex Avenue 08:00
Padiham Road, by Anglesey Avenue 08:01
Padiham Road, by Kiddrow Lane 08:01
Whitegate, by Byron Street 08:02
Whitegate, by Cowley Crescent 08:02
Padiham, by Milton Street 08:03
Padiham, by Victoria Road 08:04
Padiham, by Bridge Inn 08:05
Padiham, by Town Hall 08:05
Padiham, opp North Street 08:06
Padiham, by Memorial Park 08:07
Padiham, by Vicarage Avenue 08:07
Simonstone, opp Haugh Avenue 08:12
Read, by Fountains Avenue 08:13
Read, o/s Constitutional Club 08:13
Read, opp Jubilee Street 08:14
Read, by Haywood Caravan Park 08:15
Portfield Burnley Road (Stop 3) 08:19
Whalley, opp Portfield Road 08:20
Chatburn Road, o/s Hospital 08:32
Chatburn Road, o/s Grammar School 08:33
Chatburn Road, opp Warwick Drive 08:34
Chatburn Road Well Terrace (Stop D) 08:36
Clitheroe, o/s Royal Grammar School 08:37

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School - Colne

Chatburn Road, o/s Grammar School 14:40
Chatburn Road, opp Warwick Drive 14:41
Chatburn Road Well Terrace (Stop D) 14:43
Clitheroe, o/s Royal Grammar School 14:44
Clitheroe Well Terrace (Stop B) 14:44
Clitheroe, by Holden Street 14:44s
Clitheroe, by Highfield Road 14:45s
Clitheroe, by Queensway 14:45s
Primrose, by Park Street 14:46s
Primrose, by Littlemooor Road 14:46s
Barrow, by Limehouse Farm 14:48s
Whalley, by Portfield Road 14:54s
Portfield Burnley Road (Stop 4) 14:56s
Read, opp Haywood Caravan Park 14:59s
Read, by Jubilee Street 15:01s
Read, opp Campbell Street 15:01s
Read, o/s Stork Hotel 15:01s
Simonstone, by School Lane 15:03s
Simonstone, by Clough Lane 15:03s
Padiham, opp Vicarage Avenue 15:06s
Padiham, opp Memorial Park 15:07s
Padiham, by North Street 15:07s
Padiham, by Post Office 15:08s
Padiham, opp Bridge Inn 15:09s
Padiham, opp Victoria Road 15:09s
Padiham, opp Milton Street 15:10s
Whitegate (by) 15:11s
Whitegate, opp Byron Street 15:11s
Padiham Road, opp Kiddrow Lane 15:12s
Padiham Road, adj Anglesey Avenue 15:13s
Padiham Road, opp Middlesex Avenue 15:14s
Padiham Road, opp Lockyer Avenue 15:15s
Padiham Road, opp Dugdale Road 15:15s
Padiham Road, by Tim Bobbin 15:16s
Padiham Road, adj Gannow Top 15:17s
Burnley, by Barracks Rail Station 15:19s
Burnley, by Clifton Street 15:20s
Burnley St James Street (Stop 3) 15:21s
Burnley, adj Red Lion Street School Stop 15:24s
Burnley, by St Peters Centre 15:25s
Burnley, opp Ormerod Road 15:26s
Burnley, by Prestige Park 15:27s
Burnley, by Hebrew Road 15:28s
Burnley, opp Hallwell Street 15:29s
Duke Bar, by Duke of York 15:30s
Duke Bar, by Newman Street 15:31s
Queensgate, by Murray Street 15:32s
Queensgate Depot (by) 15:33s
Queensgate, by The Prairie 15:33s
Reedley, opp Casterton Avenue 15:34s
Reedley Grove (opp) 15:35s
Reedley, opp Redman Road 15:36s
Reedley Road (opp) 15:37s
Reedley, by Regent Street 15:38s
Brierfield, opp Town Hall 15:39s
Brierfield, opp Every Street 15:40s
Brierfield, by Park View Close 15:41s
Lomeshaye, by Churchill Way 15:42s
Lomeshaye, by Farrer Street 15:43s
Nelson, opp Lomeshaye Road 15:45s
Nelson, by Mosley Street 15:45s
Nelson Bus Station (Stand 10) 15:47s
Nelson, opp Wavelengths 15:48s
Nelson, opp Seldon Street 15:49s
Nelson, opp The Zone 15:49s
Nelson, by Colbran Street 15:50s
Nelson, opp Walton Lane 15:51s
Nelson, opp Thorne Street 15:51s
Colne, o/s The Spinning Mill 15:52s
Colne, by Whitewalls Drive 15:53s
Primet, by Phillips Lane 15:54s
Primet, by Masons Mill 15:55s
Primet, by Rail Station 15:55s
Colne, o/s Crown Hotel 15:56s
Colne, by Municipal Hall 15:57s
Colne Lane (opp) 15:58s
Colne Market Street (Stand 4) 15:59

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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The Burnley Bus Company


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