V43 - Skipton Girls GS - Earby - Colne - Nelson - Queensgate

A service operated by The Burnley Bus Company


Queensgate - Skipton Girls GS

Queensgate Depot (by) 07:35
Queensgate, by The Prairie 07:35
Reedley, opp Casterton Avenue 07:36
Reedley Grove (opp) 07:37
Reedley Drive (opp) 07:38
Reedley Road (opp) 07:39
Reedley, by Regent Street 07:40
Brierfield, opp Town Hall 07:41
Brierfield, opp Every Street 07:42
Brierfield, by Park View Close 07:43
Lomeshaye, by Churchill Way 07:44
Lomeshaye, by Farrer Street 07:46
Nelson, opp Lomeshaye Road 07:47
Nelson, by Mosley Street 07:47
Nelson Bus Station (Stand 7) 07:49
Nelson, opp Wavelengths 07:50
Nelson, opp Seldon Street 07:51
Nelson, opp Hilldrop Road 07:51
Nelson, by Colbran Street 07:52
Nelson, opp Walton Lane 07:53
Nelson, opp Thorne Street 07:54
Colne, o/s The Spinning Mill 07:55
Colne, by Whitewalls Drive 07:55
Primet, by Phillips Lane 07:57
Primet, by Masons Mill 07:58
Primet, by Rail Station 07:59
Colne, o/s Crown Hotel 08:00
Colne, by Municipal Hall 08:01
Colne Lane (opp) 08:03
Colne Bus Station (Stand 4) 08:03
Colne, opp Gordon Street 08:04
Colne, opp Oak Street 08:04
Colne, opp Castle Road 08:05
Foulridge, opp St Michaels School 08:07
Foulridge, o/s St Michaels Church 08:07
Foulridge, o/s Causeway 08:08
Foulridge, by Skipton New Road 08:08
Foulridge, opp Accornlee Farm 08:10
Foulridge, by New Hague Cottages 08:11
Kelbrook, by Old Stone Trough 08:12
Kelbrook, by Craven Heifer 08:14
Sough Park (by) 08:16
Earby, opp Station Hotel 08:17
Earby, by Victoria Road 08:18
Earby, by Bus Station 08:20
Thornton in Craven Thornton Post Office (NE-bound) 08:23
Elslack Tempest Arms (NE-bound) 08:27
Elslack Clitheroe Junction (N-bound) 08:27
Broughton, adj Sulphur Well Houses 08:29
Broughton, opp Old Lane 08:29
Broughton, opp Bull Inn 08:30
Stirton, adj Skipton Bs 08:35
Skipton, opp Craven College 08:36
Skipton Woodlands Drive (E-bound) 08:37
Skipton Girls High School (E-bound) 08:37
Skipton Raikeswood (SE-bound) 08:39

Skipton Girls GS - Queensgate

Skipton Girls High School (E-bound) 15:55
Skipton Raikeswood (SE-bound) 16:00
Skipton Park Avenue (E-bound) 16:00
Skipton, adj Castle View Terrace 16:01
Skipton Grassington Road (NW-bound) 16:01
Skipton Sod Hill (NW-bound) 16:01
Broughton, adj Bull Inn 16:07
Broughton, adj Old Lane 16:07
Broughton Business Park (W-bound) 16:07
Elslack Clitheroe Junction (S-bound) 16:08
Elslack, opp Tempest Arms 16:09
Thornton in Craven Thornton Post Office (SW-bound) 16:12
Earby, by Victoria Road 16:14
Earby, by Bus Station 16:15
Earby, o/s Post Office 16:16
Earby, o/s Station Hotel 16:16
Sough, by Parkside 16:17
Sough Lane (by) 16:18
Kelbrook, opp Craven Heifer 16:20
Kelbrook, opp Old Stone Trough 16:21
Foulridge, opp New Hague 16:23
Foulridge, by Accornlee Farm 16:24
Foulridge, adj Skipton New Road 16:25
Foulridge, opp Causeway 16:26
Foulridge, opp St Michaels Church 16:27
Foulridge, o/s St Michaels School 16:27
Colne, by Noyna Street 16:29
Colne, by Oak Street 16:30
Colne, by Gordon Street 16:30
Colne, by Walton Street 16:32
Colne, o/s St Johns Church 16:32
Colne, opp Municipal Hall 16:33
Colne, by Crabtree Street 16:33
Primet, opp Masons Mill 16:34
Primet, o/s Phillips Lane 16:35
Colne, opp Whitewalls Drive 16:35
Colne, opp The Spinning Mill 16:36
Nelson, by Thorne Street 16:37
Nelson, by Walton Lane 16:38
Nelson, opp Reedyford Grove 16:39
Nelson, by Hilldrop Road 16:40
Nelson, by Seldon Street 16:41
Nelson, by Wavelengths 16:42
Nelson Bus Station (Stand 3) 16:44
Nelson, by Lomeshaye Road 16:45
Lomeshaye, opp Farrer Street 16:46
Lomeshaye, opp Churchill Way 16:47
Brierfield, opp Park View Close 16:48
Brierfield, by Every Street 16:48
Brierfield, o/s Town Hall 16:49
Reedley, opp Regents Street 16:50
Reedley Road (by) 16:51
Reedley Drive (by) 16:52
Reedley Grove (by) 16:52
Queensgate, by Casterton Avenue 16:53
Queensgate, opp The Prairie 16:54
Queensgate Depot (opp) 16:55

Timetable data from Transdev Blazefield, 9 June 2021

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