X10 - Kirkby Civic Centre - Flint

A service operated by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire


Kirkby Civic Centre - Flint

Kirkby Bus Station (Stand 3) 09:20
Field Lane Estate Burtons Way (Near) 09:23
Field Lane Estate Valley Road (W-bound) 09:24
Field Lane (Near) Estate 09:25
Fazakerley Edgemoor Drive (Adjacent) 09:26
Fazakerley Formosa Drive (Adjacent) 09:26
Fazakerley Swainson Road (Adjacent) 09:27
Fazakerley, adj Longmoor Close 09:27
Fazakerley Station (Stop E) 09:28
Fazakerley Seventh Avenue (Adjacent) 09:28
Fazakerley Higher Lane (Adjacent) 09:29
Fazakerley Bradville Road (Adjacent) 09:30
Fazakerley, opposite Goodacre Road 09:30
Fazakerley Solar Road (Stop B) 09:31
Walton Vale, adj Grace Road 09:31
Walton Vale Orrell Park Station (Stop E) 09:31
Walton Rice Lane Station (Stop F) 09:32
Walton Rice Lane Station (Stop A) 09:33
Walton Station (Stop B) 09:33
Walton Prison (opp) 09:34
Bootle, opposite Connolly Avenue 09:34
Bootle, adj Fernhill Road 09:35
Bootle, adj Aintree Road 09:35
Bootle Worcester Road (Adjacent) 09:36
Bootle, adj Hawthorne Road 09:36
Bootle, adj Marsh Lane 09:37
Bootle Strand Shopping Centre (Stop C) 09:38
Bootle Park Street (Adjacent) 09:39
Bootle Stanley Road (Adjacent) 09:39
Bootle, adj Trinity Road 09:40
Bootle Balliol Road (Adjacent) 09:40
Bootle, adj Beatrice Street 09:42
Kirkdale, adj Celia Street 09:43
Kirkdale Bank Hall Station (Stop B) 09:44
Kirkdale, adj Briar Street 09:45
Sandhills Easby Road (Adjacent) 09:46
Kirkdale, adj Sterling Way 09:47
Kirkdale Boundary Street (Adjacent) 09:48
Vauxhall Newsham Street (Adjacent) 09:50
Liverpool Whitechapel (Stop SD) 09:58
Birkenhead Bus Station (Stand 6) 10:10
Tranmere Turbine Road (Adjacent) 10:12
New Ferry, adj Shore Drive 10:16
Bromborough Pool, adj Pool Lane 10:17
Bromborough, nr Port Causeway 10:17
Bromborough, adj Magazine Road 10:18
Bromborough Spital Road (Adjacent) 10:19
Bromborough Croft Avenue East (Adjacent) 10:19
Bromborough, opp Stanhope Drive 10:19
Bromborough High Street (Adjacent) 10:20
Bromborough, adj New Chester Road 10:20
Bromborough, opp Woodyear Road 10:22
Carlett Park, opp Plymyard Cemetery 10:22
Carlett Park, opp Park Road 10:23
Eastham, opp Carlett Boulevard 10:24
Eastham, opp Bridle Road 10:25
Flint, before McDonalds 10:50

Flint - Kirkby Civic Centre

Flint, o/s Ship 17:20
Eastham, adj Bridle Road 17:45
Eastham, adj Carlett Boulevard 17:45
Carlett Park, adj Heygarth Road 17:46
Carlett Park, o/s Plymyard Cemetery 17:46
Bromborough, adj Allport Road 17:47
Bromborough, adj Mendell Close 17:47
Bromborough Cambridge Road (Adjacent) 17:48
Bromborough The Cross (Adjacent) 17:49
Bromborough Mark Rake (Adjacent) 17:49
Bromborough Croft Avenue (Adjacent) 17:49
Bromborough New Chester Road (Adjacent) 17:49
Bromborough, adj Mill Road 17:50
Bromborough Hesketh Way (Adjacent) 17:51
Bromborough Pool Port Causeway (Adjacent) 17:51
New Ferry, opp Shore Drive 17:52
Tranmere, adj Union Street 17:57
Tranmere, opposite Turbine Road 17:57
Tranmere, opposite Valiant Way 17:57
Birkenhead Bus Station (Stand 7) 18:00
Liverpool Hood street (Adjacent) 18:10
Vauxhall Leeds Street (Adjacent) 18:12
Kirkdale Westmorland Place (Adjacent) 18:15
Kirkdale Cranmer Street (Adjacent) 18:16
Kirkdale, opposite Major Street 18:16
Kirkdale Latham Street (Adjacent) 18:17
Kirkdale, adj Pansy Street 18:18
Kirkdale Commercial Road (Adjacent) 18:19
Kirkdale Bank Hall Station (Stop A) 18:20
Kirkdale Wolsey Street (Adjacent) 18:21
Bootle, adj Keble Road 18:22
Bootle Trinity Road (Adjacent) 18:23
Bootle Trinity Road (Adjacent) 18:23
Bootle Strand Shopping Centre (Stop B) 18:25
Bootle Thornton Road (Adjacent) 18:25
Bootle, opposite Gloucester Road 18:26
Bootle Fernhill Road (Adjacent) 18:26
Bootle Connolly Avenue (Adjacent) 18:27
Walton Prison (o/s) 18:27
Walton Station (Stop C) 18:28
Walton Rice Lane Station (Stop D) 18:28
Walton Rice Lane Station (Stop E) 18:29
Walton Orrell Park Station (Stop D) 18:29
Walton Vale Warbreck Moor (Stop A) 18:30
Fazakerley Goodacre Road (Adjacent) 18:31
Fazakerley Greenwich Road (Adjacent) 18:31
Fazakerley Seeds Lane (Adjacent) 18:32
Fazakerley, opposite Sixth Avenue 18:32
Fazakerley Station (Stop D) 18:33
Fazakerley, opp Longmoor Close 18:33
Fazakerley Sherwoods Lane (Adjacent) 18:34
Fazakerley New Hall Cottages (Adjacent) 18:34
Fazakerley Haven Road (Adjacent) 18:34
Field Lane Estate Aintree Lane (Near) 18:35
Field Lane Estate Valley Road (E-bound) 18:36
Field Lane Estate Ingoe Lane (Near) 18:36
Westvale Whitefield Drive (NE-bound) 18:37
Kirkby Bus Station (Stand 3) 18:40

Timetable data from Stagecoach Merseyside, 17 August 2022

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