X11 - Lytham - Blackpool Town Centre

A bus service operated by Blackpool Transport


Blackpool Town Centre - Lytham

Blackpool Market Street (Stop MA5) 07:35
Promenade, by Sands 07:37
Promenade, by Central Pier 07:40
Promenade, by Foxhall Square 07:41
Promenade, opp The Manchester 07:43
Bloomfield, by Wellington Road Old Bridge 07:44
Bloomfield, opp St Peters Church 07:44
Bloomfield, opp Haig Road 07:45
Royal Oak (o/s) 07:46
Royal Oak, opp Station Road 07:47
S Shore, opp Thames Road 07:48
S Shore, by Watson Road 07:49
S Shore, opp Kenilwoth Gardens 07:49
S Shore, opp Horncliffe Road 07:50
Farmers Arms (o/s) 07:52
Farmers Arms, o/s South Shore Hospital 07:53
Airport, opp Squires Gate 07:54
Squires Gate, by Blackpool Airport 07:55
Squires Gate, opp Stony Hill Avenue 07:55
Squires Gate Station (o/s) 07:56
Squires Gate, by Starr Gate 07:57
Squires Gate, by Clifton Drive North 07:57
Stony Hill, opp Thursby Home 07:59
St Annes, by Kilgrimol Gardens 08:00
St Annes, by Norwood Road 08:01
St Annes, by Cavendish Road 08:01
St Annes, by St Leonards Road West 08:02
St Annes, by Beach Road 08:02
St Annes Ashton Gardens (Stand 8) 08:03
St Annes Square (Stand 1) 08:04
St Annes Square (Stand 1) 08:06
St Annes, opp Our Lady Church 08:07
St Annes, by St Patrick's Road South 08:08
St Annes, opp Ymca 08:08
St Annes, o/s Methodist Church 08:09
St Annes, by Albert Road 08:10
St Annes, by Moorland Road 08:11
St Annes, opp Lindsay Avenue 08:12
St Annes, by Smithy Lane 08:13
Ansdell, opp Lytham St Annes HTC 08:15
Ansdell, by Fylde Road 08:15
Ansdell, opp St Josephs Church 08:16
Ansdell, opp Milner Road 08:16
Lytham, opp Elms Ave 08:17
Lytham, opp Seafield Road 08:18
Lytham, opp Lowther Terrace 08:19
Lytham, o/s The County 08:19
Lytham Square (Stand 1) 08:20
Lytham, by Station Rd 08:21
Lytham, opp Brookfield Terrace 08:24
Lytham, opp The Glades 08:26
Saltcotes, opp Fairsnape Road 08:28
Saltcotes Road (by) 08:30

Lytham - Blackpool Town Centre

Timetable data from Blackpool Transport, 11 April 2021

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