X12 - Blackpool - Bispham-Carleton-Poulton - Baines School

A bus service operated by Blackpool Transport


Blackpool - Baines School

Blackpool Abingdon Street (AB2) 07:10
Blackpool, by Central Library 07:10
Central, by Buchanan Street 07:13
Devonshire Square (by) 07:15
Layton, by Collingwood Avenue 07:16
Layton Rd (by) 07:17
Kingscote, opp Milton Avenue 07:17
Kingscote, by Torsway Avenue 07:19
St Walburgas, by Lakeway 07:19
St Walburgas, by Regency Lodge 07:20
Victoria Hospital Hospital Entrance (Stand B) 07:23
Victoria Hospital Hospital Entrance (Stand B) 07:25
Victoria Hospital (To Poulton) (o/s) 07:26
St Walburgas, by Riversway 07:27
Kingscote, opp St. Mary's School 07:29
Grange Park, by Fulwood Ave 07:30
Grange Park, by Chepstow Road 07:32
Grange Park, by Gateside Drive 07:32
Grange Park, opp Boundary Library 07:32
Dinmore, o/s Furness Avenue 07:33
Dinmore, by Marlhill Road 07:34
Grange Park, by Easington Crescent 07:34
Grange Park, by Cockerham Walk 07:35
Grange Park, by Glencoe Avenue 07:35
Boundary Park, by Boundary Court 07:35
Wades Farm, by Rodwell Walk 07:36
Holyoake, by Benson Road 07:37
Holyoake Avenue (opp) 07:37
Holyoake, by Hayfield Avenue 07:38
The Squirrel (o/s) 07:39
Moor Park Avenue (opp) 07:40
Moor Park Swimming Pool (opp) 07:42
Bispham Roundabout (Stop 3) 07:43
Bispham Village (by) 07:45
Bispham, by Ingthorpe Avenue 07:45
Bispham, by Crofton Avenue 07:46
Bispham, by Fairfax Avenue 07:47
Bispham, by Glenfield Avenue 07:48
Bispham, opp Ashfield House 07:49
Kincraig Estate, by Kincraig Place 07:49
Kincraig Estate, opp Beattock Place 07:50
Kincraig Estate, by Dumfries Close 07:51
Kincraig Estate, by Faraday Way 07:52
Kincraig Estate, opp Hawkins Place 07:53
Kincraig Estate, by Westminster Gardens 07:54
Norcross Lane (by) 07:56
Norcross, by Newton Grove 07:57
Rington, by New Lane 07:58
Rington, by Arundel Drive 07:59
Carleton, o/s Castle Gardens Crescent 08:01
Carleton, by Gerrards Terrace 08:03
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Tithebarn Place 08:07
Poulton-le-Fylde Booths (Stand 5) 08:11
Poulton-le-Fylde, by Poulton Road Primary School 08:11
Hardhorn, by Garstang Road 08:12
Hardhorn, by Beech Drive 08:12
Hardhorn, by Carr Lane 08:14
Hardhorn, by Green Drive 08:15
Hardhorn, by Linderbreck Lane 08:15
High Cross, adj Longhouse Lane 08:16
High Cross, opp Highcross Avenue 08:18
High Cross, by Baines High School 08:18
High Cross, o/s Baines HS school only 08:19

Baines School - Blackpool

High Cross, o/s Baines HS school only 15:00
High Cross, by Stafford Avenue 15:00
High Cross Road (by) 15:02
Hardhorn, opp Beech Drive 15:03
Hardhorn, adj Garstang Road 15:04
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp Poulton Road Primary School 15:05
Poulton-le-Fylde St Chads Church (Stand 1) 15:08
Poulton-le-Fylde, opp Tithebarn Place 15:09
Carleton, by Maycroft Avenue 15:11
Carleton, by Castle Gardens 15:13
Carleton, opp Arundel Drive 15:13
Rington, opp New Lane 15:14
Norcross, opp Newton Grove 15:15
Norcross, by Offices 15:17
Kincraig Estate, by Hawking Place 15:20
Kincraig Estate, adj Faraday Way 15:20
Kincraig Estate, opp Dumfries Close 15:22
Kincraig Estate, by Beattock Place 15:23
Kincraig Estate, opp Kincraig Place 15:24
Whiteholme, by Stronsay Place 15:24
Kincraig Estate, o/s Ashfield House 15:25
Bispham, opp Fairfax Avenue 15:26
Bispham, by Ingthorpe Avenue 15:27
Bispham Village (by) 15:29
Bispham Roundabout (Stop 4) 15:29
Moor Park Swimming Pool (o/s) 15:30
Moor Park Avenue (by) 15:30
The Squirrel (opp) 15:32
Holyoake, opp Lime Grove 15:33
Holyoake Avenue (by) 15:33
Wades Farm, by Plymouth Island 15:35
Wades Farm, opp Rodwell Walk 15:35
Boundary Park, o/s Petrol Station 15:36
Boundary Park, opp Dinmore Avenue 15:37
Grange Park, opp Pilling Crescent 15:37
Grange Park, by Cockerham Walk 15:38
Grange Park, by Easington Crescent 15:39
Dinmore, by Marlhill Road 15:40
Dinmore Place (o/s) 15:42
Grange Park, by Boundary Library 15:43
Grange Park, by Gateside Drive 15:44
Grange Park, by Gateside Drive 15:45
Grange Park, by Fulwood Ave 15:46
Grange Park, o/s St. Mary's School 15:48
St Walburgas, by Regency Lodge 15:50
Victoria Hospital Hospital Entrance (Stand A) 15:52
Victoria Hospital (To Blackpool) (o/s) 15:54
St Walburgas, opp Lakeway 15:55
Kingscote, opp Torsway Avenue 15:56
Kingscote, by Milton Avenue 15:58
Layton Road (by) 15:59
Layton, opp Collingwood Avenue 16:00
Devonshire Square (by) 16:02
Central, opp Buchanan Street 16:03
Blackpool Church Street (CH1) 16:04
Blackpool Abingdon Street (AB2) 16:07

Timetable data from Blackpool Transport, 6 January 2021

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