X14 - Tile Hill - Warwickshire College

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Midlands


Monday to Friday, College Open days (not bank holidays) from Monday 5 September 2022

Tile Hill - Warwickshire College

Tile Hill North, opp Jobs Lane 07:15
Tile Hill North, adj Limbrick Avenue 07:15
Tile Hill North, adj Gravel Hill 07:16
Tile Hill North, opp Hawthorn Lane 07:17
Tile Hill North, opposite Hornbeam Drive 07:17
Tanyard Farm, opp Ashfield Avenue 07:19
Tanyard Farm, adj Avalon Court 07:19
Eastern Green, adj The Venue 07:19
Eastern Green, adj Bannerbrook Park 07:20
Eastern Green, after Astoria Drive 07:20
Eastern Green, adj Farcroft Ave 07:22
Eastern Green, opp Hawthorn Lane 07:22
Eastern Green, after Alandale Avenue 07:22
Eastern Green, opp Hawthorne House 07:23
Allesley Park, adj Ettington Road 07:24
Allesley Park, adj Ladbrook Rd 07:26
Allesley Green, after Shetland Close 07:27
Allesley Green, adj Parkhill Estate Terminus 07:30
Allesley, adj Neale Ave 07:33
Allesley Post Office (opposite) 07:34
Allesley Park, adj Butchers Lane 07:35
Allesley Park, opp Norton Grange 07:36
Allesley Park, opp Dulverton Avenue 07:38
Coundon, opp Grayswood Avenue 07:41
Coundon, adj Southbank Rd 07:41
Chapel Fields, adj Redesdale Avenue 07:42
Chapel Fields, adj Moseley Avenue 07:43
Spon End, opp Alvis Retail Park 07:45
Spon End, adj Meriden St 07:48
Spon End, before Ringway 07:49
Coventry Transport Museum (Stop HS1) 07:56
Coventry Sainsbury's (Stop TS2) 07:57
Coventry St Johns Church (Stop CS3) 07:58
Coventry Queen Victoria Rd (Stop GR2) 07:59
Coventry, adj Gulson Rd 08:02
Gosford Green, adj Acacia Avenue 08:02
Cheylesmore, adj Bar Rd 08:04
Cheylesmore, before Whitley Village 08:04
Kenilworth, opp Chesford Crossroads 08:17
Leamington Spa, opp Ramada Hotel 08:18
Leamington Spa, adj Leamington Rugby Club 08:21
Leamington Spa, adj Blackdown Crossroads 08:23
Leamington Spa, opp Northumberland Road 08:27
Leamington Spa, opp Woodcote Road 08:27
Leamington Spa, opp Lillington Avenue 08:28
Leamington Spa, nr Trinity Street 08:29
Leamington Spa, opp Beauchamp Avenue 08:30
Leamington Spa, opp Kwik Fit 08:31
Leamington Spa, opp Union Road 08:32
Leamington Spa, opp Oswald Road 08:33
Leamington Spa, adj Warwickshire College 08:35

Warwickshire College - Tile Hill

Leamington Spa, adj Warwickshire College 17:10
Leamington Spa, adj Oswald Road 17:11
Leamington Spa, opp Milverton Terrace 17:12
Leamington Spa Beauchamp Avenue (Stand C) 17:14
Leamington Spa, adj Arnold Lodge School 17:15
Leamington Spa, nr Lillington Avenue 17:16
Leamington Spa, adj Woodcote Road 17:16
Leamington Spa, adj Northumberland Road 17:17
Leamington Spa, adj Oak Bank House 17:19
Leamington Spa, opp Blackdown Crossorads 17:20
Leamington Spa, opp Leamington Rugby Club 17:22
Leamington Spa, adj Ramada Hotel 17:25
Kenilworth, adj Chesford Crossroads 17:27
Cheylesmore, opp Whitley Village 17:38
Cheylesmore, opp Bar Rd 17:39
Gosford Green, opp Acacia Avenue 17:40
Coventry, opp Gulson Rd 17:41
Coventry Corporation St (Stop BS2) 17:48
Coventry Transport Museum (Stop HS1) 17:48
Coventry Sainsbury's (Stop TS2) 17:49
Coventry Cross Cheaping (Stop BS6) 17:49
Coventry Belgrade Theatre (Stop UL1) 17:51
Spon End, after Ringway 17:53
Spon End, opp Meriden St 17:54
Spon End, adj Alvis Retail Park 17:56
Chapel Fields, opp Moseley Avenue 17:58
Chapel Fields, opp Redesdale Avenue 17:59
Coundon, opp Southbank Rd 18:00
Coundon, adj Grayswood Avenue 18:01
Allesley Park, adj Dulverton Avenue 18:02
Allesley Park Norton Grange (adjacent) 18:03
Allesley Park, opposite Butchers Lane 18:03
Allesley Post Office (opposite) 18:05
Allesley, opposite Neale Ave 18:05
Allesley Green, adj Parkhill Estate Terminus 18:08
Allesley Green, adj Caithness Close 18:10
Allesley Park, opp Ladbrook Rd 18:11
Allesley Park, opp Wilmcote Green Shops 18:11
Eastern Green, adj Hawthorne House 18:13
Eastern Green, before Alandale Avenue 18:13
Eastern Green, adj Hawthorn Lane 18:14
Eastern Green, adj The Woodlands School 18:15
Eastern Green, opp Farcroft Ave 18:15
Eastern Green, opp Astoria Drive 18:15
Eastern Green, opp Bannerbrook Park 18:16
Eastern Green, opp The Venue 18:16
Tanyard Farm, opp Avalon Court 18:16
Tanyard Farm, adj Ashfield Avenue 18:17
Tile Hill North, after Hornbeam Drive 18:17
Tile Hill North Hawthorn Lane (adjacent) 18:18
Tile Hill North, opp Gravel Hill 18:18
Tile Hill North, opp Limbrick Avenue 18:19
Tile Hill North, opposite William Kirby Close 18:20

Timetable data from Stagecoach Midlands, 13 August 2022

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