X16 - Belgrave - Birmingham

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Monday to Friday

Belgrave to Birmingham

Belgrave, adj Cherwell 06:35
Belgrave, opp Exley 06:35
Belgrave, opp Hayle Close 06:35
Belgrave, opp Kennet 06:36
Glascote Heath, opp Silver Link Road 06:37
Glascote Heath, nr Hawksworth 06:37
Glascote Heath, adj Faringdon 06:38
Glascote Heath, adj Deeley 06:39
Glascote Heath, opp Engine Lane 06:40
Glascote Heath, nr Cambrian 06:40
Glascote Heath, adj Bancroft 06:41
Amington, opp Briar 06:41
Amington, adj Cornel 06:42
Amington, adj Jasmine Road 06:44
Amington, nr Kerria Road 06:44
Amington, opp Woodland Road 06:45
Amington, adj Eagle Drive 06:46
Amington, adj Bridgens Transport 06:46
Stonydelph, adj Sandy Way 06:47
Stonydelph, opp Crowden Road 06:48
Stonydelph, opp Stoneydelph Primary School 06:48
Stonydelph, opp Gayle 06:49
Stonydelph, opp Greenlee 06:49
Stonydelph, opp Hawkside 06:49
Stonydelph, opp Hebden 06:49
Stonydelph, adj Malham Road 06:50
Stonydelph, opp Pennymoor Road 06:50
Hockley, opp Glendale Court 06:51
Wilnecote, opp Heathcote Close 06:51
Wilnecote, opp Brook Avenue 06:51
Wilnecote, adj Roman Court 06:52
Wilnecote, nr Marlborough Way 06:52
Two Gates, opp Appian Close 06:53
Two Gates, opp Stanegate 06:53
Dosthill, opp Blackwood Road 06:54
Dosthill, adj Cottage Farm Road 06:55
Dosthill, opp Welford Road 06:57
Dosthill, adj The Fox Inn 06:58
Kingsbury, adj Manor Farm 07:01
Kingsbury, opp Ralph Crescent 07:03
Kingsbury, opp Barlow Court 07:04
Kingsbury, opp White Swan 07:05
Kingsbury, opp Church Lane 07:05
Kingsbury, nr Mill Crescent 07:06
Kingsbury, opp Coton Road 07:11
Lea Marston, adj Haunch Lane 07:13
Aston University (Stop CR1) 07:31
Birmingham Colmore Circus (Stop SH7) 07:35

Birmingham to Belgrave

Birmingham Law Courts (CS2) 17:20
Aston University (Stop CR2) 17:21
Lea Marston, opp Haunch Lane 17:47
Kingsbury, adj Coton Road 17:48
Kingsbury, opp Mill Crescent 17:51
Kingsbury, adj Church Lane 17:51
Kingsbury, opp White Swan 17:52
Kingsbury, adj Barlow Court 17:52
Kingsbury, adj Ralph Crescent 17:53
Kingsbury, opp Manor Farm 17:54
Dosthill, opp Ascot Drive 17:58
Dosthill, opp The Fox Inn 17:59
Dosthill, adj Welford Road 17:59
Dosthill, opp Cottage Farm Road 18:01
Dosthill, adj Blackwood Road 18:02
Two Gates, adj Stanegate 18:02
Two Gates, adj Appian Close 18:03
Two Gates, adj Beauchamp Industrial Park 18:05
Wilnecote, by Marlborough Way 18:05
Wilnecote, opp Roman Court 18:05
Wilnecote, adj Brook Avenue 18:06
Wilnecote, adj Heathcote Close 18:06
Hockley, adj Glendale Court 18:07
Stonydelph, adj Pennymoor Road 18:07
Stonydelph, opp Malham Road 18:08
Stonydelph, adj Three Peaks Primary Academy 18:09
Stonydelph, adj Hebden 18:09
Stonydelph, adj Hawkside 18:09
Stonydelph, adj Greenlee 18:09
Stonydelph, adj Gayle 18:10
Stonydelph, adj Stoneydelph Primary School 18:10
Stonydelph, adj Crowden Road 18:10
Stonydelph, nr Sandy Way 18:10
Amington, adj Mercian Park 18:11
Amington, opp Eagle Drive 18:11
Amington, adj Woodland Road 18:12
Amington, adj Kerria Road 18:12
Amington, opp Jasmine Road 18:13
Amington, opp Cornel 18:14
Amington, adj Briar 18:14
Glascote Heath, opp Bancroft 18:15
Glascote Heath, opp Cambrian 18:15
Glascote Heath, adj Engine Lane 18:16
Glascote Heath, opp Deeley 18:16
Glascote Heath, opp Faringdon 18:16
Glascote Heath, opp Hawksworth 18:17
Glascote Heath, adj Silver Link Road 18:17
Belgrave, adj Kennet 18:18
Belgrave, adj Hayle 18:18
Belgrave, adj Exley 18:18
Belgrave, opp Cherwell 18:19

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/DIAM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 4 December 2021

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