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X18 - Buxton - Matlock

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Chesterfield


Buxton - Matlock

Buxton Market Place (Stop A) 07:14
Buxton Terrace Road (N-bound) 07:14
Buxton, adj Colonnade 07:15
Buxton, adj Railway Station 07:17
Buxton, opp Sylvan Park 07:17
Buxton, adj Ashwood Park 07:17
Buxton, adj Morrisons 07:18
King Sterndale, opp Pig Tor 07:21
King Sterndale, adj Pictor Hall 07:22
King Sterndale, opp Topley Pike 07:23
Blackwell in the Peak, adj Blackwell Turn 07:26
Taddington, opp Waterloo Hotel 07:27
Taddington Hollow O The Moor (E-bound) 07:28
Monsal Dale, opp White Lodge Car Park 07:32
Ashford-in-the-Water, adj Ashford Mill 07:37
Bakewell, adj Lakeside 07:38
Bakewell, adj Lumford Mill 07:38
Bakewell, adj Fire Station 07:39
Bakewell Matlock Street (Stand E) 07:40
Bakewell, opp The Manners 07:40
Bakewell, opp Burton Close Drive 07:40
Bakewell, opp Haddon House Farm 07:41
Bakewell, adj Haddon Hall 07:43
Rowsley Picory Corner (E-bound) 07:45
Rowsley, opp Wye Farm 07:46
Rowsley, adj Peacock Hotel 07:47
Rowsley Peak Village (S-bound) 07:48
Northwood, opp Harrison Way 07:49
Northwood Lane (adj) 07:49
Northwood, opp Firth Rixson 07:50
Darley Dale, adj Grouse Inn 07:51
Darley Dale, adj Broad Walk 07:52
Darley Dale, opp Whitworth Institute 07:53
Darley Dale, adj Greenaway Lane 07:54
Darley Dale, adj St Elphins 07:55
Darley Dale, adj Old Hackney Lane 07:55
Darley Dale, adj Whitworth Hospital 07:56
Darley Dale, adj Hooley Estate 07:57
Matlock, adj Morledge 07:57
Matlock, opp Twiggs 07:59
Matlock Bakewell Road (Stand C) 08:01
Matlock Bakewell Road (Stand C) 08:05
Matlock Causeway Lane (E-bound) 08:05
Matlock Green, adj Red Lion 08:07
Matlock Green Lime Tree Road (N-bound) 08:08
Matlock Green, opp Lynholmes Road 08:09
Matlock, adj Smedley Street East 08:10
Matlock, adj Duke Of Wellington 08:12
Matlock, adj Sandy Lane 08:12
Matlock, opp Lumsdale 08:13
Matlock Moor, opp Quarry Lane 08:13
Matlock Moor, adj Golf Club 08:14
Amber Hill, opp Lant Lane 08:17
Amber Hill, opp Slack Lane 08:18
Amber Hill, adj Amberlane Farm 08:19
Kelstedge, adj Inn 08:21
Kelstedge, adj Peglant 08:21
Kelstedge, opp Hall Moor 08:22
Spancarr, adj Hardwick Lane 08:22
Spancarr, opp Birkin Lane 08:22
Spancarr, adj Sheeplea Lane 08:23
Stone Edge, opp High Ashes Lane 08:24
Stone Edge, adj Darley Road 08:25
Stone Edge Matlock Road (NE-bound) 08:25
Stone Edge, adj High Lane 08:26
Walton, adj Lodge Cottages 08:26
Walton, adj Acorn Ridge 08:28
Walton, opp Cherry Tree Farm 08:28
Walton, adj Blue Stoops 08:29
Walton, adj Davian Way 08:29
Walton, opp Hospital 08:30
Boythorpe, opp Whitecotes School 08:31
Boythorpe, adj The Whitecotes 08:32
Boythorpe, opp Maynard Road 08:34
Boythorpe, opp Sports Centre 08:35
Chesterfield, adj Boythorpe Road Bottom 08:36
Chesterfield West Bars (Stop E) 08:38
Chesterfield New Beetwell Street (Stop B9) 08:39
Chesterfield Beetwell Street (Stop G) 08:40
Chesterfield Cavendish Street (Stop T2) 08:43

Matlock - Buxton

Chesterfield Coach Station (Bay D) 17:15
Chesterfield West Bars (Stop D) 17:16
Chesterfield, opp Boythorpe Road Bottom 17:17
Boythorpe, adj Sports Centre 17:17
Boythorpe, adj Maynard Road 17:18
Boythorpe, adj Park Road 17:19
Boythorpe, opp The Whitecotes 17:20
Boythorpe, adj Whitecotes School 17:20
Walton, adj Hospital 17:22
Walton, opp Davian Way 17:22
Walton, opp Blue Stoops 17:22
Walton, adj Cherry Tree Farm 17:23
Walton, opp Acorn Ridge 17:24
Walton, opp Lodge Cottages 17:25
Stone Edge, opp High Lane 17:26
Stone Edge Matlock Road (SW-bound) 17:27
Stone Edge, opp Darley Road 17:27
Stone Edge, adj High Ashes Lane 17:28
Spancarr, opp Sheeplea Lane 17:29
Spancarr, adj Birkin Lane 17:30
Spancarr, opp Hardwick Lane 17:31
Kelstedge, adj Hall Moor 17:31
Kelstedge, opp Peglant 17:31
Kelstedge, adj Inn 17:33
Amber Hill, opp Amberlane Farm 17:34
Amber Hill, adj Slack Lane 17:34
Amber Hill, adj Lant Lane 17:35
Matlock Moor, adj Wayside Farm 17:36
Matlock Moor, opp Golf Club 17:37
Matlock Moor, adj Quarry Lane 17:37
Matlock, adj Lumsdale 17:38
Matlock, opp Sandy Lane 17:38
Matlock, opp Duke Of Wellington 17:39
Matlock, opp Smedley Street East 17:40
Matlock Green, adj Lynholmes Road 17:42
Matlock Green Lime Tree Road (S-bound) 17:42
Matlock Green, opp Red Lion 17:43
Matlock Causeway Lane (N-bound) 17:45
Matlock, adj Imperial Road 17:46
Matlock Bakewell Road (Stand D) 17:47
Matlock Bakewell Road (Stand D) 17:48
Matlock, adj Twiggs 17:48
Matlock, opp Morledge 17:50
Darley Dale, opp Hooley Estate 17:50
Darley Dale, opp Whitworth Hospital 17:51
Darley Dale, opp Old Hackney Lane 17:52
Darley Dale, opp St Elphins 17:52
Darley Dale, opp Greenaway Lane 17:53
Darley Dale, adj Whitworth Institute 17:54
Darley Dale, opp Broad Walk 17:56
Darley Dale, opp Grouse Inn 17:56
Northwood, adj Firth Rixson 17:57
Northwood Lane (opp) 17:58
Northwood, adj Harrison Way 17:58
Rowsley, opp Peak Village 18:00
Rowsley, opp Peacock Hotel 18:00
Rowsley, adj Wye Farm 18:01
Rowsley Picory Corner (W-bound) 18:03
Bakewell, opp Haddon Hall 18:04
Bakewell, adj Haddon House Farm 18:07
Bakewell, adj Burton Close Drive 18:08
Bakewell, adj Holywell 18:08
Bakewell, adj The Manners 18:09
Bakewell Buxton Road (Stand A) 18:10
Bakewell, opp Lumford Mill 18:10
Bakewell, opp Lakeside 18:11
Ashford-in-the-Water, opp Ashford Mill 18:12
Monsal Dale, adj White Lodge Car Park 18:16
Taddington, opp Brushfield 18:18
Taddington, opp Hollow O The Moor 18:21
Taddington, adj Waterloo Hotel 18:21
Blackwell in the Peak, opp Blackwell Turn 18:22
King Sterndale, adj Topley Pike 18:25
King Sterndale, opp Pictor Hall 18:27
King Sterndale, adj Pig Tor 18:28
Buxton, opp Morrisons 18:31
Buxton, opp Railway Station 18:33
Buxton Terrace Road (S-bound) 18:34
Buxton Market Place (Stop D) 18:36

Timetable data from Stagecoach Yorkshire, 29 July 2020

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