X21 - Darlington - Peterlee

A bus service operated by Arriva North East


Darlington to Peterlee

Darlington Tubwell Row (Stand H) 09:30then hourly until16:3017:30
North Lodge Park (O) 09:3216:3217:32
North Lodge Odeon Cinema (O) 09:3316:3317:33
North Road (Darlington) Station Road (O) 09:3416:3417:34
North Road (Darlington) Morrisons (O) 09:3516:3517:35
North Road (Darlington) Westmoreland Street (O) 09:3516:3517:35
North Road (Darlington) Brougham Street (O) 09:3616:3617:36
North Road (Darlington) St Thomas Aquinas Church (O) 09:3716:3717:37
Harrowgate Hill Thompson Street (O) 09:3716:3717:37
Harrowgate Hill Lowson Street (O) 09:3816:3817:38
Harrowgate Hill Roundabout (O) 09:3916:3917:39
Harrowgate Hill Ashleigh House (O) 09:4016:4017:40
Beaumont Hill Whessoe Parish Hall (O) 09:4016:4017:40
Beaumont Hill Nurseries (O) 09:4116:4117:41
Beaumont Hill Hartlea Avenue (O) 09:4116:4117:41
Coatham Mundeville Ketton Hall Farm (O) 09:4216:4217:42
Coatham Mundeville Broadway (O) 09:4216:4217:42
Coatham Mundeville Foresters Arms (O) 09:4316:4317:43
Aycliffe Village Stainton Lane (N-bound) 09:4516:4517:45
Aycliffe Village North Briton (N-bound) 09:4616:4617:46
Aycliffe Village Royal Telegraph (NE-bound) 09:4616:4617:46
Aycliffe Village Durham Road (N-bound) 09:4716:4717:47
Newton Aycliffe North East Gate (NW-bound) 09:5016:5017:50
Newton Aycliffe Groat Avenue (N-bound) 09:5116:5117:51
Newton Aycliffe Finchale Rd-St Cuthberts Way (N-bound) 09:5216:5217:52
Newton Aycliffe St Cuthberts Way - WMC (N-bound) 09:5316:5317:53
Newton Aycliffe Central Avenue (NE-bound) 08:5409:5416:5417:54
Newton Aycliffe Central Avenue Tesco (NE-bound) 08:5409:5416:5417:54
Newton Aycliffe St Marys School (NE-bound) 08:5409:5416:5417:54
Newton Aycliffe Vane Road - School (E-bound) 08:5509:5516:5517:55
Newton Aycliffe Young People's centre (N-bound) 08:5509:5516:5517:55
Woodham Burn Hamlet (N-bound) 08:5709:5716:5717:57
Rushyford Woodham Carrsides Farm (N-bound) 08:5709:5716:5717:57
Rushyford Eden Arms (N-bound) 08:5909:5916:5917:59
Bradbury Road End (SE-bound) 09:0410:0417:0418:04
Sedgefield Old Station (E-bound) 09:0510:0517:0518:05
Sedgefield Racecourse Lane-Cricket Gd (E-bound) 09:0810:0817:0818:08
Sedgefield Ivy House (NE-bound) 09:0810:0817:0818:08
Sedgefield Barclays Bank (N-bound) 09:0910:0917:0918:09
Sedgefield Park gates (NW-bound) 09:0910:0917:09
Sedgefield Salters Lane-Woodland Mews (NE-bound) 09:1010:1017:10
Sedgefield Community Hospital (NE-bound) 09:1010:1017:10
Sedgefield Winterton South East Lodge (NE-bound) 09:1110:1117:11
Sedgefield Cottages (NE-bound) 09:1210:1217:12
Sedgefield Old Community Hospital (NE-bound) 09:1310:1317:13
Fishburn The Willows Nursing Home (N-bound) 09:1310:1317:13
Fishburn Alhambra (NE-bound) 09:1510:1517:15
Fishburn Park View (NE-bound) 09:1510:1517:15
Fishburn Hope House (N-bound) 09:1610:1617:16
Trimdon Wynyard Road End (E-bound) 09:1710:1717:17
Trimdon Village Hall (NE-bound) 09:1810:1817:18
Trimdon Church Road - Shops (N-bound) 09:1810:1817:18
Trimdon Catholic Church (W-bound) 09:1910:1917:19
Trimdon Crossroads (N-bound) 09:1910:1917:19
Trimdon Grange Grange Farm (N-bound) 09:2110:2117:21
Trimdon Grange St Albans Church (N-bound) 09:2210:2217:22
Trimdon Grange Community Centre (N-bound) 09:2210:2217:22
Trimdon Grange Aged Miners Homes (NE-bound) 09:2210:2217:22
Trimdon Colliery Luke Street (E-bound) 09:2410:2417:24
Trimdon Colliery Church (N-bound) 09:2510:2517:25
Trimdon Station Miners Institute (N-bound) 09:2510:2517:25
Deaf Hill St Aidans Terrace (SE-bound) 09:2610:2617:26
Deaf Hill Wingate Road-Emerald Cottage (SE-bound) 09:2610:2617:26
Deaf Hill Estate - Shop (SE-bound) 09:2710:2717:27
Deaf Hill Nattress Terrace (SE-bound) 09:2810:2817:28
Deaf Hill West Woodburn Farm (SE-bound) 09:2910:2917:29
Deaf Hill Woodlands Close Farm (E-bound) 09:3010:3017:30
South Wingate Road End (E-bound) 09:3110:3117:31
Station Town Newholme Estate (NW-bound) 09:3310:3317:33
Station Town Front Street The Ridges (NW-bound) 09:3310:3317:33
Wingate Front Street-Hadrian Court (NW-bound) 09:3410:3417:34
Wingate Victoria Inn (NW-bound) 09:3510:3517:35
Wingate North Road (NE-bound) 09:3610:3617:36
Wingate Moor Lane (N-bound) 09:3610:3617:36
Wingate Cross Row (NW-bound) 09:3710:3717:37
Wingate Fir Tree Inn (N-bound) 09:3810:3817:38
Wellfield Dairy (E-bound) 09:3810:3817:38
Wellfield Old Railway Bridge (E-bound) 09:3910:3917:39
Peterlee Lancaster Hill (NE-bound) 09:4410:4417:44
Peterlee Acre Rigg Schools (E-bound) 09:4510:4517:45
Peterlee Franklyn Road (E-bound) 09:4610:4617:46
Peterlee Beverley Way - Shops (SW-bound) 09:4710:4717:47
Peterlee Neville Rd - Howletch La (S-bound) 09:4810:4817:48
Peterlee Burnhope Way - Neville Rd (SE-bound) 09:5010:5017:50
Peterlee Bus Station Stand D (D) 09:5210:5217:52

Peterlee to Darlington

Peterlee Bus Station Stand A (A) 09:56then hourly until17:56
Peterlee Neville Road - Stainton Way (NE-bound) 09:5717:57
Peterlee Neville Rd - Howletch La (NW-bound) 09:5817:58
Peterlee Beverley Way - Shops (NE-bound) 09:5917:59
Peterlee Franklyn Road (W-bound) 10:0018:00
Peterlee Acre Rigg Schools (W-bound) 10:0118:01
Peterlee Lancaster Hill (SW-bound) 10:0118:01
Peterlee Moorcock (W-bound) 10:0218:02
Peterlee Burnhope Way Slip Road (S-bound) 10:0218:02
Wellfield Old Railway Bridge (W-bound) 10:0818:08
Wellfield Dairy (W-bound) 10:0918:09
Wingate Fir Tree Inn (S-bound) 10:1018:10
Wingate Cross Row (S-bound) 10:1018:10
Wingate Moor Lane (S-bound) 10:1118:11
Wingate Victoria Inn (SE-bound) 10:1218:12
Wingate Front Street-Hadrian Court (SE-bound) 10:1218:12
Station Town Station Lane (SE-bound) 10:1318:13
Station Town Front Street The Ridges (SE-bound) 10:1418:14
Station Town Newholme Estate (SE-bound) 10:1518:15
South Wingate Road End (W-bound) 10:1618:16
Deaf Hill Woodlands Close Farm (W-bound) 10:1718:17
Deaf Hill West Woodburn Farm (NW-bound) 10:1718:17
Deaf Hill Purvis Terrace (NW-bound) 10:1918:19
Deaf Hill Nattress Terrace (NW-bound) 10:2018:20
Deaf Hill Estate - Shop (NW-bound) 10:2018:20
Deaf Hill St Aidans Terrace (NW-bound) 10:2118:21
Trimdon Station Miners Institute (S-bound) 10:2218:22
Trimdon Colliery Church (W-bound) 10:2218:22
Trimdon Colliery Luke Street (W-bound) 10:2318:23
Trimdon Grange Peel Avenue (SW-bound) 10:2418:24
Trimdon Grange Aged Miners Homes (SW-bound) 10:2418:24
Trimdon Grange Community Centre (S-bound) 10:2518:25
Trimdon Grange St Albans Church (S-bound) 10:2518:25
Trimdon Grange Grange Farm (S-bound) 10:2618:26
Trimdon Crossroads (S-bound) 10:2818:28
Trimdon Catholic Church (E-bound) 10:2818:28
Trimdon Church Road (S-bound) 10:2918:29
Trimdon Church Road - Shops (S-bound) 10:2918:29
Trimdon Village Hall (SW-bound) 10:3018:30
Trimdon Wynyard Road End (S-bound) 10:3018:30
Fishburn Hope House (S-bound) 10:3118:31
Fishburn Park View (SW-bound) 10:3218:32
Fishburn Alhambra (SW-bound) 10:3318:33
Fishburn The Willows Nursing Home (S-bound) 10:3418:34
Sedgefield Old Community Hospital (SW-bound) 10:3418:34
Sedgefield Cottages (SW-bound) 10:3518:35
Sedgefield Winterton South East Lodge (SW-bound) 10:3518:35
Sedgefield Community Hospital (SW-bound) 10:3618:36
Sedgefield Salters Lane-Woodland Mews (SW-bound) 10:3718:37
Sedgefield Park gates (SE-bound) 10:3818:38
Sedgefield Barclays Bank (S-bound) 09:3910:3918:39
Sedgefield Ivy House (SW-bound) 09:3910:3918:39
Sedgefield Racecourse Lane-Cricket Gd (W-bound) 09:3910:3918:39
Sedgefield Sands Farm (W-bound) 09:4110:4118:41
Sedgefield Old Station (W-bound) 09:4210:4218:42
Bradbury Tilery works (W-bound) 09:4310:4318:43
Bradbury Road End (NW-bound) 09:4310:4318:43
Bradbury Gypsy Lane Road End (NW-bound) 09:4410:4418:44
Bradbury Plantation Cottage (SW-bound) 09:4510:4518:45
Rushyford Windlestone Footpath (W-bound) 09:4610:4618:46
Rushyford Eden Arms (S-bound) 09:4810:4818:48
Rushyford Woodham Lodge (S-bound) 09:4810:4818:48
Rushyford Woodham Carrsides Farm (S-bound) 09:4910:4918:49
Woodham Burn Hamlet (S-bound) 09:5010:5018:50
Newton Aycliffe Young People's centre (S-bound) 09:5110:5118:51
Newton Aycliffe Welbury Grove (W-bound) 09:5110:5118:51
Newton Aycliffe Vane Road - School (W-bound) 09:5210:5218:52
Newton Aycliffe Central Avenue Tesco (SW-bound) 09:5210:5218:52
Newton Aycliffe Greenwell Road - Dalton Way (SW-bound) 09:5310:5318:53
Newton Aycliffe Greenwell Rd Leisure Centre (SW-bound) 09:5310:5318:53
Newton Aycliffe Churchill House (E-bound) 09:5410:5418:54
Newton Aycliffe St Cuthberts Way - WMC (S-bound) 09:5510:5518:55
Newton Aycliffe Finchale Rd-St Cuthberts Way (S-bound) 09:5610:5618:56
Newton Aycliffe Groat Avenue (S-bound) 09:5610:5618:56
Newton Aycliffe North East Gate (E-bound) 09:5810:5818:58
Aycliffe Village Durham Road (S-bound) 10:0111:0119:01
Aycliffe Village Royal Telegraph (SW-bound) 10:0111:0119:01
Aycliffe Village North Briton (S-bound) 10:0111:0119:01
Newton Park Service Station (S-bound) 10:0211:0219:02
Coatham Mundeville Foresters Arms (I) 10:0411:0419:04
Coatham Mundeville Broadway (I) 10:0511:0519:05
Coatham Mundeville Ketton Hall Farm (I) 10:0511:0519:05
Beaumont Hill Hartlea Avenue (I) 10:0611:0619:06
Beaumont Hill Nurseries (I) 10:0611:0619:06
Beaumont Hill Whessoe Parish Hall (I) 10:0711:0719:07
Harrowgate Hill Ashleigh House (I) 10:0811:0819:08
Harrowgate Hill Roundabout (I) 10:0911:0919:09
Harrowgate Hill Lowson Street (I) 10:0911:0919:09
Harrowgate Hill Thompson Street (I) 10:1011:1019:10
North Road (Darlington) St Thomas Aquinas Church (I) 10:1011:1019:10
North Road (Darlington) Brougham Street (I) 10:1111:1119:11
North Road (Darlington) Westmoreland Street (I) 10:1211:1219:12
North Road (Darlington) Morrisons (I) 10:1311:1319:13
North Road (Darlington) Station Road (I) 10:1411:1419:14
North Lodge Odeon Cinema (I) 10:1511:1519:15
North Lodge Park (I) 10:1511:1519:15
Darlington Northgate (Stand B) 10:1611:1619:16
Darlington Tubwell Row (Stand H) 10:1811:1819:18

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/ARDU/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 2 December 2022

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