X56C - Edinburgh - Perth

A service operated by Stagecoach East Scotland (SSPH)


Edinburgh - Perth

Edinburgh Bus Station (Gate C-Stance 4) 06:32
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PR) 06:37
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PU) 06:39
W End Queensferry Street (Stop QE) 06:43
Orchard Brae, opp Learmonth Terrace 06:44
Craigleith Road (after) 06:48
Blackhall, before Telford Road 06:50
Blackhall, adj Hillpark Steps 06:51
Barnton Junction (W-bound) 06:53
Queensferry Slip Road (N-bound) 07:04
N Queensferry North Access (N-bound) 07:07
Ferrytoll Park & Ride (Stance 2) 07:09
Halbeath, at Park & Ride Arrival Bay 07:17s
Halbeath Park & Ride (Stance 1) 07:19
Kelty, adj Blackhall Road 07:28
Kelty, opp Kingsland Terrace 07:29
Kelty, opp Primary School 07:29
Kelty, opp Community Centre 07:29
Kelty, adj Westcroft Way 07:30
Kelty, adj Main Street 07:30
Kelty, adj Gowanbank Farm 07:30
Kelty, opp Blairfordel Farm 07:31
Kelty, at Lochran Farm 07:33
Gairney Bank, at Greenacres 07:34
Gairney Bank, at Gairneybridge Farm 07:35
Gairney Bank, at Hatchbank Road 07:36
Kinross, opp Bridgend 07:39
Kinross, opp Clashburn Way 07:39
Kinross, opp Levenbridge Place 07:40
Kinross, at Park and Ride 07:41
Kinross, at Park and Ride 07:42
Kinross, at Ochil View 07:42
Kinross, opp Primary School 07:43
Kinross, at Kirklands Hotel 07:44
Kinross, at Green Hotel 07:45
Kinross, opp The Muirs 07:45
Kinross, at Gallowhill Road 07:47
Kinross, at Loch Leven Leisure Centre 07:48
Milnathort, at Bridgefauld Road 07:50
Milnathort, at War Memorial 07:50
Milnathort, at Church Street 07:51
Milnathort, at Victoria Avenue 07:51
Milnathort, opp Burleigh Road Junction 07:51
Milnathort, opp Arlary road end 07:53
Milnathort, opp Mawcarse road end 07:55
Glenfarg, opp Cuthill Towers 07:57
Glenfarg, at Duncrievie 08:00
Glenfarg, at Copperfields 08:00
Glenfarg, opp Elm Cottage 08:00
Glenfarg, at Ladeside 08:01
Glenfarg, at Greenbank Road 08:02
Glenfarg, at Hillwood 08:02
Glenfarg, at Fordel Road End 08:02
Glenfarg, opp Bein Inn 08:06
Aberargie, opp Balnagowan 08:10
Bridge of Earn, opp Side Street 08:15
Scoonieburn, at Craigclowan School 08:20
Friarton, opp Breadalbane Terrace 08:21
Friarton, opp Tesco 08:22
Perth, opp Prison 08:23
Perth Edinburgh Road (Stop ZL) 08:24
Perth Canal Street (Stop ZP) 08:25
Perth York Place (Stop ZF) 08:27
Perth Barrack Street (Stop ZR) 08:31
Muirton, at Royal Bank of Scotland 08:33
Muirton, at Viewfield Place 08:34
Hillyland, at Unity Terrace 08:37
Hillyland, at College 08:40


Hillyland, opp College 16:35
Hillyland, opp Unity Terrace 16:39
Muirton, opp Viewfield Place 16:42
Muirton, opp Royal Bank of Scotland 16:45
Perth, opp Retail Park 16:46
Perth York Place (Stop ZE) 16:51
Perth South Street (Stop K) 16:53
Perth Scott Street (Stop X) 16:55
Perth Edinburgh Road (Stop ZM) 16:55
Perth, at Prison 16:56
Friarton, at Tesco 16:57
Friarton, at Breadalbane Terrace 16:57
Scoonieburn, opp Craigclowan School 16:59
Bridge of Earn, at Side Street 17:05
Aberargie, at Balnagowan 17:09
Glenfarg, at Bein Inn 17:13
Glenfarg, opp Fordel Road End 17:16
Glenfarg, opp Hillwood 17:17
Glenfarg, opp Greenbank Road 17:18
Glenfarg, opp Garage 17:18
Glenfarg, opp Ladeside 17:18
Glenfarg, at Elm Cottage 17:18
Glenfarg, opp Copperfields 17:18
Glenfarg, opp Duncrievie 17:19
Glenfarg, at Cuthill Towers 17:21
Milnathort, at Mawcarse road end 17:23
Milnathort, at Arlary road end 17:25
Milnathort, at Ashley House 17:27
Milnathort, opp Victoria Avenue 17:27
Milnathort, opp Church Street 17:28
Milnathort, opp War Memorial 17:28
Milnathort, opp Bridgefauld Road 17:28
Kinross, opp Loch Leven Leisure Centre 17:30
Kinross, opp Gallowhill Road 17:31
Kinross, at The Muirs 17:32
Kinross, opp Green Hotel 17:33
Kinross, opp Kirklands Hotel 17:33
Kinross, at Lomond Mews 17:34
Kinross, at Primary School 17:34
Kinross, at Station Road 17:35
Kinross, opp Park and Ride 17:36
Kinross, opp Park and Ride 17:37
Kinross, at Levenbridge Place 17:37
Kinross, at Clashburn Way 17:38
Kinross, at Bridgend 17:38
Gairney Bank, opp Hatchbank Road 17:41
Gairney Bank, opp Gairneybridge Farm 17:42
Gairney Bank, opp Greenacres 17:43
Kelty, opp Lochran Farm 17:44
Kelty, opp Gowanbank Farm 17:47
Kelty, opp Westcroft Way 17:47
Kelty, adj Community Centre 17:48
Kelty, adj Primary School 17:48
Kelty Main Street (adj 23) 17:49
Kelty, adj Kingsland Terrace 17:49
Kelty, opp Blackhall Road 17:49
Halbeath, at Park & Ride Arrival Bay 17:57

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 12 April 2021

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