X75S - Barnard Castle - Darlington

A service operated by Hodgsons Buses (County Durham)


Monday to Friday

Darlington - Barnard Castle

Darlington Town Hall (Stand M) 07:48
W End Larchfield House (O) 07:48
W End Beechwood Avenue (O) 07:49
W End Greenmount Road (O) 07:50
W End Hartford Road (O) 07:51
W End Linden Avenue (O) 07:52
W End Sir ED Walker Homes (O) 07:54
Hummersknott Elm Ridge Garden Centre (O) 07:55
Hummersknott Woodburn Lodge (O) 07:55
Hummersknott Baydale Farm (O) 07:55
Hummersknott Baydale Road (O) 07:56
Low Coniscliffe Gate Lane (O) 07:58
Merrybent East End (O) 07:58
Merrybent West End (O) 07:59
High Coniscliffe St Edwin's Church (O) 08:00
Carlbury Hall (O) 08:00
Piercebridge The Fox Hole (O) 08:02
Gainford Snow Hall (W-bound) 08:03
Gainford Railway Cottages (NW-bound) 08:04
Gainford A67-Fromer School (NW-bound) 08:05
Gainford Lord Nelson (W-bound) 08:07
Gainford Spa Road (W-bound) 08:07
Gainford Grant Bank Top (NW-bound) 08:08
Winston Primrose Hill Farm (SW-bound) 08:08
Winston Staindrop Road End (W-bound) 08:10
Winston Village (W-bound) 08:13
Winston Station (N-bound) 08:14
Winston Lane End (N-bound) 08:15
Staindrop Alwent Hall (NW-bound) 08:16
Staindrop Raby Sawmills (NW-bound) 08:17
Staindrop Garden House (NW-bound) 08:18
Staindrop Winston Road (NW-bound) 08:19
Staindrop Church (W-bound) 08:20
Staindrop Post Office (W-bound) 08:23
Staindrop Masonic Hall (SW-bound) 08:23
Staindrop Cleatlam Lane End (SW-bound) 08:23
Staindrop Dunn House Quarry (SW-bound) 08:24
Staindrop Back Lane End (SW-bound) 08:25
Stainton Council Depot (NW-bound) 08:26
Stainton Lane End (SW-bound) 08:27
Stainton Village (NW-bound) 08:29
Stainton Grove Main Road Layby (SW-bound) 08:31
Stainton Grove Town Pasture Lane (SW-bound) 08:31
Barnard Castle Shaw Bank (SW-bound) 08:32
Barnard Castle Teesdale School bus park (N-bound) 08:32

Barnard Castle - Darlington

Barnard Castle Shaw Bank (NE-bound) 15:00
Stainton Grove Town Pasture Lane (NE-bound) 15:02
Stainton Grove Main Road Layby (NE-bound) 15:03
Stainton Village (SE-bound) 15:05
Stainton Lane End (NE-bound) 15:06
Staindrop Back Lane End (NE-bound) 15:09
Staindrop Dunn House Quarry (NE-bound) 15:10
Staindrop Cleatlam Lane End (NE-bound) 15:11
Staindrop Masonic Hall (NE-bound) 15:13
Staindrop Post Office (E-bound) 15:13
Staindrop Church (E-bound) 15:13
Staindrop Winston Road (SE-bound) 15:14
Staindrop Garden House (SE-bound) 15:15
Staindrop Raby Sawmills (SE-bound) 15:16
Staindrop Alwent Hall (SE-bound) 15:17
Winston Lane End (S-bound) 15:18
Winston Station (S-bound) 15:19
Winston Staindrop Road End (E-bound) 15:21
Winston Primrose Hill Farm (NE-bound) 15:21
Gainford Grant Bank Top (SE-bound) 15:22
Gainford Spa Road (E-bound) 15:23
Gainford Lord Nelson (E-bound) 15:25
Gainford A67-Former School (SE-bound) 15:26
Gainford Railway Cottages (SE-bound) 15:27
Gainford Snow Hall (E-bound) 15:28
Piercebridge The Fox Hole (I) 15:30
Carlbury Hall (I) 15:30
High Coniscliffe Ulnaby Lane (I) 15:32
High Coniscliffe St Edwin's Close (I) 15:33
Merrybent West End (I) 15:34
Merrybent East End (I) 15:35
Low Coniscliffe Gate Lane (I) 15:37
Hummersknott Broken Scar Treatment Works (I) 15:37
Hummersknott Jubilee Cottages (I) 15:38
Hummersknott Edinburgh Drive (I) 15:38
Hummersknott Baydale Road (I) 15:39
Hummersknott Baydale Farm (I) 15:40
Hummersknott Elm Ridge Garden Centre (I) 15:41
W End Sir ED Walker Homes (I) 15:41
W End Linden Avenue (I) 15:42
W End Hartford Road (I) 15:43
W End Ashcroft Road (I) 15:43
W End Greenmount Road (I) 15:44
W End Beechwood Avenue (I) 15:45
Darlington Houndgate (Stand N) 15:45
Darlington Town Hall (Stand M) 15:47

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Hodgsons Buses (County Durham)