X77 - Eldon Square Bus Station - Ponteland and Darras Hall

Operated by Stagecoach North East


Newcastle upon Tyne Eldon Square Bus Station (H) 06:1006:4007:2017:1517:4518:20
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Barras Bridge (N-Bound) 06:1006:4007:2017:1517:4518:20
Cowgate Ponteland Road - Greenhill View (N-Bound) 06:1706:4707:2717:2217:5218:27
Cowgate Ponteland Road-Springfield Road (NW-Bound) 06:1706:4707:2717:2217:5218:27
Blakelaw Ponteland Road-Fuchsia Place (N-Bound) 06:1806:4807:2817:2317:5318:28
Kenton Bar Ponteland Road - Antrim Close (N-Bound) 06:1906:4907:2917:2417:5418:29
Kenton Bar Ponteland Road - St Buryan Crescent (N-Bound) 06:2006:5007:3017:2617:5618:30
Kenton Bank Foot (NW-Bound) 06:2306:5307:3317:2917:5918:33
Kenton Bank Foot Ponteland Road-Bullock Steads (N-Bound) 06:2306:5307:3317:2917:5918:33
Woolsington Ponteland Road-South Drive (W-Bound) 06:2406:5407:3417:3018:0018:34
Woolsington Ponteland Road - Green Lane (N-Bound) 06:2406:5407:3417:3018:0018:34
Woolsington Ponteland Road-Bee Croft (NW-Bound) 06:2506:5507:3517:3118:0118:35
Callerton Parkway Ponteland Rd-Hawthorn Cottage (NW-Bound) 06:2506:5507:3517:3118:0118:35
Ponteland Road - Newcastle Airport (NW-Bound) 06:2706:5707:3717:3318:0318:37
Prestwick Road End (opp) 06:2806:5807:3817:3418:0418:38
Prestwick, nr Elm Road 06:2906:5907:3917:3518:0518:39
Ponteland Cheviot View (near) 06:2906:5907:3917:3518:0518:39
Ponteland, adj Bell Villas 06:3007:0007:4017:3618:0618:40
Ponteland Main Street (wb) 06:3107:0107:4117:3718:0718:41
Ponteland, o/s Memorial Hall 06:3107:0107:4117:3718:0718:41
Ponteland, opp Darras Road The Close 06:3207:0207:4217:3818:0818:42
Ponteland Darras Road Eastern Way (westbound) 06:3307:0307:4317:3918:0918:43
Darras Hall, nr Darras Road Oaklands 06:3407:0407:4417:4018:1018:44
Darras Hall Darras Road Broadway (near) 06:3507:0507:4517:4118:1118:45
Darras Hall Darras Road Broadway (wb) 06:3507:0507:4517:4118:1118:45
Darras Hall, nr Burnside 06:3507:0507:4517:4118:1118:45
Darras Hall, opp The Crescent 06:3607:0607:4617:4218:1218:46
Darras Hall, opp Avondale Road 06:3707:0707:4717:4318:1318:47
Darras Hall, opp Meadowvale 06:3807:0807:4817:4418:1418:48
Darras Hall Edgehill Western Way (eb) 06:4007:1007:5017:4618:1618:50
Darras Hall The Rise (near) 06:4107:1107:5117:4718:1718:51
Darras Hall Woodside Edge Hill (northbound) 06:4207:1207:5217:4818:1818:52
Darras Hall, opp Linden Way 06:4307:1307:5317:4918:1918:53
Darras Hall Broadway (near) 06:4407:1407:5417:5018:2018:54
Darras Hall, opp Middle Drive Whinfell 06:4407:1407:5417:5018:2018:54
Darras Hall, nr Middle Drive Sycamore Ave 06:4507:1507:5517:5118:2118:55
Ponteland Eastern Way Middle Drive (nb) 06:4607:1607:5617:5218:2218:56
Ponteland Darras Road Eastern Way (eastbound) 06:4707:1707:5717:5318:2318:57
Ponteland, nr Darras Road The Close 06:4807:1807:5817:5418:2418:57
Ponteland, opp Memorial Hall 06:5107:2108:0117:5718:2718:59
Ponteland Main Street (eb) 06:5307:2308:0317:5918:2919:00
Ponteland Clickemin Bridge (near) 06:5307:2308:0817:5918:2919:00
Ponteland, opp Cheviot View 06:5407:2408:0918:0018:3019:01
Prestwick, opp Elm Road 06:5407:2508:1018:0018:3019:01
Prestwick Road End (near) 06:5507:2608:1118:0118:3119:02
Newcastle Airport Ponteland Road (SE-Bound) 06:5707:2808:1318:0318:3319:04
Callerton Parkway Ponteland Rd-Hawthorn Cottage (SE-Bound) 06:5807:2908:1418:0418:3419:05
Woolsington Ponteland Road-Bee Croft (SE-Bound) 06:5807:3008:1518:0418:3419:05
Woolsington Ponteland Road - The Paddock (S-Bound) 06:5907:3008:1518:0518:3519:06
Woolsington Ponteland Road-South Drive (SE-Bound) 07:0007:3108:1618:0618:3619:07
Kenton Bank Foot Ponteland Road-Bullock Steads (SE-Bound) 07:0007:3208:1718:0618:3619:07
Kenton Bank Foot (SE-Bound) 07:0107:3308:1818:0718:3719:08
Kenton Bar Ponteland Road - Hazeldene Avenue (S-Bound) 07:0407:3708:2218:1018:4019:11
Kenton Bar Ponteland Road - Kenton Lane (S-Bound) 07:0407:3708:2218:1018:4019:11
Kenton Bar Cowgate-Ponteland Road (S-Bound) 07:0507:3808:2318:1118:4119:12
Cowgate Ponteland Road-Eastern Way (S-Bound) 07:0607:3908:2418:1218:4219:13
Cowgate Ponteland Road-St Peters Church (SE-Bound) 07:0607:4008:2518:1218:4219:13
Cowgate Ponteland Road - Moorhead (E-Bound) 07:0807:4308:2818:1418:4419:14
Newcastle upon Tyne Claremont Rd-Claremont Pl (F) 07:1307:5108:3618:1918:4919:18
Newcastle upon Tyne Claremont Road-Museum (D) 07:1407:5208:3718:2018:5019:19
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Barras Bridge (S-Bound) 07:1507:5308:3818:2118:5119:20
Newcastle upon Tyne Eldon Square Bus Station (K) 07:1607:5508:4018:2218:5219:21

Timetable data from Stagecoach North East, 27 September 2022

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