X8 - Bus Station to Railway Station

A service operated by Arriva Beds and Bucks


Monday to Friday

Bus Station - Railway Station

Aylesbury Bus Stn (Bay 11) 06:50
Aylesbury Morrisons (W-bound) 06:51
Aylesbury, opp TA Centre 06:52
Aylesbury College (adj) 06:53
Aylesbury, adj Churchill Avenue 06:54
Stone, adj The Bugle Horn PH 07:00
Stone, opp The Rose & Crown PH 07:01
Stone Crossroads (W-bound) 07:04
Stone, opp Long Furlong 07:04
Stone, adj Upton Turn 07:05
Dinton Castle (opp) 07:07
Dinton, adj New Road 07:07
Haddenham Scotsgrove (S-bound) 07:16
Thame, adj Queens Close 07:18
Thame, opp Cricket Ground 07:19
Thame North Street (S-bound) 07:19
Thame, opp Town Hall 07:20
Thame, opp Town Hall 07:25
Thame, opp Museum 07:25
Thame, adj Sycamore Drive 07:26
Thame Lord Williams Upper School (inside) 07:27
N Weston, opp Shabbington Turn 07:29
Tiddington, opp The Fox 07:35
Waterstock Turn (opp) 07:37
Waterstock Motorway Service Area (entrance) 07:39
Wheatley, o/s Ashurst Court 07:41
Wheatley, adj ASDA Store 07:42
Wheatley, adj The Avenue 07:43
Forest Hill Turn (opp) 07:50
Sandhills Thornhill Park and Ride (Stop F) 07:54
A40 Risinghurst Turn (adj) 07:55
Headington Green Road Roundabout (W-bound) 07:56
Headington, adj Gladstone Road 07:57
Headington, adj Wharton Road 07:58
Headington, opp Sandfield Road 08:00
Headington School (Stop B9) 08:01
Headington Brookes University (Stop B5) 08:02
St Clements, adj Glebe Street 08:05
St Clements Street (Stop C) 08:05
Oxford Queens Lane (Stop J3) 08:07
Oxford High Street (Stop L2) 08:09
Oxford Speedwell Street (Stop S1) 08:12
Oxford Westgate (Stop E8) 08:19
Oxford Park End Street (Stop D6) 08:22
Oxford Railway Station (Stop R5) 08:24

Railway Station - Bus Station

Oxford Railway Station (Stop R5) 17:00
Oxford Park End Street (Stop D1) 17:02
Oxford Westgate (Stop M5) 17:05
Oxford Speedwell Street (Stop S2) 17:07
Oxford High Street (Stop T1) 17:11
Oxford Queens Lane (Stop K5) 17:12
St Clements Street (Stop A) 17:15
St Clements, opp South Park 17:16
Headington Brookes University (Stop B2) 17:20
Headington School (Stop B8) 17:21
Headington, adj Sandfield Road 17:23
Headington Shops (Stop HS6) 17:25
Headington, opp Wharton Road 17:27
Headington, opp Gladstone Road 17:28
Headington Green Road Roundabout (E-bound) 17:30
A40 Risinghurst Turn (opp) 17:34
Sandhills Thornhill Park and Ride (Stop E) 17:39
Forest Hill Turn (adj) 17:40
Wheatley Holton Turn (just after) 17:42
Waterstock Motorway Service Area (entrance) 17:46
Waterstock, o/s Five Elms Farm 17:47
Waterstock Turn (adj) 17:47
Tiddington, o/s The Fox 17:50
N Weston, adj Shabbington Turn 17:54
Thame, opp Lord Williams Upper School 17:56
Thame, opp Sycamore Drive 17:56
Thame Cuttle Brook (NE-bound) 17:57
Thame, o/s Museum 17:57
Thame, o/s Town Hall 17:58
Thame, o/s Town Hall 18:01
Thame, o/s Police Station 18:01
Thame, opp Queens Close 18:02
Dinton, opp New Road 18:10
Dinton Castle (adj) 18:11
Stone, opp Upton Turn 18:12
Stone, adj Long Furlong 18:13
Stone, o/s Village Hall 18:14
Stone, adj The Rose & Crown PH 18:15
Stone, opp The Bugle Horn PH 18:16
Aylesbury, adj Pearson Close 18:20
Aylesbury Churchill Avenue (N-bound) 18:22
Aylesbury College (opp) 18:23
Aylesbury Friarage Road (opp 79) 18:24
Aylesbury Bus Stn (Bay 11) 18:26

Timetable data from Arriva Beds & Bucks/Bus Open Data Service, 19 November 2020

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