Y21 - Kingsway School - Wythenshawe

A bus service operated by Belle Vue Coaches


Monday to Friday, Stockport school days


Northern Moor, nr Shevington Gardens 07:10
Northern Moor, adj Rackhouse Road 07:10
Northern Moor, adj Sale Circle 07:11
Northern Moor, adj Sale Road 07:12
Northern Moor, nr Orton Road 07:14
Northern Moor, opp Button Lane 07:15
Northern Moor, nr Mossdale Road 07:16
Northern Moor, o/s The Park Hotel 07:17
Northern Moor Wythenshawe Road (Stop B) 07:18
Baguley Moor Road Metrolink Stop (Stop F) 07:21
Baguley Southmoor Road (Stop D) 07:22
Baguley Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 07:23
Baguley, o/s Sacred Heart School 07:24
Baguley, nr Leaton Avenue 07:26
Baguley, nr Consett Avenue 07:27
Baguley, opp Floatshall Road 07:29
Baguley Post Office (opp) 07:29
Newall Green, opp St Martin's 07:30
Newall Green Wendon Road (Stop E) 07:32
Newall Green Wendon Road (Stop D) 07:32
Benchill, adj Broadoak Road 07:35
Benchill, nr Hollyhedge Road 07:38
Benchill Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 07:40
Wythenshawe Woodend Road (Stop D) 07:40
Wythenshawe Crossacres Road (Stop B) 07:42
Wythenshawe, o/s Conservative Club 07:43
Peel Hall, nr Upavon Road 07:45
Peel Hall, nr Bleak Hey Road 07:48
Peel Hall, opp Shone Avenue 07:49
Peel Hall, opp The Tudor 07:51
Peel Hall Road (Stop D) 07:52
Peel Hall Simonsway (Stop H) 07:56
Woodhouse Park Shadowmoss Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 08:00
Moss Nook Shadow Moss Road (Stop E) 08:01
Moss Nook, o/s Tatton Arms 08:03
Moss Nook, opp Renold House 08:04
Heald Green Hotel (Stop B) 08:08
Heald Green Shops (o/s) 08:08
Heald Green, opp Queensway 08:10
Heald Green, opp Ash Grove 08:11
Heald Green, opp St Ann's Road 08:12
Heald Green, opp The Griffin 08:14
Heald Green, o/s The Griffin 08:16
Cheadle Royal Hospital (opp) 08:17
Cheadle, opp South View Gardens 08:22
Cheadle, opp Broadway 08:25


Cheadle, adj Broadway 15:10
Cheadle, nr South View Gardens 15:11
Cheadle Royal Hospital (at) 15:13
Heald Green, o/s The Griffin 15:14
Heald Green, adj St Ann's Road 15:15
Heald Green, nr Queensway 15:17
Heald Green Shops (opp) 15:17
Heald Green Hotel (Stop A) 15:18
Heald Green, adj Simonsway 15:19
Moss Nook, nr Greencourts 15:20
Moss Nook, opp Tatton Arms 15:22
Moss Nook Shadow Moss Road (Stop F) 15:23
Woodhouse Park Shadowmoss Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 15:25
Peel Hall Threapwood Road (Stop G) 15:26
Peel Hall Simonsway (Stop C) 15:27
Peel Hall, o/s The Tudor 15:28
Peel Hall, nr Shone Avenue 15:28
Peel Hall, nr Leominster Drive 15:29
Peel Hall, opp Upavon Road 15:30
Wythenshawe, nr Longwood Road 15:31
Wythenshawe Crossacres Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 15:32
Wythenshawe, nr Woodend Road 15:33
Benchill Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 15:34
Benchill Hollyhedge Road (Stop H) 15:34
Benchill, nr Broadoak Road 15:35
Newall Green Wendon Road (Stop F) 15:37
Newall Green, o/s Baguley Clinic 15:38
Baguley Post Office (o/s) 15:38
Baguley, adj Hall Lane 15:39
Baguley, nr Birstall Walk 15:40
Baguley, opp Leaton Avenue 15:40
Baguley, opp Sacred Heart School 15:41
Baguley Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 15:41
Baguley Lidl (Stop E) 15:42
Baguley Brookway High School (Stop B) 15:43
Baguley Moor Road Metrolink Stop (Stop G) 15:44
Northern Moor Moor Road (Stop C) 15:45
Northern Moor Wythenshawe Park Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 15:45
Northern Moor, nr Garthorp Road 15:46
Northern Moor, opp Mossdale Road 15:46
Northern Moor, nr Button Lane 15:47
Northern Moor, nr Moorcroft Road 15:48
Northern Moor, nr Yew Tree Lane 15:50
Northern Moor, at Sale Circle 15:50
Northern Moor, nr Rackhouse Road 15:51
Northern Moor, opp Shevington Gardens 15:52

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