Y8 - Cedar Mount School - Monsall

A service operated by Stagecoach Greater Manchester (SCMN)


Monday to Friday, school Only days only


Collyhurst, opp Sedgeford Road 07:25
Monsall Ridgewood Avenue (Stop C) 07:26
Monsall Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 07:26
Upper Monsall Street (opp) 07:27
Monsall, nr Business Park 07:27
Harpurhey Business Park (Stop C) 07:29
Harpurhey, opp Thorp Road 07:29
Moston, nr Church Lane 07:30
Moston, opp Hugo Street 07:31
Moston, nr Brendon Avenue 07:31
Moston, nr St Georges Drive 07:32
Moston, opp Leyton Avenue 07:33
Moston, o/s Dean Brook Inn 07:33
Moston, nr Williams Road 07:34
Newton Heath & Moston Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 07:35
Newton Heath Oldham Road (Stop E) 07:35
Newton Heath Shops (o/s) 07:37
Newton Heath, nr Wellpark Walk 07:37
Newton Heath, o/s Phoenix 07:38
Newton Heath, nr Crayford Road 07:39
Newton Heath, nr Ten Acres Lane 07:40
Newton Heath, opp Grimshaw Lane 07:40
Clayton, nr Pioneer Street 07:46
Clayton, opp Tartan Street 07:47
Clayton Library (o/s) 07:51
Clayton North Road (Stop D) 07:52
Clayton Hall Metrolink Stop (Stop C) 07:55
Openshaw, o/s Elrick Walk 07:56
Openshaw, nr Bob Massey Close 07:57
Openshaw, nr Meech Street 07:58
Openshaw, nr Ashton Old Road 07:58
Openshaw, nr Westlake Street 07:59
Openshaw, nr Victoria Street 08:00
Openshaw, opp Lees Street 08:01
Higher Openshaw Morrisons (Stop E) 08:02
Higher Openshaw Ashton Old Road (Stop C) 08:03
Higher Openshaw, nr Ashton Old Road 08:04
Abbey Hey, opp Courier Street 08:05
Abbey Hey, opp Sandown Street 08:06
Abbey Hey, opp Vine Street 08:07
Abbey Hey, opp Lees Street 08:08
Abbey Hey, nr High Bank 08:09
Gorton, opp Royal Oak 08:10
Gorton Labour Club (opp) 08:11
Gorton Shopping Centre (o/s) 08:13
Gorton Whitwell Way (SW-bound) 08:14
Gorton, nr Beckett Street 08:15
Ryder Brow, opp Toft Road 08:16
Ryder Brow, opp Sacred Heart Church 08:18
Ryder Brow Station (opp) 08:20
Ryder Brow, opp Melland School 08:25

Cedar Mount School - Monsall

Ryder Brow, opp Harlow Drive 15:15
Ryder Brow, nr Hemsworth Road 15:16
Ryder Brow Station (o/s) 15:17
Ryder Brow, opp Sunny Brow Park 15:18
Gorton, nr Radnor Street 15:19
Gorton Shopping Centre (opp) 15:21
Gorton Labour Club (o/s) 15:21
Gorton, o/s Royal Oak 15:22
Abbey Hey, opp High Bank 15:22
Abbey Hey, nr Lees Street 15:23
Abbey Hey, nr Vine Street 15:24
Abbey Hey, nr Sandown Street 15:24
Abbey Hey, nr Courier Street 15:25
Higher Openshaw, adj Ashton Old Road 15:26
Higher Openshaw Ashton Old Road (Stop D) 15:27
Openshaw Lidl (Stop F) 15:28
Openshaw, nr Lees Street 15:28
Openshaw, opp Louisa Street 15:29
Openshaw, opp Victoria Street 15:30
Openshaw, opp Greenside Street 15:32
Openshaw, nr Parkhouse Street 15:33
Openshaw, opp Meech Street 15:33
Openshaw, opp Tarland Walk 15:35
Openshaw, opp Greenside Street 15:37
Clayton Library (opp) 15:40
Clayton, nr Tartan Street 15:42
Clayton, at Ravensbury School 15:44
Miles Platting, opp Riverpark Road 15:48
Newton Heath, nr Grimshaw Lane 15:49
Newton Heath, adj Ten Acres Lane 15:49
Newton Heath, nr Hallam Road 15:50
Newton Heath, opp Phoenix 15:51
Newton Heath, nr Crawford Street 15:51
Newton Heath, nr All Saints Church 15:52
Newton Heath Shops (nr) 15:53
Newton Heath Oldham Road (Stop B) 15:53
Moston, opp Williams Road 15:54
Moston, nr Kenyon Lane 15:55
Moston, o/s Co-op 15:56
Moston, nr Hugo Street 15:56
Moston Hugo Street (SE-bound) 15:56
Moston, nr Thorp Road 15:57
Harpurhey Business Park (Stop E) 15:57
Harpurhey Business Park (Stop D) 15:58
Monsall, opp Business Park 15:59
Upper Monsall Street (nr) 15:59
Monsall Road (nr) 15:59
Monsall Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 15:59
Monsall Queens Road (Stop D) 16:00
Monsall Street (Stop F) 16:01

Timetable data from Stagecoach Manchester, 15 February 2021

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